Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 15: Never Again

Sometimes I wish I knew what exactly was running through people’s head just so I could prepare myself for getting betrayed or worse killed. I was standing in a far bigger office than I would like to admit with Dalton, who I knew nothing about. The desk in front of me was filled with numerous files and a desktop computer set on it. The room also had weapons lining on the walls.

Knives, swords, daggers, guns, spars...

How lovely...

“Uh...Are you feeling comfortable?” Dalton questioned licking his lip ring, a slight urgency in his voice. He looked worried and frustrated for some reason but oddly I wasn’t afraid of him like I was with Alex. But the bigger question, why was he even with Alex?

These two acted like polar opposites.

“Keira?” At the sound of Dalton’s voice, my head shot up. Oh, he was waiting for me to answer him. So I shrugged.

“Well...It’s not like I’ve anywhere to go. As your Alex oh so kindly reminded me.” I snapped, my voice laced with sarcasm. Just because I’m letting them help me, doesn’t mean I’m gonna make it easier for them.

Dalton sighed looking away from me. “Alex isn’t mine, Keira. And if you want help then you have to give us your full trust. Otherwise, we can’t help you when you’re in danger.”

My eyes must’ve shown confusion as he beckoned me to sit on the chair when he took a seat in front of me. Sitting down I waited for him to talk, but what he showed me almost had me run from the room in fear.

“You’re a clan leader!? Oh no! I can’t do that. No!” I could feel Dalton tense at my blunt negative response to join his clan. Yes, he gave me a contact paper where I’m to stay in his clan and care as long as I don’t find my mother and finish my last business.

“Keira, this is for your own good. You can’t stay here when you don’t belong to my clan. I have very few members but still, they will ask questions as to why a person who has broken her connection to her clan is living here without truly belonging. You’re already in pain, I don’t want you to feel hurt when there will be complaining about you staying here.”

He had a point but he had to understand that I could never truly belong to a clan after what happened. Joining a clan is not only means you are in their protection but it also means you care about each and every member like your own. You think about their problems before yours. But what I’m going after, can very well mingle with the members’ life, risking their lives in the way.

And, I can’t do that.

But when Dalton noticed I was silent he continued. “Also think about the connection you will have with us. That way when you’re in danger, we can help in any way you want. And, I’m not telling you to care about my members, their problems would be mine to care. Just by bonding with us, you are making a place in this clan, that’s all.”

Can I really join a clan again after betrayed by one before? Then again Alex didn’t seem like he belonged to this clan as he was dead before. So how was he here?

“Dalton?” I managed to get his attention as he nodded at me to continue. “Is Alex a part of this clan? As far as I can tell...he’s not a warlock. And, for this very reason, no clan will accept him into their clan.”

Dalton steadily rose to his feet, coming close to where I was sitting. He was deep in thought before answering me. “Alex will always be welcome in my clan. However you are right, he’s not a part of the clan... yet. But his case and your case is totally different. He’s not in danger but you are. He has total control of his powers where you didn’t even finish your training. So, yes Keira, you need to join this clan more than he needs to be.”

Ugh...this is going harder to say no. Should I? Or should I not? Screw it!

“Fine. I’m ready to do the pledge.”

Dalton smiled walking closer to a dagger hanging from the wall. I also stood up following him to the empty place where he walked back after holding the dagger in his hands. There was a small cup in the ground and when he murmured some spell, an orange hue appeared before the cup was holding a nice fire. Then, dragging the sharp edge on his palm he made a small cut letting the blood flowing from it into a cup.

Still bleeding he handed me the dagger as I also made a small cut letting the blood drop into the fire.

“Do you, Keira, agree to make a pledge for the Moon Clan willingly?” Dalton asked in a voice for the first time like a clan leader should. So, he wasn’t using his leader voice on me to join his clan? Good to know.

“Yes.” At my answer, Dalton’s eyes softened. Offering my palm I waited for Dalton’s blood to mix with me when he finally held my hands on him, mixing the blood.

Taking a deep breath, I chanted the vow finalizing the pledge. “In birth, in life, and in death. Now I, Keira, willingly make this pledge to honor and be loyal to my clan for as long as I shall live.”

Just then a feeling of complete trust, loyalty all those rammed into me almost rendering me to gasp. It’s been a long time I haven’t felt the connection of another being in my heart. But today, right here I was feeling like the old me again.

Just with a better version.

I looked up at Dalton to see he was looking at me with an odd look. What did I do now? Before I could ask what’s wrong he shook his head as if in disbelief.

“Dalton? You’re kind of sacring me now.” I finally said bursting whatever bubble he was in. He shook his head again, a frown appearing on his face.

“Keira? How much did you exactly learned? And, did your mentor teach you how to take power from other beings, just for a few seconds?”

Huh? What is he on about?

“What are you talking about?” I asked walking away from the almost dim fire. A look of confusion and slight surprise flashed across his face, making me more confused.

Dalton took a small step towards me as if I was going to kill...then I realized why he was walking a step at a time. He was buying time. Whatever he was going to say was either going to render me speechless or raise more questions.

When he stood right next to me, he whispered lowly. “So, you mean to tell me that you didn’t know when you took some of my powers, even for a few seconds?”

Did I take his powers? What the hell?

But then again...Oh, no...memories filled my mind reminding me what he was talking about. Why did I not know? How could I not realize that I had this power too?

That day, after the night of my sacrifice, my legs were hurt almost to the point that I had to use barks as support but the moment I touched my mother, they healed. Then in the shop, I touched Hannah and I was able to heal quickly. And Darkness...I was able to create a small ball of shadow when he tried to hurt me in my dream.

So it was known that I had yet again a power I was going to use to get my freedom.

Maybe fate was really starting to look out for me.

“What were you thinking?”

I jerked at the new voice. Dalton and I, we had talked about our plan for hours but were unsure how that will work in our favor. So I was thinking everything that happened in these few months...

“Nothing important that should concern you,” I replied curtly looking up at the dark-haired devil. He looked slight in pain but I found nothing that could hurt him at this point so I ignored the voice in my mind that was calling for me to help him.

“Why do you think I’m the enemy all the time? Can’t I be nice to you?” Alex whined sitting beside me on the couch I was residing.

I laughed at that so hard that I couldn’t stop even I wanted. I tried to stop, really, I did. But just the thought of him being nice...I burst into laughter again. That had to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

He and nice? Hell, even oil and water have a better chance at mixing...

“What’s so funny? Why are you laughing like a maniac?”

He asked with confusion. He was looking cute all confused that if he wasn’t a dead person I would’ve loved to pinch his cheeks or a or not.

“Sorry to break it to you buddy, but you’re the one reason that I’ve become homeless and kicked out of my own clan. People have a bounty on my head. If they’ll see me they’ll kill me with no doubt. got my hint....” I said after quickly covering the laugh with a cough.

“Fine... Fine... I’ve admitted what I did was wrong but you have to understand. I was locked in that grave for devil’s knows how many years. I needed souls....” He started explaining but he just got a blank stare in return.

“Whatever. Does it matter? You’ll kill me anyway once I find her. So why this fake apology?” I told him with a sigh. As much I fancy myself with him, in the end, it’ll just kill me so why hurting my heart knowingly?

“Geez, again with the killing fantasy. I told you I don’t want to kill you, ok? A lot of things are going on that you don’t know. So I want us to stay together until everything calms down.” He looked serious and I couldn’t help but frown. Of course, when everything calms down there will be no ME!

“Dalton also told me this. What is going on here? I feel...something strange in my heart. Like... Like it isn’t just my heart, it’s many people’s heart beating inside my body... I know this is crazy... Why am I even wasting my time telling you? Forget I ever mentioned anything.” I wanted to let out the things that were bothering me the moment I woke up in here but Alex wasn’t the right person to know. He could use them against me for all I know.

“Er- maybe I should just go-” But I was cut off by Alex reaching out to hold my wrist and smoothing out the tension in my body.

“No, no, no...Tell me how you feel inside.” He whispered like he will go insane if I didn’t tell him and for the first time, I was comfortable with him. I could tell him. But did I trust him?

No, I didn’t. But I had to let everything out or I’ll really go insane.

“Actually I don’t feel any emotion. I just feel people inside me. They want to scare me. I don’t even know how’s that possible.” I replied and was afraid to look at him. What if he just laughed at my face?

But when I looked at him; his face paled like he didn’t believe what I just told him. He sat silently for several moments, which had me worried as to what he was thinking right now. He looked as if I have just slapped him hard on the face. He was battling with something in his mind that I was sure. Just as I was about to speak again he gently brushed his finger against my lips.

OK...uh...what is going on in his mind??

“W-what..are..y-you...” I started to shudder at his new found side.

“Can’t you feel this emotion too?”

Before I knew what he was saying he angled my head towards him and kissed me hard. This kiss wasn’t like a quick kiss like earlier. It was hungry with a passion I didn’t even realize we had. His mouth was fierce on mine; it was like he was dying for this kiss to happen.

And the worse thing was beside every hate or issues we had, my arms betraying me, wrap themselves around his neck and I kissed him back. This kiss brought me many emotions and visions that I couldn’t quite understand. It was like we’ve kissed like this before but can’t remember...Then I remembered what he did to me. I was still hurt, confused. So I pushed him hard, from me, breaking the kiss first. I was both panting and thinking how in this hell things just happened between us.


“You don’t get to do that,” I whispered horrified. God, what have I done? “You can’t hurt me emotionally. I won’t allow it! Not after everything you’ve done.”

“What are you think you are doing?” He spoke in my ear, deadly low. I looked away brushing my tears.

Why am I even crying?

He must’ve been noticed as his eyes softened and he helped me sit properly. I didn’t even notice I was half sitting, and half lying on the floor.

“I didn’t kiss you to hurt you.” He stopped and looked at me with a smile. A smile!

He knows how to smile!? Hell, he even has dimples!

“I kissed you to show that you can still feel. You’re still a person with emotions.”

Of course. That had to be the only reason. Trying to find a meaning in these will only hurt me more. So I tried to make light of the situation.

“You have done this twice in this month.” I accused as soon as I found my voice again.

“Actually for me it thrice.” He winked at me with a smirk.

“Ha? What’s that mean?” I frowned but the smile was threatening to break out in my mouth.

“Forget it. Look, I may be selfish. I hurt people I care about. I destroy their happiness. That’s my curse. You asked me once if I don’t feel. But I feel Keira, and when I feel, it feels so suffocating that only hurting people gives me peace. And I know it makes me a twisted monster but that is who I am. If you think I’m manipulating you then you can think that. I won’t stop you. But never again think that I want to hurt you in any way. I don’t wanna hurt you anymore cause it’ll kill me to do that to you.”

I was shocked. This is the first time he has said something about how he felt. He feels. But he feels so much that it suffocates him. Was he telling me the truth? I didn’t know. I really didn’t know. But I wanted to believe and I was going to believe it.

“Is that a promise or...”

He shut me up again with a kiss. Looks like he’s going to continue this for a while...

“Think it as a promising kiss. You’re not gonna regret.” He winked.

“I better not.”

This guy here has threatened to kill me more than I can count but still, I was falling hard for him. And the worse thing?

I didn’t really even care.

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