Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 16: Some Curses Never Leaves




My breath came up short as I closed my eyes and tried to focus on anything but the pain. I'm doing this for me. It's for the best. I chanted those over and over again when suddenly by a brutal force I was knocked off my balance and soon I was flying towards the wall.

Just when I was about to hit my head, I was frozen in my mid-fall. Opening my eyes, I was startled to see Alex looking at me with disappointment. I knew what I asked him to do but it felt like every time he tried to hurt me, some unknown force was just holding him back. Or, I would be face planting on the wall right now.

"Keira, you're focusing on the pain, not in your intention. You want to hurt me, kill me even. But if you hesitate, then the only thing you will be left with is a bruised body or worse getting the risk of being killed." Alex stated as if I didn't know that. So, to prove him wrong without flinching like other times, I uncoiled my arms and lunged at him. I must've surprised him because he let out a groan at the pressure I used to drag him near the ground. Just as I managed to slam his body halfway to the wall, my hand froze panicking.

Oh, hell...there goes the hesitation again.

“Are you afraid to hurt me, sweetheart?” He mocked quickly backtracking my attack. I was breathing harshly but I didn't care as I tried to wiggle my way out.

“Never!” I whined but even I knew better than to judge his fighting skills. Just as I said that I was on my back with a knife pressed against my neck, his back flashed against me.

“Gotcha.” He whispered letting me go. Sighing loudly at my pathetic fighting skills, I dropped on the floor. I give up. I GIVE UP!


Alex= 1, Keira= 0

“ dear poor little soul! Admit it. You can’t hurt me...” He singsonged looking at me with a smirk. His smugness was really starting to irritate me though. But then again when it doesn’t?

When he kisses you,’ my subconscious reminded me but I blocked that thought before a blush could permanently reside on my face.

“I can and I will...” I tried to call my force and failed, miserably of course. Ah! Darn it!

Alex raised an eyebrow standing near me as I tried again...and again to use my energy barriers. After my eighth try, he put a hand on my shoulder in a mocking matter. “There, there. All good now. No need to stress up. No use of a spell or no ritual, I asked only for that. You promised it’ll be only hand on hand.”

“That time I didn’t know I was fighting with a giant elephant!” I snapped in frustration.

“ hurt my ego! Now you’re so gonna pay for it.” Giving a war cry he threw me on his shoulder.

“Put me down, you jerk!”

Apparently, Dalton and Alex talked about my mother and they came to this issue of me never fighting like a human. It was true though. Even when I was in Red clan, the only time I truly fought was when someone tried to hurt a little girl. She wasn't the age to learn spells and I was as useless in that department. So, I took a walking stick and rammed it into that woman's head. I believe adrenaline helped me fight that time but what gave it guaranty that it would help me now? And, that was my first and last time fighting so it's not like I could depend on something I did years ago.

That was the exact reason Alex just came banging on my door today and asked for a hand on hand and small weapon fight. He said it’ll help me against my mother if by any chance my powers went dormant. And after 3 hours of fighting, he was still thinking about his ego!

“Your ego really need a rest. Ever thought of giving him a vacation?” I asked him jumping off his back. When I was breathing like it was my last breath, he looked like walking Greek God in their royal dinner.

This is ridiculous!

“But I don't want to let my ego go, I'll miss him." He stopped before giving me a sly smile. "Even more than you."

Why you little...

Before I could slap his shoulder he had me wrapped in a hug. Breathing heavily I could feel him staring ahead as he was behind me. After a few moments of comfortable silence, I thought he was almost zoned out when he started to apologize. "I know it's hard for a powerful witch to act like a weak human. But we’ve to continue this. I don't want to risk your life in any way. And you also have to continue your training for a witch. You never finished your training with Hannah. So Dalton will help you with that.” He’s no fun...wait, what!?

“I’ve to fight with you! Every day?” I gasped turning around from his embrace. Well, that was going to be hell ride for me, in free of charge.

“And no argument on this. I know you're stubborn but I would rather take a risk at making you better in fighting. Look, Keisha also knows your only defense is your magic. So the first thing she’ll do is somehow try to take away your powers. She is a Reaper. So it’ll be easy for her than you or me.” He warned me and patted beside him to sit. When I was going to sit beside him, he just made me sit on his lap and smirked.

That bastard!

“How do you know all of this? How do you know my mother?” I asked ignoring that I’m sitting on someone’s lap but it really wasn’t helping when that said someone was playing with my hair, making me want to kiss him senseless.

“Years of experience!” He winked but I pouted.

“Not funny. I need an honest answer, Alex. Looking at you... It’s like you know her better than I know her. If I don’t know what kind of person she is... How I’m supposed to harm her?” I asked looking at him and he sure looked like he was nervous about this topic. But I had a right to know what I’m signing myself for.

“Not harm, little soul. keyword...kill her. You need to kill her. If she’s alive then this sacrificing ritual will never stop.” He replied and my jaw dropped.

“What do you mean? I-I...don’t understand.” There you go with all the confusion again...

“This sacrificing ritual, a bride for me and not to forget your clan stupidly believed that they were going to get power from was all her plan. She discovered something like this first. Your mother was like you... She was chosen to be sacrificed. Your father was the man whose grave was chosen for her.”

“What! But she told me she killed my father. Then how...?” I was angry with my mother and scared that how much secrets my family bears.

“You were a pure soul. But your mother knew spells even before her sacrifice. She wasn't pure. When they tried to sacrifice her, she used a forbidden spell of awakening. She used it and awakened your father. After that, she started to change. According to legends, they ran away after the bridal sacrifice. Some said then she started to show symptoms of a Reaper, some said she was already evil. It really didn't matter as no human could survive in her presence.”

“What happened?” I slowly asked detaching myself, so I could see his face when he tells me about the person I’m ashamed to call as my mother.

“Your father tried to save her. Your mother was becoming more evil and mad. For fixing this, she found another forbidden spell. All clan members banished her. The spell said it will work if she killed her husband, ripped his soul out and trapped it with her.

But it got backfired when your father got to know all of this and the betrayal... He couldn’t forgive her. She killed him anyway but she didn’t know he cursed her to be a Reaper forever and she will be killed by her own blood. So the Reaper side was never gone and top of it she was cursed to be killed by her own blood.” He finished.

“My father... Cur..cursed her?” I shuttered looking away. Again I didn’t know what to say. A dull pain resided in my heart thinking how much pain she must've caused in the human and witch society together. How many souls she must've taken just for fun.

“Yes. That’s why she gave away the two of you. She thought if you’ll be out of her away then she has nothing to worry about.” He answered and a thought popped out in my mind.

“But... Then she could have killed us when we were newborn... Why let us live?” I asked him getting confused.

Alex laughed hearing my question. But it was as bitter as I felt. “She couldn’t kill you even if she wanted to. You were protected by your father. Even if your mother killed him, what she didn't know that it was only going to destroy his current body but his soul still continues to live in some human’s body. And when the human dies, he chooses a new one. That way, he can live forever. So as I was saying, he protected you from her. And if she killed you, she had to pay a terrible price. What? That I don’t know, just know that it wasn’t worth killing you both.”

“How did you know so much about her? Where did you meet that woman? And you are like...billion years old. You must have to be a warlock sometime in your life before you died. And you look like twenty-two or three-ish. So, how could you meet her when she gave me away already? I mean that would make me older than you but I am only twenty. It... Does not even make any sense...” I blabbered out shaking my head. He was answering like he met my mother and it was alone a scary thought.

Darkness meets Reaper...Yeah, I already could see the chaos that would bring on this earth.

“Not billion, actually thousand years ago. And I was twenty-six when I died. Sometimes you really hurt my ego, little soul. And, I am pretty sure our age difference has something to do with your father. As he protected you, I think he protected you as still a newborn.”

“What!?” I asked again, clutching my head. All of these pieces of information were a headache worthy. It’s a miracle, I’m still taking all of these crap like a normal person.

“Some places have a magic of their own like freezing time. I think he let you two stay somewhere you can still be a newborn and when the time comes, you can go out of there and age like a normal person.”

I snuggled up to him groaning. “That’s some messed up truth.” I could hear the rumble of laughter as he started again.

“You know, once I was a clan member of the Moon Clan. Your mother came there wanting for a shelter. My clan leader was nice so he let her be. She was kind to everyone that everybody started to like her. She was beautiful, smart and quirky. She always had a thirst for knowledge and she understood the burden of being a powerful warlock. So when the kind lady everyone adored wanted to be my friend-” He stopped to look at me and I knew what was coming I wasn’t going to like it one bit. My heart was hammering in my chest but I ignored the warning bells telling me to stop him when I still can.

“Continue...I’m listening.” I urge him to continue, tightening my grip on his cold hands.

Giving a sigh he continued. “I became her friend. I confided her in my problems. When I got stuck in a spell, she helped me. When I was sad, she brought a smile in my face. It was a type of friendship even Dalton and I don't have. It was going well for three months but then she had to show her true colors. One day she was my friend and then the next she became my worst enemy. She knew I was a powerful warlock, enough to almost battle for a leader of the clan. So she told me what she was and what she did to her husband. Then she asked me to take her hand and be a companion on her Reaper side. But it was ridiculous. I was so much younger than her. I mean come on... Me and your mother! Can you imagine?”

“I’d rather get sacrificed,” I said with a disgusted face. I really didn’t need that mental image.

Uh! Now I need to burn that image and shower in holy water!

“Yeah. So as I was saying... I gave her a straight no. But she wouldn’t bear any rejection. So instead she tried to take my soul but she couldn’t succeed as before she could do that I ran for help. That night she killed every one of our clan into a blind rage. That night only one person was my lifeline. The only person I could trust. Dalton saved me. He was my clan leader. That’s why I call him master sometimes. Together we both found that to save me there was only one way.

I had to take the path of darkness. If I ripped my humanity, my soul, out of me and gave it to Dalton for a safe keeping then she’ll be gone. But somehow she found out about this and just as I was giving my soul to Dalton she forcefully took my soul as her biding. You wouldn’t believe the pain I felt when she ripped my soul out. It was like you are dying but only worse you can’t.” He stopped to take a deep breath and continued.

“Even if she took my soul, I was still alive but barely. If it was five minutes late, then I could have become her lap dog. But Dalton had an idea. He thought if he killed me instead of Keisha, then maybe I could still be saved. So that’s why Dalton broke my spine that night and buried me alive in that grave. But what we didn’t know that you would be coming along. Strange... right? Who saved me, had to kill me for saving me....”

I could feel he was trying not to show any vulnerability in front of me. His whole body was stiffed as he stared at the wall in front him, his eyes glazed with fresh tears. I think he didn't even realize he was crying until a whimper left my lips. I couldn't understand how he was bottling up everything till now. And with horror I realized that he had every right to be upset with me, wanting revenge for my mother. That woman really screwed up everything. It was a burden he was bearing for god knows how many years... I’ve never seen him crying over something. I’ve never seen him this kind of a weak state. He was vulnerable. And he let me see his, this side. The side he buried along with his body.

This time I gathered my courage and put my hand on the back of his head and pulled him down to meet my lips. I didn’t know what came over me to take this step but I did... I was half expecting him to push me or scolding me for kissing him. I mean my mother totally ruined his life for god sake! But he kissed me hard totally surprising me and I was more surprised when a groan left his mouth making me moan in ecstasy.

There was something about kissing Alex.

Even if you knew he was always trouble, you’ll want to unravel the mystery that Alex is. And kissing was the only time, he showed any emotion.

“It’ll be alright. She’ll be gone soon.” I said when I broke the kiss, the salty taste of tear still on my lips.

“I thought comforting people was my nature. Not yours.” He half sadly smiled and it killed my heart to see him this weak. No, not weak, stronger. He has let me in. And that’s what mattered.

“Well...I’ve learned it from you.” I tried to joke out of it. When I looked at him, his eyes were dark with desire.

“Again.” He whispered before leaning in and kissing me hungrily.

We were both smiling when Dalton came barging in the middle of our second time making out session into the room.

"Hate to break it to the love-struck couples but we’ve got problems.”

“Fucking cockblocker! What’s it Dalton that you can’t wait for us to come downstairs? Why me?” Alex groaned burring his face into my neck and I can’t help but let out a chuckle.

“We’ve found Keisha. She was found tailing near this area. She knows you’re here, Keira. We don’t have much time.” Dalton spoke smiling widely at us, clearly happy to catch her before she could do any damage.

Smiling back in return, I turned to Alex to see him nodding at me. It was just a few days now before she attacks... But she doesn’t know this time I am the one she’s going to afraid of.

I’m the one going to end her evil cursed life...

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