Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 17: Growing Feelings

Alex’s POV

Chomp, chomp, chomp...

What the hell?


One more fucking time...


That’s it! With a loud groan, I opened an eye to see the fucking sunshine minus the rainbow coming from outside via my large window. I realized the sound that had me screaming in annoyance was due to someone, maybe some clan members working downstairs; leaving heavy sounds to make my sleep impossible. Not that I had any sleep to start with. Groaning at the half-opened window, I tried to remember last night. All night I spent thinking about Keira.

Funny how just some months ago I wanted nothing but her soul. I even cursed fate for making her my soulmate. I mean really? The one person I hate with all my being, her daughter’s soul had to be the one binding me. I knew how much of a cruel person Keisha could be and that’s what made me wry of Keira. That girl was a carbon copy of the perfect girl act Keisha was pulling before she oh so kindly showed me how easy it is to get hurt. So, I wanted nothing to do with Keira.

Once Keisha was really my good friend. She was the only one who knew my interest towards the darkness. But under that caring facade, she was a snake waiting for her next meal. And if Keira turned out to be the same...that’s why I hurt her. I hurt her before she could hurt me. Seeing her reminded me every torture I went through because of Keisha. But I realized too late that Keira and Keisha might be from the same bloodline but inside they were the polar opposite. So, I tried to control my inner shadows when she’s around, I really did but they fed off people’s vulnerability, their innocence. They want to feed off her.

Even now, I’m struggling not to hurt her.

So, I will keep trying to protect her from every harm. From me, even from herself, from any darkness that is waiting for her to awaken. Truth be told, she brings the best out of me. I hurt her, mocked her and tried to bring her down. She knew how dangerous I could be and yet she fought. She believed in what she wanted and that’s what made me...I guess first notice how strong she really is. Even after losing everything and everyone, she’s still standing here with me. She’s determined to get what she wants and she wouldn’t care less to get rid of me if she finds me in her way to freedom. And that made me admire her more.

She found a side of me I never thought I had still left...humanity...likeness... Protection...Emotions...Capable of...dare I say, maybe even love...

And, to think that a monster like me could feel something other than thinking about ripping someone’s soul out.

Shaking my head off, I opened the door to the basement. This room is being used as a training room for the last few days. I knew Keira was trying to fight like a human but for now, she’s totally depending on her magic, And, I also knew how much of a training she was going to need to fight Keisha properly.

To kill her.

Cause if anyone knows Keisha like I do, then I’d know how much dirty she likes to play.

Clearing out the boxes, I took a knife and a board out. The devil knows when she’ll learn fully hand in hand fight so that I could go into weapon fight already. My thoughts were crushed as with a thud the door was opened again.

“Whoh...what are you doing here? I thought you’ll take permanent residency in your room. Let alone coming in the training room.” The words rushed out from my mouth when I saw Keira rushing into the room in her black shorts and...wait, is that my shirt?

What in devil’s world...

“Indeed I’m. You told me it was important.” She said with a frown, biting her lips unintentionally. When I didn’t answer, her eyes swam with uncertainty. “Did you not?”

Fuck! She’s going to kill me.

“Yeah, I did. But this early! Or were you missing me so much that you couldn’t wait to meet me any sooner?” I gave her that heart winning grin that always made her blush. It didn’t disappoint me as her cheeks warmed making her more beautiful.

“M-Maybe I’m.” She whispered, hiding her red face behind her brunette hair. I was itching to just- but I can’t. She was still hurt. I still scared her.

So I did what I always do with her. Tease her to bring out the fierce woman she really is. “What! Are you alright? Did you hit your head with something? You usually scold me or you know... Being you. But today... I’m surprised.”

“Well, I like to give surprises. Now shall we start?” She snapped scratching her neck. Oh, why she have to be so naive?

“That you are. OK. Let’s see what you got.” I replied anyway.

“Oh, devil! What are you! You have got so much strength, woman.” I jerked from the pain that was starting to form in my knee where she had kneed me. Well, I was happy that she’s taking this seriously but did she really had to hit that hard?


“Surprises are still to come. You’ve given up so easily. How are you supposed to hurt Keisha?” She mocked giggling, where I was sitting on the floor. I send a glare at her when her giggling intensified. I really liked this careless version of her.

She looked...happy.

“You’re going to kill her, not me.” I reminded her. I didn’t mind killing that woman but it had to be a blood-related.

Just my bad luck.

“Try aga-” I was going to give a signal to start again when I was cut off by a new voice coming from the door. Looking back at the door I noticed a really tired Dalton sighing in frustration.

“Hey Alex, can I take her for an important discussion?” Even if I knew he meant good, I inwardly groaned. These few days these two had been together more time than I ever did with her. It was always a meeting, introduction to some members, storytimes...


“Why Dalton? Can’t you wait for the afternoon? She’s tired now. She can’t.” I answered him glaring at his green eyes but to my vein, he still didn’t stop.

Damn masters and their powers!

“No...I’m absolutely fine.” Keira suddenly stood up stopping me from saying more. She gave me a small smile, reaching out to gently tap my nose. “I’ll be right back, ok?”

My entire body froze at her touch. Sure we did kiss but this was different, this felt like normal couples do. And we weren’t even together. My eyes fell shut thinking back to what I said to her that day. I said it’s only temporary until her mother is dead.

But I lied.

I lied so that she didn’t run from me. It was way clear that she wanted to give up when she heard that her mentor was gone. She was devastated, betrayed and if I said something...I would’ve lost my little soul. She didn’t want me anywhere near her. And the only way she stayed if I said that I care for her.

When I feel more than that.

Which she would never feel for me.

So, I opened my eyes and nodded with a fake smile. Seeing me smile, her own grin widened and with a pat on the shoulder, she walked out of the room, following Dalton.

And that very moment I realized that I was insanely jealous of Dalton.

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