Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 18: Watch Out

Dalton’s POV

Keisha Deshayes.

That was one woman I never thought I will ever hear about again. Even now if I closed my eyes, I could see her warm brown eyes and the wide smile on her lips I loved all those years ago. She had an alluring aura around her, making everyone feel at peace. Even I was a weak man when it came down to her. There was a time, I could've done anything for her. But then the next moment her dark abyss eyes and a mocking smirk on her lips graced me as I was forced to remember how she betrayed us.

Betrayed me.

When I heard her talking to Alex about how she ruthlessly killed her husband, that she was a Reaper, only trying to find someone to be her companion in her killer frenzy, I lost it. I was the one breaking Alex's door to help him escape. I was the one to see her as a Reaper for the first time.

And, I was the last one she saw before she was cast away in the limbo of lost souls.

That's a thing even Alex didn't know. After Keisha slaughtered all my clan members, some of them survived and we all vowed to take her down no matter what. Alex was still buried in the grave that time when I asked our neighbor clans for help. Some of them tried to find Keisha, even close to finding her but it was as if she disappeared off the earth. Then there was also a problem with Alex as I couldn't wake him up with any spells. His soul was needed for him to wake up, which was clearly impossible to get unless we found Keisha.

I traveled to almost every clan I knew. Years passed by and there was nothing I could do but trying to find Keisha. But then one day fate looked upon us. We got a clue that she was within Red clan's border. Some clan leaders and I reached where she was when much to my surprise, we found her near Alex's grave.

I thought things were starting to look up. But how wrong I was. I couldn't find Alex's soul with her. We caught and tortured her for months only to know that she destroyed Alex's soul and he was never coming back. I had to feel devasted night after nights thinking I'm never getting my friend, the only person I can call my brother.

So there wasn't any reason to keep her alive anymore. But still, I had a flicker of hope that maybe one day I will get to know what happened to Alex's soul. Maybe even discover a new spell to awake a dead. So, instead of killing her we cast her away in the limbo of lost souls. Trapped her in a mirror to lose her own mind over the years. I could still see the hateful, loathsome way she looked at me when I was chanting the spells. After all, was done, I recruited some warlocks and witches on my way to Greece. I left home and kept traveling until Alex returned.

When a few months ago, I could feel a dark power spreading around the earth that I went back to Tennesse. There were just too many bad memories here but what I didn't think even for a second to see Alex alive and going on a hunt to take Keisha's daughter's soul. And I certainly didn't hope that Keisha was in the loose again.

"Dalton? Are you Ok?"

A soft voice broke me from my trance and I turned around to see Keira looking at me with a frown. Seeing her reminded me of Keisha every time but then every time I'm reminded that these two are not the same. Keira is that type of person who will sacrifice everything for her loved ones and who has this unique ability to understand people. When Keisha will only destroy anything that comes in her way.

I cleared my throat before assuring her. "Yeah, Keira. I'm good."

Immediately a radiant smile formed on her lips and she walked till she was standing in front of me. Sighing she opened her mouth. "So, what did you wanted to discuss about?"

Gesturing her towards the spread out map on my office desk, I started to explain. “So- this is the map of this entire town. Your mother was seen near the jungle, the Nerulia beach and last night behind our house. That means she's planning an attack and soon.”

Keira fell silent for a few seconds, probably trying to get the information in her head before asking dejectedly. “So what we should do? Do you have an advanced plan?”

“As I said before you need to be ready for every fight as possible. She is worse than what Alex told you.” Again I thought of the time I last saw Keisha. It was a hurtful reminder that Alexander was her daughter’s soul mate.

“Do you miss her?” This question made me halt in my thoughts. Did I hear it wrong?

“I’m sorry, what? Why I’ll miss her?” I asked Keira getting confused.

“No...Just a little curious. So if you find a way, how do you want to do it? I mean to kill her.” She asked staring at the wall but I was still thinking of thousands of ways I can hurt Keisha.

“Just like she did with our entire clan. She took their soul. I want her to feel all of their pain and when she couldn't take anymore, I will banish her soul into the depth of hell.” My voice was deadly as I punched the desk in anger. I didn’t mean to scare Keira off but I knew she’ll understand. She had her own score to settle with her mentor's death.

Keira seemed to ponder my answer for a moment before she shrugged giggling. “That's a wonderful plan you got there. But how I’m going to kill her? I mean I can’t just choke her to death.” I also laughed with her before I started to share a little secret I've been hiding.

“Look Keira, what I'm about to tell you, most people from my clan doesn't know about it. Alex knows but even he knows about it vaguely. There’s a weapon that you can use. I know you want to depend on your powers but to kill her you alone wouldn't be enough. So, there's a dagger I've gotten my hands on. It can kill any unholy things in this world. Even Reapers. So to kill Keisha, you need that dagger and courage of course. She is very clever so you have to be careful.” I replied thinking of the dagger I managed to claim with difficulty so that I can kill her. It has become an obsession of mine to see Keisha hurt throughout the centuries. She had destroyed my clan, my friend, my heart and she very well deserved what was coming for her.

Keira's eyes widened hearing me. "Really? A dagger?" She mused, trying not to grin. But my grin was already visible when I told her all about it.

“Yes, a dagger. Some clan leader was trying to send a demon to hell but there wasn't a medium that he can use to do the job. So, with magic and his member's sacrifice, he created this. Shame he wasn't alive to see me taking the dagger." Keira immediately stepped back, caught off guard hearing me. Did I say something wrong?

"Y-You kill him to get the dagger?"

Oh shit!

"No! I didn't mean it like that. The leader wasn't strong enough to finish sending the demon and keep living. So, that night he died of overuse of magic and I took an opportunity to take the dagger." She sighed in relief before asking me where was it now.

"It’s just in the basement. There are an old graveyard and a library in two portions. It's buried right in the middle of it. And-”

My chest constricted suddenly like someone was trying to rip my heart out. I tried to get a word out but my body wouldn't let me no matter how many times I tried. A burning warm feeling burned through my blood system making me cough blood.


“Dalton! What's happening? Are you alright? Need some water?” Keira asked me panicking. She was trying to call someone but my hearing must've been messed up as only buzzing sound filled me.

“I-I” She must’ve understood that I can’t talk so she gestured me to stay calm and sit. Hell...I can’t breathe!

I nodded harshly.

“Take this. Here...” She handed me the glass watching me with worried eyes. Gulping the water hurriedly, I was somewhat alright again. My throat still burned but at least I could talk.

“So I was saying....” I wanted to continue but before I could open my mouth, I felt my throat clenching again like someone choking me and my body followed right after. Having nothing to hold onto my body gave up, making me stumble on the floor of my office. Oh, Devil, not now! But before I could totally blank out a faint voice yelled out;

“Dalton? Dalton!”

Alex’s POV

Why the hell they were taking this too much time. Dalton must have shown his lady charms (Yuck!) and Keira was there listening to him like he’s her only world. Fuck! I sound worse than a jealous husband.

She’s going to kill me one day!

“Dalton! It’s been a long time and I think you should really finish your so-called important discussion.” I have been knocking Dalton’s office door impatiently for the last twenty minutes but he seemed either not interested to open his door or something fishy was going on.

“Dalton! Can you hear me?” I yelled out but still, I got no answer. When after ten minutes constant knocking nobody opened the door, that's when I snapped. Taking a deep breath, I forcefully broke the damn door and my whole body froze at the scenery in front of me.

Oh shit! What happened here? Where’s Keira?

Dalton was flat out passed out on the floor and the room looked like it just survived the world war three. Broken table, papers everywhere, ink running down the wall...

“Hey, buddy wake up... Hey, where’s Keira?” I shook Dalton by his collar.

No answer.

Oh shit! Are you kidding me!

“Master... I need you...wake up!"

Still no reaction...Fucking hell.

“Please come back... I command you to come back!” I called out grabbing his shoulder. My shadows screeched as they flew in his body, giving him the energy he needs. After five minutes feeding him my energy, I heard a pained groan.

Ah! There you go. I always thought it was fantasizing to command the masters.

“ It’s burning!” The very first words Dalton said the moment he opened his eyes and everyone says I’m melodramatic.

“Hey. Now that you’re living, tell me what happened? Where’s she?” I asked him cause Keira was my first priority now. It's risky to let her go unprotected when Keisha was just around the corner looking for her prey.

“What?” He asked confused.

You have got to be kidding me!

“Where’s Keira, Dalton?” I gritted out.

“We were talking then suddenly I felt like my entire body was burning. So I took some water then I don’t remember a thing...and... By the way, how did you wake me up?” He asked frowning and I flinched. I’m about to get a nice yelling and worse come to it, lit my ass onto a fire as punishment.

I wasn’t kidding when I said he loved to lit asses on fire.

“I commanded you to wake up. I didn’t have a choice.” I looked at his face to see that he’s fuming. Any time now...




There we go again...

“You commanded your master! How dare you? At least have...” He snapped shaking my shoulder in a violent way.

“Some respect...blah...blah...blah. I know. But you know that becoming this creature I can command the masters. I did it to save your ass or you’ll still be dead on the floor dancing with the devil. So at least a thank you would be helpful.” I patted him to calm down and surprisingly he did.

“Thanks but I swear I don’t know where she is. We have to look for her.” He replied instead.

“I know but what were you saying to her? Please tell me you didn't tell her about being already married to me?” I was scared that learning it she’ll run for the hills and I can’t stand that. I can’t lose her.

Not now, not ever.

“No. I wouldn’t do that to her. It's your truth to be told. I was just saying her about the dagger.”

“You what!? Oh shit! I know where she must be. The library... She should be there.” I don’t know I was holding my breath but when he told me about the dagger I knew where she was. Always curious little soul.

“Why would she...” He started but I cut him off.

“Just trust me. Now come on...”

"Keira Darling! Come out! Come out! Wherever you are!” I yelled out once we reached the basement. It was clear why Dalton said no one comes here and it's a safe place. The cemetery at night looked darker than usual and as it's in the basement, a small window wasn't enough to make anyone brave enough to come here.

“Do you think she would be here?” Dalton whispered looking around to catch her.

“100% sure. She must have wanted to see it or something.” I replied cause knowing Keira, the first thing she’ll do is to come here. Curiosity and learning new things were the traits she couldn't leave even if she was a Reaper now, with the humanity of course.

“She’s not a child. She knows the risk of using a dagger!” He yelled out.

“Oh trust me. I know her better than you, Dalton. She almost banished me once, ended up burning a house, tried new spells only to happen worse and don’t forget she almost took an entire town’s peoples bloody souls! Don't forget just because I saved her from being lost, doesn't mean she isn't a Reaper.” I also matched his yelling.

If only he saw what I saw in her eyes that night. They wanted revenge and if anything else triggered her to become like that again...even I wouldn't be able to save her this time.

“OK. I got it. But still...” He was going on but I stopped him.

“Stop! I think she’s near. Let’s go to the side where that bloody dagger is.” The pulling was getting strong so I knew she had to be near.

“Yeah, let’s go.” He mumbled, cursing his broken throat or something like that.

“Keira I know you’re here!” I yelled but stopped when I noticed her standing near a chair. Her back stiffed the moment she heard me. “Here you’re. You shouldn’t take this dagger. Keep it where it was. I totally mean it.”

“’ve found me." She turned back to look at me. But something was off. Way off. "I wasn’t expecting any of you.” She answered a little bit quicker.

“What’s wrong, Keira? I said to put it down.” I told her again but now she was examining the dagger like a trophy, twirling it in her hands.

“Alex...” Dalton elbowed me but my only issue was why she’s acting like she doesn’t care what I’ve to say.

“Dalton, not now...” I snapped.

“Alex! Look at her. The book is in her hand is the same one Keisha used...” As soon as the words were out my eyes took the chance to look at the book in her hand. It was the same book Keisha had used when she...

“Oh no...” I froze at the realization.

“Hello, Alexander. I am deeply hurt that you didn't miss me. But have no fear, I'm here now and I'm not leaving until one of us is dead.” That voice... That voice can only belong to one person.


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