Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 19: Devil Within



The woman who started it all. Who ruined lives wherever she went. Who I hated with a burning passion. And she was somehow standing in front of me in Keira's form, a satisfied smirk on her red ruby lips.

Universe be damned.

She played us like a fool.


"What? Didn't think I had it in me?" She giggled pushing herself from the chair and walking straight for us. When she was close enough, I jumped up to action and before I could even touch her, she had me trapped between two bookshelves, paralyzing my hands behind me.

Damn her!

“How the hell did you take Keira’s form? Where is she!?” I shouted, trying to lift my hand but that turned out to be useless as my wrist became even tighter, making me groan in pain. Ugh...This is not the time! Looking ahead I noticed Dalton still staring at Keisha with widened eyes.

"How cute..." My attention turned to Keisha as she trailed her short nails down my arms, leaning up close enough that I could feel her lips near me.

This is not Keira...

She is not...

I had to chant, again and again, when finally...fucking finally she stepped back with a grin. “You are resisting her body. That means you adore her, don’t you?" She turned back to look at Dalton who looked like has overcome the shock and was openly glaring at her. "You both do. Hmmm...what am I going to do with this fact?” She purred smirking at me and I felt my hand clenched the bookshelf behind me in rage.

My whole body was boiling with hot red fury. I wanted nothing but to see her headless body on my porch.

But to do that I have to get out of this bonds first.

“You tried to kill me,” Dalton stated behind us. His voice was oddly calm that even I wasn't sure why he wasn't shouting like me. "You pretended to be Keira and fooled us once again. Time passed but you still are the cunning bitch you've always been."

Thank Devil Dalton brought her concentration to him as I was able to slowly break the paralyzing bond she threw at me. Keisha was still looking at Dalton when I could feel my body filling with energy, the shadows in me wanting to lash out at her for trapping them.

Good...let them become more hungry for revenge.

“Oh, you didn’t like the show I put up for you? I mean worrying if Dalton was going to die or not? I don’t know about you guys but I’m feeling pretty proud of myself.” She chuckled when Dalton growled looking away from her. Just then the barrier broke, making her turn back to me in shock. I stepped ahead to strangle her but in a moment she disappeared.

And then in the next moment, she was behind me, grabbing my shoulder and crushing it with her powers. I couldn't even control the scream when my bones made a cracking sound. Her manic laugh was a buzzing sound in my ears when I desperately tried to call for my shadows.

Shit, shit, shit!

She bent down to my level, giving me a pout. “Why both are you so sad to see me? Do you hate me that much?"

White hot pain exploded in where she touched me. I tried calling the shadows for healing again but nothing. Groaning I looked at Dalton to see, he was marching where I was with a cold murder look.

Are you fucking kidding me!? Where is the help when I need them?

“Leave Alex alone!” Dalton yelled just before his hands wrapped around us forcing her magic to flow in his system. I've seen him do that before and truth be told, it's something you don't even wish on your worst enemies. It was clear that Keisha wasn't prepared to see Dalton feeding her energy, forcefully shoving her away from me.

The moment she went flying back, the pain in my shoulder resided and the shadows returned with a screech. Energy after energy returned to my body, healing my shoulder. When I was sure, I was healed I turned to Keisha smirking.

She will die today.

"H-How?" She stammered stepping back from us. Huh, guess she missed some of the important lessons from the clan. Her eyes were wide with small fear and I had to remind myself that it's not my little soul.

I don't even know where she is.

“You’ll regret hurting me and for hating you? Know this carefully Keisha, you are nothing but a nuisance. A murderer wife, a failed mother and a filthy bug in the mud. Nobody wants you, woman. Now if you don’t tell us where you are keeping your daughter then don’t expect me I won’t kill you first.” This time, I was the one who disabled her movements temporarily. She looked angry but within a moment a sweet smile crept on her face.

“Oh come on, Alexander. You can’t kill me. It had to be my blood-related. That’s why you need Keira. Your lost soul is also with her. Isn’t it? When did you figure that out? I thought I had to wait another century before you know.” She gave me a daring smirk. Well, it looked like Keira did as she was in Keira’s body.

I knew the moment Keira woke me up that she had my lost soul. There was no other way, I could wake up without my soul's involvement. That was also the main reason I wanted to marry her, I needed my soul back. But along the way, I kept knowing her and my goal kept fading away until I even forgot why I needed her in the first place. She and her goal became my reason. So, even after marrying her in that night I refused to take my soul back.

I couldn't take it back without her knowing.

So I signaled Dalton to be done with her now. I needed Keira back. Not this Keira's copycat, Keisha the bitch. “Don’t be so happy. You don’t know what has changed in these past decades. We’re more powerful and have more knowledge about creatures like you.” Dalton whispered coldly and started to back out. He had a plan after all.

“Dalton she won’t stop. Do it.” I whispered so only he could listen.

“Oh, I was always ready to do it.” He grinned and gave me the rope that was hiding behind the chair.

“Wait! What are you talking about? I have this book and dagger. You can’t hurt me! I’ll send you to where you belonged.” She screamed out of frustration, trying to move her legs. But as I disabled her she only managed to glare through her eyelashes.

“Well...unfortunately for you that chance you gave it to your daughter. Only she can send me or awake me. After all, she has a Reaper side too and she has my soul.” I replied as calmly as possible and Dalton grabbed her from behind.

“No!” She tried to break out but with the dagger in her hand, we bound her to the chair so she couldn’t run away. Her scream filled the basement air making my shadows hum in satisfaction. The dagger was indeed enchanted for a reason.

“Ah! Stop!”

“It hurts like a bitch, isn’t it?” Dalton sneered pulling the rope tightly. I knew he was angrier than me. He had his own reasons. He had lost his heart and his whole clan because of this woman. We all lost something because of her.

“Stop Dalton, you can’t... Do this. You think a little rope can stop me! You foolish little stupid creatures!”

Yeah...keep talking. Like anyone was gonna listen to her.

“Oh, we know what can stop you. But this rope doesn’t even matter and you've become a screaming machine. The thing you've to worry about is this dagger. This is enchanted with light. So whenever light come into your body it will burn you little by little. Now that’s a perfect plan, isn’t it?” Dalton said smirking to Keisha's horrified face and slowly lifted the curtain.

“Alex this will work. Won’t it?” He asked me.

“It's our only chance to save Keira. We have to do it. Doesn’t matter when she starts talking but we’ll continue this. After all, we've all eternity.” I told him laughing and took a glance at her to see gulping. She had to be breaking down sometimes. Everyone has a weakness. She had to be some too.

As soon as Dalton took the curtain off she started to scream. It made my cold heart beat loudly. The adrenaline to see her hurt wasn’t like anything I’ve felt before.

It felt good. The shadows recognized the fear in her eyes and they were happily feeding off her. And hearing the screaming getting louder, no wonder it must have hurt like a bitch.

“Ahh..! You are making mistakes! If you hurt me you’ll never see your lifesaver again. I’ll make sure to it!” She again screamed with burning pain that was beginning to form a dark blistered circle in her body.

“Oh, Keisha if I would you I would have stopped these empty threats and start talking,” Dalton mumbled and looked at me for help.

“Dalton you know me better than Alexander. I will never come here without a good plan, which will help me with what I want.” She was still blubbering and it didn’t help the anger that was rising inside of me.

“Please tell her to stop calling me by my full name. It’s getting ridiculous and sickly annoying. Talk. I only want information about your daughter coming from your mouth or...I will rip that mouth out to use as my shadows dinner and trust me when I say this, they will happily feed off of you.” I took a step towards her and smirked. “And, I know I can’t kill you, but that doesn’t mean you won’t lose some of your limbs.”

She looked at me widening her eyes.

Suddenly an idea came to my mind making me grin. I could let the shadows play. They would love a challenge and if needed a chase. So, with that, I left the control to my shadows hiding behind my mind. I could see the electric energy shifting around me, making everything dark.

And at that moment, I could feel my lips move, my shadows happily taking control. “You know what? Let's play a game. Do tell me where Keira is and I’ll let you walk out off here cause it’s not in our hand to kill you and you also know that. But if you don't, I start to dismember you, deal?"

A loud scream left her lips when the shadows dragged the dagger across her arms almost cutting them in the process. They smiled watching the blood pouring from her cuts. Hearing a throat clearing I turned around to see Dalton looking at me with questionable eyes. I knew he was thinking how much control I had over the shadows if they wanted to think of finishing her off. But I knew they wouldn't kill her. Not until they get an answer. So, I nodded back to see his face became relaxed and not a second later he joined me.

"If we are playing a game, then tell me this, how in the hell did you break a protection spell? This entire property is under spells. I made sure of that.” Dalton asked furiously. He was the one who set up the security so he had a right to be angry. By the defeated look in his eyes I could tell, he was seriously considering dismembering her before the shadows could.

"We will take care of this-" But I was brutally cut off by a loud chuckle.

“I’m in Keira or what? You thought I took her form? Oh, that would be foolish, even for me. If I'd do that, you would have recognized me the moment I came here. Today when everyone was sleeping that's when I took over her body and the entire day just kept entertaining you until I had my hands on this damn dagger. But now look, by hurting me you’re hurting her body. And if you hurt my body I’ll just leave with her and she’s... Fus! You know will disappear with me. Now that’s a lovely thing to happen to your plaything...Alexander.” She slowly chuckled and all thoughts came to an abrupt stop, making my shadows uneasy. I was lost with her words. I can’t physically hurt her.

The realization made me take a couple of steps back. I’m hurting her, hurting Keira. Bloody hell! The shadows left immediately giving me back the control. Hell, even they knew how badly I screwed up.

“You won’t do it. Dalton... Close the window. It’s hurting Keira.” I screamed closing the curtain pushing Dalton off from stopping me.

“You’re not thinking straight! She could be lying for devil knows what reason. She could be manipulating us into sparring her. You know how she is, this is what she does!” Dalton yelled out and I couldn’t blame him. I wasn’t thinking straight but I didn’t have any choice left.

I can't risk Keira's life.

I could feel my stomach drop as I turned back to see Keisha smirking. If my theory was right, I’ve already hurt Keira. But I had to voice my thoughts. “I can’t risk Keira’s life in any way. And this makes more sense than anything. She could be in Keira’s body then it won’t stop her walking right into the protection spell.”

“Now you’re talking some useful things. But I like you more when you just keep quiet. Your good looks show your charms more.” Keisha winked at me battling her eyelashes and it grossed me out to no end. She was flirting with me for devil’s sake!

“Oh man...just lock her up with something...I can’t listen to her anymore. I just need Keira and I don’t know how but get this woman out of her...master... please.” I couldn't believe I was begging. Even when Keisha wanted to kill me, I was ready to fight or be killed with honor. I never begged in my thousands of years so it must have shocked him so he looked at me with sad eyes. I hated that look. That feeling of hopelessness alongside with pity.

I didn't need them.

Dalton inhaled a sharp breath before giving me a one side hug. “I understand what you’re feeling. I’m looking if there’s any spell for this. Don’t worry...everything will be alright.”

I just can’t believe she was in Keira’s body the entire day and I couldn’t do anything about it...dammit! I’m seriously useless... I don’t deserve Keira. I couldn’t even save her from her mother...

“Oh...nothing will be alright but worse.” Someone spoke loudly and my eyes jumped at Keisha.

What the hell!?

“Shit! How did she stand up?” Dalton cursed letting go of me. Did she-

“Get ready to never see your Keira or your soul. Here we go!”

“What is she...” Dalton started but my scream stopped him from whatever he wanted to say.

“No! Stop her Dalton!”

I was desperate to reach out and stop her but it was impossible as in front of my eyes she opened the window at a crazy speed and because of light she just burned herself... She fucking burned Keira’s body... What kind of a crazy woman does this? No! Keira can't be gone...


No, no, no...

“What just happened?” Dalton mumbled like a fool. I couldn't think. I couldn't believe...After everything we've been through it can't end like this. It just can't.


“She used us." I couldn't recognize my own voice. It was oddly mixed with mine and the shadows. I knew I was losing control but I had to hold on. For her. It will be for her. "She knew if we thought the light was harming her, we’ll take a break and that’s what we did. She used our emotional breakdown as an advantage. She teleported to somewhere. She had to be. Keira cannot be dead because I would’ve felt so. Now the question is, where is Keisha?” I asked Dalton hopelessly. That’s right; I’m a hopeless husband now.

Pathetic, like my papa, used to say.

“No Alex, trust me I’ve never seen something like this before. Why did she need to burn? Is she even alive?” He said and started to yell at the guards for protection.

“She’s alive of course. She just needed a way out of here with Keira. Now she has one. We have to find her as soon as possible. If we’re late who knows what she will do. What if she’ll just sacrifice her daughter again.” The anger deep down in me kept rising, giving the shadows complete control.

“You’re right. I’m trying... You just take some rest. Today was an eventful day anyway.” He tried to console me but the shadows slapped his hand away. They have taken over but for the first time, I was glad that they did.

“Keira is with that mad woman and you’re telling us to take some rest! Are you out of your fucking mind? We can’t feel like taking rest until you give us some damn good news about her. Dalton... We feel her fear. Because we’re married our connection is telling us she’s alive. But if it’s late then we’ll lose her forever.” I definitely can’t lose her.

I won’t lose her.

“I was just trying to help. But if you insist then OK...we’ll find her. If she is your destiny as said then nothing can happen to her. Trust me on this.”

I wanted to trust him. I really did. But even destiny knows where Keisha is involved, bad things just follow.


Keira’s POV

After wakening up in the morning, Alex called me in the background of this property. It was a little strange for my like. I mean what kind of important thing he had to tell me that he couldn’t even say in the building? But anyway it's not like I've any choice other than hearing him first so I went there to meet him but the moment I reached the border, I stopped. Something was wrong. I could just feel it in my bones that I had to leave, like right now. The area was too empty and quiet for my sake. I was just about to turn back when he came all in so-called arrogance attitude.

“You came. I almost thought you won’t come.” He stated blankly. He looked slightly...unattached and dead.

Er...did he went back to being an asshole again? Time to check.

“Why wouldn’t I? It's the royal asshole's order." I snapped looking for any sign that he would start smirking anytime soon. That's what he does right?

“Oh...your love for him is going deeper than I thought. It’s not healthy you know.” He replied tasking and I froze with alarm.

“W-what do you mean by that?” I demanded or that’s what tried to do but my whole body started to shake as I realized something.

Something horrible than I can imagine.

“I meant your love for Alexander will destroy you, my child.” He replied and with horror, I realized it was my own mother in Alex’s body.

“Oh You can’t be here." In a panic, I tried to use my powers but as they all thought, it wasn't working. Oh, God. A feminine laugh filled the air as I desperately tried to stop her. I knew she would kill me if I- in my hazy eyes I noticed the shovel lying on the ground. This will have to do for now.

Before she could wave her hands I grabbed the nearest shovel from the ground ramming it on her head. I could hear a loud scream followed by the slamming sound but what I didn't realize that somehow she touched me before dropping to the ground. Immediately a cold feeling took over my whole body, spreading through my blood rapidly and the next thing I know only faded white and black light welcomed me. I flinched, trying to run but there’s no door?

How am I going to escape!?

Black and more black.

What’s happening!?

"Oh dear, my body just went to waste. Hmmm...But I have better vessel now. Huh, it’s quite strange to be in someone else’s body. Now let’s find out what is going on with my old boys.” A voice called out but it was awfully like mine.

Suddenly all I could see was darkness. With an added bonus, I could hear faded voices but I can’t escape the darkness. Feeling a ghostly touch, I jumped back. People. I could feel people with me watching, trying to escape the darkness. I couldn’t hear what they were chanting but they want cold revenge. I could also feel the burning rage inside of them almost making me crawl away.

But where will I go? I can’t see a thing and there isn’t a door. Is that Alex...? I can hear him. Oh God, I can hear him! But what...what is he saying? Is his soul with me? Suddenly, all emotions, pain, loss, anger went through me making me stumble back. But how in the hell is this possible? These are not my feelings, they are Alex’s. And this can only be possible if we’re married. But I never finished the wedding-

“Ah!” I screamed as I could feel all of my flesh burning to ashes with every second. Please make it stop! Please! Blisters, a lot of blisters were crawling over my arms. No, no, no! After what felt like years I cried out welcoming the darkness.

I can’t...I can’t hear...

I can’t breathe...

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