Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 20: Die A Thousand Death

Alex’s POV


It could be worse than loneliness. The loneliness I felt over years under a grave was so much better than what I was feeling now. With Keira, the feeling in my heart where there was supposed to be some warmth was also gone in a flicking moment. After watching people dying throughout centuries, I thought I was finally done with the pain, the guilt, and the need to be forgotten.

But I was clearly wrong.

Fate just had to throw a wrong dice at me.

Hearing a door slam I turned back to see the new intruder. Dalton’s eyes were dull, sleep derived writing all over his face. He threw the jacket he was wearing on the floor before his eyes met mine, lying down on the same couch where she first kissed me because she wanted to. I didn’t need to ask if Dalton found something useful cause his pity filled eyes says it all.

Keira wasn’t found.

“Dalton, is she ever coming back?”

“I’m so sorry, Alex. I-I couldn’t... She is still out of order.”

It had been two days and I was just listening to the same crap from Dalton. The fact which rattled me to the core was, Dalton is a master and he should be the one finding her as he’s a walking locator spell. But even he couldn’t found her after trying to locate her every time. I think he talked to other clans leaders about Keisha being running in this world alongside with Keira’s disappearance. But there was just no trace left of her. I should’ve known. I should’ve paid attention to the fact that she was acting a little crazy that day. If only I realized sooner-

It’s all my fault.

“Alex? Are you alright?”

“No, no Dalton. I’m not alright.” Was he crazy to think that I would be alright when Keira was not with me? My shadows were pretty much out of control due to me being angry all the time. “What the hell you’re doing! Just in two days, you’re telling me everything will be alright when our connection is dropping in every second. Stop consoling me and find her. Or all hell will lose and you can’t say a thing to me. Just because I’m sitting here not running after her, that doesn’t mean I have let her go to that bitch!” I screamed out of frustration.

“I didn’t say to let her go. I know you want her safe and sound, Alex. I do. But if now I let you go after her you’ll make some stupid mistake and it will cost both of your life. I just can’t let you do that. And as long as Keira’s father is watching over her, she’s protected!” Dalton suddenly yelled throwing the vase near him. But the instant it registered in his mind what he just said, he clammed his mouth in shock. Now that’s surprising.

So he indeed was doing some research...

“When did you figure it out?” I asked standing from the couch, walking towards him. He immediately shook his head and backed away.

“Alex, look I know what you are thinking-”

“Really?” I hissed. “Cause it felt like you were just going to hide this important fact from me. So I’m asking you again. When did you figure this out?”

Dalton paled visibly, his green eyes widening farther. When he realized I wasn’t letting it go, he sighed. “You don’t know the risk of summoning him. There’s a reason even Keisha is scared shitless of him. If he doesn’t believe our words he could be ended up cursing us. You know he’s powerful than you. And, that is exactly why I was preparing myself to go alone cause I knew you are out of control now and very well land yourself another curse.”

So he was planning on going alone? What an ass.

“Thanks for the concern, mas-oh sorry ass!” His eyes flared at the blunt disrespect but I ignored him and continued. “Jonathon Vale Franklin is Keira’s father and more powerful than you and I. There’s no way he will let his wife ruin his daughter. He’ll surely help. And last time I checked she was my wife, not your’s so I’m going. Either you like it or not.”


I cut him off showing my disapproval. “No, if buts. If this is the only way we can know where she is, then I’m willing to do whatever he wants me to do. I’m not afraid of him.”

I totally was. He was more powerful than me and Dalton together. Hell, even Keisha, the powerful maniac Reaper was scared of him. But this is the only way we’ve got.

And I’m not losing any chance.

“OK... I’m starting the rituals. Join me in a minute.” He sighed heavily and I knew even if he disagreed with me, he’ll support anything I’ll do to get Keira back.

For a second, I debated before making my decision.

“No. I’ll call him. You are not risking your life for me.” Dalton seemed he wasn’t entirely sure what I said as he stopped at the staircase.

“Come again?”

“I said, I won’t risk your life. I’m already verge of losing someone close to me. I don’t want to make that list longer. Anyway, it’s between his daughter and my soul. We’re married. He can’t reverse this. So don’t worry...I’ll be careful.” I told Dalton and started to walk out only to be stopped by him.

“I know nothing I will say will stop you so I’m only saying this once. Make sure you both are ok and return home. H-He was in your shoes once so I can’t tell if he’ll believe you once you told him your soul is trapped with Keira. He’ll want to protect his daughter at any cost. Even if it means your death.” He warned but I only nodded.

“I want what best for Keira too. And that’s what I’m counting on.”

Keira’s POV

I woke up to the sound of water and harsh daylight. For a second my eyes got blinded before I opened them to see the vast sea. Uh, why there is sand everywhere? Am I on a beach? But I was with Alex-oh no...I remembered now. The fighting, me ramming a shovel in my mother’s head, her accidentally touching me. I remembered everything.

I was also reminded how awfully trapped I was in my own mind.

“Hello, Keira. My beautiful daughter who hates me. And this is why I’m sorry to say that you’re trapped in a mirror now. Just like I was.” Hearing a new voice, I looked at my mother, well what look liked me dressed in black shorts and shirt, with a jacket around the shoulder. I had an urge to kill her right and then when she smirked watching the distaste on my face.

“You trapped me in a mirror? For real!?” I was still shocked. Was I in a mirror?

A freaking mirror!? Where did she even found a mirror? What is this place?

No, no, no...

“I only trapped your soul in a mirror. But I’m still in your body. That’s the only leverage I can find now. They can’t hurt me physically because of your body.” Of course, I’m leverage. What else?

“But they can destroy your soul. You’re a Reaper. I know everything. Alex has told me everything you have done to them.” I grinned and her eyes widened for a second before she turned her back on me.

“Did he?” She turned again towards me in a worried tone. What is her game? “Then I’m pretty sure he has told you about his dirty works too.” This time she was the one who was grinning.

“What dirty works? You’re lying.” I flat out knew she was a liar. This woman has ruined my childhood, my sister and my mentor. She killed Hannah. I could still picture Hannah’s numb face when I go to sleep. Every time I saw a mirror, it’s walking reminder that my mentor is gone and she’s not coming back.

“Am I? You don’t know what he and his precious master have done. They want your pure soul, my dear. They can kill for that.” She told me with a sick grin and I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. Doesn’t everyone want that?

The Red clan, Alex, and now she. Everyone was after me for that Godforsaken soul which seemed to bring more evil in the world than good.

“And do you really think that I don’t know that?” I could see my answer has surprised her. If she was thinking me as the weak, naive girl she last saw me as then she had another thing coming. So, I taunted her in her own game. “I know they are selfish and killed more than I can ever process. Alex alone makes me want to slap the daylight out of him sometimes. But you know what? These two are more of a family than you ever could be.”

Oh boy, I knew right then what real rage was. She was practically fuming a loud growl leaving her lips. It truly looked terrifying to see me like this. But did that stop me? God no! She had me pissed at the righteous words like she was some holier than God himself.

“You think I don’t see the concern Alex has for me? After you killed Hannah, Alex had been with me when I cried every night thinking of my dead mentor. He held me, kept me sane.”

“Did he tell you he loves you? Or at least want you, I mean when you’re still breathing?” She asked raising her perfect eyebrows in a mocking manner. I knew this question was to throw me out of my mind or make me weak but I already knew. I loved him and that’s what mattered. Yes, it took a while to realize that what I felt for him was not only attraction but love. At first, I hated to love him. To have feelings for someone who would only let me down at the end. He was nowhere near saint but then again was I any better? We really weren’t that different. So, my feelings kept growing, making my heart warm whenever he was near me. Unknown to everyone, I kept loving him in my way.

Even if he didn’t.

So my voice was quiet when I finally spoke what I should’ve said her the first moment I knew she was trapped in the mirror. “No. But I understand him when even he couldn’t. I know him more than he knows himself. Even if it was an insult or a praise, at least his intentions were always known. One of many things I like about him is he’s brutally honest. Actions speak louder than words, Keisha. And in your case, your actions seem to speak a hella louder than it needs to be.”

“Oh... You foolish stupid girl! He wanted to protect his soul. I have saved you from dying by trapping his soul with you. Or you would be sacrificed that day like it was meant to be. I saved you... I didn’t want your life to end like it was mine. When I took his soul with me, I had a plan to make him my pet but then I realized it had a better use! So I found you and bound you to him. Alex till this day was just protecting his soul, too bad you’re just the vessel.” Her hands closed into a fist as she delivered that unbelievable theory with a smirk. If I was in a body I was sure I would stagger back a few steps in shock and start throwing random things at her. She’s lying again. There’s no other explanation of what she just said.

“N-No...You didn’t. That was my inner energy and Alex.” I argued trying to break the barrier between me and this world. But no matter how much I tried, the barrier just bounced back forcing me to stay away.

This is not real...

It can’t be.

“Inner energy doesn’t work if you don’t know spells. You’re thinking of me as your enemy Keira when all I ask for you to join me. Fulfill your destiny as a Deshayes. I want you to show the world how powerful we could be. Show the humans who really are in control. And for the clans, they wanted to sacrifice me. I didn’t have a choice but awakening your father.” She mumbled the last part but I heard it perfectly.

“But you killed him. You gave us away. You killed Alex’s clan members. You did everything wrong!” I finally snapped. I had too many questions for her and I were going to get it today. She liked it or not.

“To make this day right! I killed your father because he never understood my thirst for souls. He said I was a dark Reaper. I can never be a good witch. It angered me so I killed him.” She said that so bluntly that I stared at her in disbelief.

“You killed him just because he told you the bitter truth!” I yelled out. God, this woman was way worse than I thought. She was straight out crazy maniac.

“I could never be a witch anyway. Every clan members banished me from entering! They didn’t give me a chance for trials. No one understood! I wanted to start over. I wanted Alexander but he turned me down! Everybody hurt me. So someone has to be punished. If you agree to be with me... I can break your soul connection.” She offered me and I shook my head hurriedly.

No way in hell!

“I will never want that!”

“He’ll only hurt you. I knew your life was going to be over. You were destined to be his bride and that means he’ll take powers from your pure soul. So I had to play dirty and connect you both. Doesn’t that make me a wonderful mother?” She chirped and it hurts to know that she’s my mother... My own blood.

A crazy lunatic.

“You’re a crazy woman who needs to see what she’s dealing with here! And what the hell you’ve done with my powers?” I huffed when I saw that none of the spells were working.

“Sorry I can’t risk you with your magic. I’ve terminated you. You can’t use spells. Just take my offer. You don’t have to worry about anything then.” She replied and I didn’t have a choice. But if I stall her enough...enough to do something then-

“I-If...I take your offer you’ll take me from here?” I asked her.

“Yes. I’ll just break your connection with him. Are you ready to do that?” She asked me with a smirk.

“Indeed I’m I guess. Do it. We can be the most powerful soul Reapers of this world and people will fear us.” I joined her crazy fantasy.

“Now that’s my girl...” She grinned starting chanting something while I prayed over and over to give me the strength to finish this woman for once and all.

Even if I have to take myself down with her...

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