Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 21: Choices

Alex’s POV

I felt Dalton's anger at the chanting he was doing. His face was blank, his whole body tensed, his fists clenched tight. I knew he wasn't exactly happy that I was going alone to face Keira's father. But of course, I didn't say anything back. That will only lead to an argument we both didn't need.

"Ok, sit back and try to relax," Dalton stated avoiding wholeheartedly looking at my face. If anything he needed relaxing not me. But I only nodded before relaxing more.

"How much more time it's going to take you?" I asked once I noticed fifteen minutes have already passed and I'm nowhere near out of this house. He only shook his head in answer and the chanting grew louder, making the shadows uneasy.

What the hell he's doing?


"It's going to hurt. Just hold tight and chant his name." I barely had time to prepare myself before I felt a fire burn through my heart. Little by little all my vein popped, leaving only a burning agony behind. It quickly spread through my blood making me scream in pain. The smell of burning flesh met mine as I realized it was coming from me.

Fuck, did Dalton set me to fire!?

I didn't have time to curse him to hell as I hit the cold ground hard, angling my ankle in a weird way. Shit! It hurts like hell. Looking up I was met with a dark cave-like place with dirt and lots of rocks.

What on devil's sake was this place?

“Who are you? How dare you come here, you dark creature?” Startled my eyes snapped around to the direction of the voice to see a man not more than thirty standing in front of me...glaring.

Man, was he the definition of powerful and ruthless. His lighter than Keira's brown eyes were blazing with rage, his jaw tensed, his dark brown hair cropped short almost to the point of not showing hair. His poser also did him a favor as he looked like he could stomp me to death if he wanted.

So, this is world's first Darkness.

“Master, I need your help. Your daughter... She’s with Keisha and we’re afraid of her life.” I was already on the ground so I fully shifted to keel down before him bowing my head. I knew people like him would demand respect. Hell, even I would. And, I didn’t need to die if Keira’s father thought of me otherwise.

“Which one? I thought everything was going on with the plan.” He mumbled giving no attention to my fragile attempt at showing respect.

But what plan was he talking about?

“Keira, my wife.” I risked looking at him but his eyes turned red by now. My own wasn't better as I was reminded again how Keisha took her from right under me.

“How did she end up with Keisha? I was looking out for her. She was just fine." Was he kidding or just plain stupid? Keira had been going through pretty awful things this year with her sacrifice, me running around asking for her soul, her mentor dying and now her crazy mother and her father's declaring that she was fine?

Now I sound like saint comparison to these two idiots. I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from giving him a peace of mind. But that's doesn't mean I'm going to sit back and let him go on about how she was fine.

"No offense master, but she almost died numerous time before and if this time you don't find her, she's pretty much done for." He growled when I gave him a little warning to do his thing quickly before something happens that will lead us both to have regrets later.

"Fine, I will save her. But first, I have to know where she is.” He closed his eyes muttering something and in a flash, he was in front of me. “She is in the Nerulia Beach surround by the woods."

I might as well be dead as a pained groan came from the shadows inside of me. Out of all the places Keisha could've taken her, she used the most dangerous place where many had been executed before. And, I'm pretty sure nobody survived to tell the tale.

"You're kidding? Please tell me this is a fucking joke!" I was tempted to shake some sense into his skull. Even if Keisha was dangerous she won't risk her life. Ever.

"Do I look like I'm kidding!?" He shouted rushing past me to slam a fist on the cave wall. "I just found out my daughter's been taken. My crazy wife is running around in the world without any care and I can't show my face to my daughters. So yes! It's not a joke but the cruel truth!"

I had to look away from his face to the ground. But that still doesn't answer my question as to why Nerulia? "Master, we all know that Nerulia-"

"Is a place for people who deserves banishment or worse execution. I know that and this is exactly why Keisha is there. People who died there had powers before they died and the place restored them. Now that much power could easily be absorbed if someone is a Reaper. And what I'm seeing, both of them are Reapers. So, if I would you, I'd run to her right now. Because I can’t track her anymore.” He blubbered for a second and looked at my eyes in shock. He had a strange look in his eyes and I didn’t like it.

“What-” Whatever I was going to ask was cut off from the sudden intense pain from my whole body.

What the hell!?

“Ahh...! I-I it’s hurting!” I managed to choke out. Shit, I can’t breath...what’s happening? And our connection...I can’t feel her either.

Why can’t I feel her?

“I can’t feel her. Something’s wrong.” I screamed out as soon as I felt like my body was tearing in half. My ears buzzed and my eyes dropped even if how much I tried not to close them.

No, no. This isn’t happening now! I was this close to finding her!

“Alex!” Someone yelled through my hazy hearing. Is that-is that Dalton?

“Alex? Where are you!?” It’s him. Relief rushed through me as I yelled out a gibberish reply.

“Alex, what’s happening? Why did you say you can’t feel her?” Dalton gripped my hand to know that he’s here, with me. I opened my eyes for a moment to see two pairs of worried eyes on me.

“I think Keisha’s breaking their soul connection.” Her father replied but it couldn’t be!

“But we’re married. How can she do this?” I asked him tightening my hold on Dalton’s. It bloody hurts!

“Do something! He’s hurt!” Dalton yelled at Keira’s father. Shit! What if he dismiss us now? But he only rolled his eyes and thrust a glass into my hand.

I hesitantly took the glass and turned to him. “What in bloody hell is this?”

“Your lapdog said you’re hurt-” I heard a growl from Dalton, but Jonathon continued, “-and this is your remedy. Now if you want to scream in pain forever-” I cut him off by gulping all the liquid down. My throat burned but the haziness went away and my sight cleared.

Clenching my teeth, I gritted out. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Now as I was saying before some poor soul was dying, Keisha’s only breaking your soul’s connection. But she doesn’t know you’re married. That’s a good thing. Your plan to rescue her will still be working. Just hurry and save my daughter. And don't forget, you owe me your life.” His father ordered and dismissed us.

“Come on Alex.” Dalton turned to walk with me but I stopped him.

“No Dalton. I won’t risk your life. It’s my war to win. I’ll take her with me. I promise. Just get ready for opening a portal to hell.” I told him but he just stared at me dumbfounded.

“Why’d I...?” He started again but I cut him off.

“We have to send Keisha there. The dagger is gone with her. So what if we can’t kill her? That’s why. I know you have people who know about hell. So use them.” I tried to reason with him.

“OK... Just save her.” He sighed after a long argument.

I smirked saluting him. “Oh... No one can stop me now. Not even a bloody Reaper.”

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