Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 22: Escape Nightmares


My deranged mother was murmuring for quite some time with a book in her hands. The book was something similar to the book she told me to dig up, like it also had three eyes on it, a snake-like binding to it. She also had a medium sized dagger lying on the floor near her. Now I didn’t know what type of spell she was using but it felt like she was taking powers from nature and the book but not using hers.

“What’s that dagger for?” I asked after staring at her for the past half an hour. At first, she looked like she didn’t hear me but after a few minutes, her eyes opened which was glazed over.

The object of the question was in her hands as she drew the dagger in the lifeline on her palm. The drops of blood fell into the book, making me cringe.

What on earth was she doing?

“If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise, now, would it?” She stopped short smirking at me before standing up with the dagger. Oh please don’t tell me she’s using it to kill me...

“W-What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry but guess you have to wait for a little. I need to hide this thing somewhere. Just don’t try to escape oh wait... you can’t.” Chin high, she spun on her heels giggling and walked towards the deeper side of the woods with the dagger with her. Now that she’s gone, what is this place?

Why didn’t she take the book with her?

I tried to look at the blood-filled page but all I could see was blurred writing. For better visual, I pressed my hands on the mirror, trying to read them on the reflection. When all the letters made sense my eyes widened, making me still.

She had the weapon. The dagger that could kill her and now she was hiding it somewhere. Quickly going back to the page my hands started to shake cause right there I knew where I was.

Nerulia beach.

The one place which had been the reason for my many nightmares in the Red clan. It was a place for banishment or worse death. Why did she take me here of all places in the world? As if the truth opened some of my powers, I could feel murmurs and low crying erupting in the air. I knew my face was most likely pale and I was the verge of freaking out but I kept reading the page and finally, I found some answers.

I knew where she was hiding the dagger. Only if I could escape from this mirror...

"What are you thinking?" Startled my eyes snapped to the figure walking around me. Her... no, my brown eyes slid to the position I was sitting and I immediately stood up. I didn't need her to start doubting me.

"Keira...did anyone came here when I was gone?"

Yes...some knowledge.

"No, was someone supposed to?"

Her eyes narrowed looking at me. Perhaps she doubted something but thankfully she decided to let it go. After murmuring something, I saw her hands raising towards the mirror. "I don't like the way you're behaving. I'm breaking the connection now."

Her hands were in the mirror while she was chanting something on latin. These spells were not pure magic, of course, I knew she couldn't use anything close to pure but I had an idea how to escape if she let me out willingly. And for that, I had to act quickly.

“How long it’ll take to break the connection? Why don’t you first let me come?” I asked my mother, who's gaze snapped to mine in irritation. Though she was focused on releasing her powers, she was glaring through her eyelashes, making me stiff. I don't like how she was staring at me. Is this how she's going to break the connection?

“I can’t. They can be here who knows when. So I have to do it first. And I don’t trust you...yet.”

“Did you... Ever broke a connection like this?” I asked rolling my eyes. She seriously resembled some child failing at making a point. But it was good for me as it looked like she was stuck with something. Something that was stopping her from finishing her evil job.

“You’re the first one to make this kind of connection. So, no. But it’ll be over soon. I promise.” She replied too quickly for her own good. After a few minutes suddenly she gulped, a thin sheet of sweat glistening at her forehead. And then she turned to me frowning, “Looks like you got your wish. I can’t break the connection when your soul is still in half limbo aka in the mirror. I’ll let you come but you have no magic so don’t you dare try to cross me.”

There it is. The way to my freedom. I grinned happily. “Wouldn’t dare.”

She smirked looking at my grin. Oh no, now this's never a good sign. “And if you dare to cross me, I’ll banish your Alex to the same grave he’s been living for thousand years. Now you wouldn’t want that to happen to him, would you?”

My grin dimmed as her lips pressed into a thin line and she started to hum something. A cold heat gathered in my heart, spreading it through my blood. I was this close to screaming when people rushed by me crying and moaning in pain. It was an awful feeling I never wanted to have. Just as their crying stopped a white bright light filled door opened and I was in my body again.

My eyes dropped to my arms where there was blood smeared around three horizontal cuts. Someone must have used a dagger on them when Keisha was in my body. Ugh...this will take a little while to heal. That wasn't even the worse case scenario because the next moment my eyes turned to saucer as I realized what I was wearing.

Alex's shirt.

"Why am I wearing Alex's shirt? I wasn't wearing this outfit in the morning!" My gaze was fixed on my mother who has yet again found her own body. Her head was bleeding, black bruises around her eyes, and her chapped lips forming a grin. When she heard me yelling, her grin widened.

"I know it dear. Because I was the one went to his room and snatched this shirt. Did you see the look on his face when he saw me wearing it? It was priceless!"

If I wasn't planning on murdering her before I was sure I was going to do it now. In a rage, I didn't even realize I had her on a chokehold when she started to pry my hands off her. "What did you do!? Tell me!"

"I-I wanted to know how far you two have gone. Shame he didn't get to know me on a much better level." Her choked chuckle had me gasp in surprise. much she had on her plate? What was her goal even?

" want to tell me that you tried to seduce my potential might be future husband and you have the nerve to laugh about it? What is wrong with you!?" I dropped the chokehold, making her chuckle more. I didn't even know what to do now. My powers are still not back. What I had on my mind, I don't even know if it will work.

But I've to try.

So before she had any more to say I raised my fist towards her but the moment I was going to hit her, I changed my path and instead smashed the mirror leaving glasses around us. She must be shocked cause it took her a moment to realize that I had a sharp piece of glass in my hands and on the instant, I drove it to her heart.

Adrenaline was rushing through me and I knew it wouldn't kill her but it will slow her down for a moment for me to start running. My pulse was pounding in my own ears as I started to run towards the woods, leaving an angry Reaper on my back. The place was dark itself but that didn't even matter anymore. I wasn't even near the trees when a shooting pain went through my legs, making me collapse on the ground.

"Leaving so soon? I thought we had a lot to catch up." My breath was coming up short looking up at my mother's face. Her eyes turned black, veins were running down her face and to match that a merciless smirk on her bloody lips. She lifted me by my hair making me scream. Her hold on me tightened to the point I could feel my scalp ripping apart.

God...this isn't happening...

"I thought it will be easier to convince you. Clearly, I was wrong." She stopped, her hard gaze on the ground. Not a second later somehow there was a cage lying on the bare beach. Was she-


No, no, no...

"D-Don't!" My plea went to deaf ears as I was thrust into the too small for my sized cage. My eyes widened, even more, when I noticed the bars were filled with poison for witches. So she not only tried to trap me here, she also made sure my powers couldn't be back.

"Now that you're trapped, let's get back to doing what we were doing before, shall we?" She didn't even wait for me to say something as she started to chant loudly.

“Do you know where my sister is? Why didn’t you go after her?”

Just because I'm trapped doesn't mean I was going to make her job easy.

“You’re special to me. She doesn’t even know about our world so I let her be. But you my darling... Is my perfect daughter.”

“OK... How was it?” I asked again.

“How what was?” She questioned furrowing her brow. I had to stop myself from laughing at the game I was starting. I couldn't hurt her with my powers but I could sure as hell shoot questions after questions.

“Living like a Reaper... You must be a powerful Reaper.”

“Not powerful than you. You can take entire town’s people’s soul. You have the perfect energy and power combined.” She answered.

“I’m not a Reaper! I’m just a witch who never finished her training and some strange power...” I started to explain but she cut me off.

“Don’t you remember? You were so angry that you took souls. No one survived. But I was the reason of course.” She told me and that didn’t seem like lying.

“I took souls... But I don’t remember anything about that.” I frowned. How the hell will I be able to take souls?

“He must have taken your memory of that night. How disrespectful! He let you forgot your first day as a Reaper!” She yelled like a hyena about to rip my skin. But what if she was lying? Then again that night was a blur to me.

“I sometimes feel people inside me. Do you feel it too?” I asked her remembering the humming I heard when she was using my body as a vessel.

“No. I’m experienced with the feeling. I can teach you how to block it. If you let me.”

If only you're alive to do that...

Anger filled my voice when I asked the next question. “Why did you use a forbidden spell? Was it too necessary?”

“Oh... I love my life! They were killing me for God sake! The only way to save my life was awakening an old dark creature. That’s why I did it. And if I have to I will do it again without any question.”

I didn't even have the time to look surprised cause the next moment my whole body warmed itself like a blanket, indicating that my powers were coming back. The only problem?

The poison the cage carried.

They won't let the powers help me instead use it in a way that I would have to choose between giving up my powers or fighting it till death. So when the warmth turned into a slow-burning, leaving tiny needle liked prick along my blood that's when a voice spoke making my breath die in my lungs.

"Well...someone is getting her powers back. Now the question is, do you want to keep them or let them take away your last breath?"

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