Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 23: Life Is Not What It Seems

Keisha’s POV


“Hey Keisha, I’m back.” My hand froze over the book, sacred to see who was behind me. He wouldn't understand why I was doing this, he never did.

“Oh, Jonathan... You’re early! I wasn’t expecting you before dinner.” Practicing a sweet smile on my face I turned round to see my husband, a grin on his face. Closing the door behind him, he was walking towards me when he stopped suddenly.

“Are you alright? Did you feel that again?" Yes, yes, I did. I can't get rid of this curse. "You know what? You can forget everything and start over with me and our unborn children.”

There was it again. A man who thought I was happily married and like other witches. I am not a witch! I'm a Reaper who can't control herself without a soul.

So anger really wasn't that far from me, wanting to destroy everything in the way. “I can’t forget nor control it. This is who I am!"

“But if you try to live like a normal witch then maybe-” Just as I said he didn't understand me a bit. The only thing he did was to make me lost my temper. I could feel the familiar hum calling me to start taking everything a soul had to give.

“I’m not normal and you’re not normal too, Jonathon. Have you forgotten you are a dark creature everyone fears about? I married you and I gave you a favor!” The moment the words were out his eyes turned dark, his shadows hissed aiming for my neck.

His hands were barely his as I was lifted up and slammed into the wall. “You disrespectful woman! This is how you talk to your husband? Maybe they were right about you; after all, I was just too blind to see it.”

I didn't love him. I couldn't love him. My soul just wouldn't let me. And yet some reason tears formed in my eyes hearing his shouting. My hands immediately went to my stomach, remembering the babies I was carrying. “You don’t understand. If you can’t love me for who I’m then what’s this is for? This marriage is nothing to you. I'm nothing to you.”

As if he just realized that he has thrown me into a wall while me being pregnant he started to curse loudly helping me stand. “No. I love you but if you..." He stopped short looking at the books in distress. "You’re practicing magic.”

“Witches have to practice...” I trailed off shrugging. He will understand. He has to...

“No...You’re using forbidden spells again! I can’t let you do that.” I knew his shadows were returning so whatever I had to do, I have to do now. Taking a deep breath, I let go.

“Sorry husband, this time you’ve got no choice. I’ve to kill you to get rid of my darkness.” A shriek left my lips as energy after energy started to circle him, fighting with his shadows. Every soul, human or witch, I took came forward to my binding, making him groan in pain.

“You wouldn’t dare, Keisha!” He yelled out when a soul went through him, burning his flesh in the process.

This is it...It's time.

Raising my hand I gripped his running shadows, earning a loud growl from him. “I command you to take my darkness with a trade for my husband’s soul!”


The feelings should've been gone.

The urge to kill should be disappeared.

But nothing changed and now my husband was bleeding away without his shadows. Did I- did I do a mistake? But everything was according to the book I got.

“And... I-I curse you to be ...killed by your own blood.” A whimper came from Jonathon making me step back. I can't be cursed. I was just trying to break one!

“You can’t curse me. You’ll be dead and I’ll be normal again.” Maybe the symptoms were coming out late. Maybe I really did break the curse.

“A cursed woman... Can never get rid of her darkness... You’ll be a full It will be your punishment...”

I can't hear anymore. He can't do this to me. I can't be cursed to kill by my own. Maybe all I need to do is get rid of them. Then I wouldn't have to worry about my life. That's it...

“Then I’ll kill your child." I was shaking but my voice was firm. I can't take this burden anymore. "I will get rid of them and they can’t hurt me then.”

“I’ll... Always protect them. Even if I can’t... There will be someone for’ll lose.”

“Goodbye, Jonathan. You just can’t... Ah!" I could feel my knees shake and that's not cause of overusing magic or deed of my souls. No, my water just broke. My husband was dying and I was giving birth. What would I do about them now? "My...ah! The babies... They’re coming!”

Keira’s POV


“Are you alright? What you’re thinking?” I asked Keisha when I saw the faraway look in her eyes. I was still fighting to keep the powers, even if it killed me in the way. I thought I would see the happiness in her eyes that I might be dying but all I saw a pained agony in her eyes.

What was she really thinking?

“Nothing. Just some old days.” She dismissed me from the further question. The buzz went through me again before I started questioning her like before.

“You always have reasons, don’t you?”

“And don’t you ask too many questions? You’re breaking my concentration.” She huffed wiping her forehead.

That’s what I meant to do.

“OK. I’ll stop.”

I just needed to stop her from what she’s doing. I didn’t want to know what will happen if his soul will be out of me. I know she’ll destroy Alex in seconds. I can’t let her do that... Not at any cost...

“Keira! Where are you?” The whisper was so sudden that I had to crane my ears to hear if I was hearing right. After waiting for few minutes to hear the whisper again when nothing came, I went back to stare at my mother. Maybe I was hallucinating...The cage must've done something to my head.

“Little soul!” Or not. Squinting my eyes, I noticed a figure near the woods almost blending into the shadows. Was it...Alex!? How did he found me? And how on earth I'm going to communicate with him?

Ok, earlier I thought of doing things I was able to do so. Maybe this time I could try to talk to him. Closing my eyes, I thought of his face, the time when he kissed me, his eyes looking at me like he knew what I was feeling. Not a second later, I could feel someone worrying about me. I might've connected myself to him by now.

"Alex." Whispering his name was doing wonders cause suddenly a hand grasped mine, making my eyes snap open in shock. He ran near my cage to free me. But what about-

Keisha was chanting spells but her eyes were closed and it looked like she was in a trance. This could be the only chance I have to escape. As a Darkness, Alex had no problem breaking the seal the cage had so I was free in a second. Hope...A hope build within me.

My powers were with me. I was weak but I could be strong.

“Alex! How did you-” I hissed at him. He looked around shocked when he noticed the book and the cage.

“I have my ways. Now what she’s doing?” He asked me worried.

“She’s trying to take your...” Before I could warn him what’s happening Keisha opened her eyes. Oh crap...

“Done. It’s out of you. Now you must... Alexander? You found us. But Keira doesn’t want you. She’s with me.” She replied rather calmly and it terrified me.

“That’s her decision, not yours. I’ve come here to take her with me. And your little threats are not going to back me out from what I want.” Alex threatened her but she’s still not afraid. I wish I knew what was going on in her wicked head.

“Oh...must be your soul. But it’s not in her anymore, I’ve taken it out.” She declared and I realized why she was calm. She knew I’d do anything to save Alex. I would never try to cross her where Alex's life was at risk. But I couldn't let her win either.

“Alex... Do you want it back? Your soul?” I asked him ignoring my mother. I have a plan to stop her but it might be a little difficult if Alex's soul was not in him.

“Yes. I want it... but not at the cost of you. I’m good without my soul. I just want you back. That’s it.” He blurted out quickly and my heart did a flip.

He wanted me.

“He’s lying. He’s manipulating you into giving his soul. Don’t listen to him. Listen to your mother.” She ruined our moment and I glared at her.

“Alex, I just needed to hear that,” I replied him ignoring the brat for a moment.

“You won’t go anywhere. I won’t let you go to him.” She did her best to threaten me and when she knew I wasn’t stopping the familiar feeling come down to me. The dark whisper of people filled my body, making me shiver. She’s taking my body again. Ugh!

“Ahh...! What... What are you doing?” I yelled at the sudden sensation it gave me.

“I’m back to your body. Now I’ll see how you can go.” I heard my own mother muttering. Just great...This time I could hear more crying and moaning that was making it harder to break her hold.

I hate being a parasite!

“Keira! I know you’re in there. Try to tune her down.” Alex yelled and I tried to surface. I knew something was taking me to the depth of the darkness. My eyes blurred with tears. God, this is so hard! Humming filled my ears blocking all the things from outside. If I don’t hurry she’ll have the full control. After a minute, with a slight try, I felt a twitch on my body. Was that mean- I deliberately tilled my toe feeling it move with my command. So that means I could do this. I can’t bring my body back but I can control it.

“I’m back! I can hear you... I did it! Even if she’s in me I’ve control over my body.” I bubbled with happiness.

God! I wanted to start dancing!

“! What did you do, you disrespectful child! I took away your magic!" Someone also screamed and it was my mother’s voice. There...Now I can follow my plan...

“You don’t know what's happening, Alex...Please forgive me for whatever I’m going to do.” My voice wavered and I walked till I was close to him.

“What the...?” Alex shuttered looking at me in confusion. I didn't want to hurt him. I wanted to trust that he would save me. But this was my fight. He will understand. He has to...

For now that the time has come to finish this evil once and for all.

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