Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 24: Goodbye


I could still remember my sacrifice. Every part of it like it happened yesterday. How my stepfather threw me at death’s alter to get powers. How I was accused just because I miraculously survived. How my only friend told me to run away. I remembered. In that stormy night, I lost everything I held dear; family, friends, and my clan. But then again in that very dark time, I found an odd love. I found a mentor who taught me to be the powerful witch I always meant to be. I found a clan worth dying for.

And, I wouldn’t let them down. Not now, not ever.

“What are you saying?” Alex asked me when I reached him. I didn’t want to look at his eyes that were wide and filled with uneasy questions. They mirrored mine.

“I’ve to kill her and for that, I need a dagger. When she was gone, I read pages from a book. The dagger that can kill her is in a cave of fire near the woods. You’ve to take it from there. I can’t take it myself. I tried before and she trapped me in a cage and now that I’m free, she can take over my body anytime.” I whispered everything quickly. Alex looked like he was ready to murder but even he knew Keisha can’t be defeated if she wasn’t out of my body. So, he lifted my chin and slowly kissed my cheek, leaving whirlpool of emotions around me.

“OK. Just wait here. I’ll be back. Don’t you dare try to leave. I can’t lose you.” His voice was laced with confusion and pain. Ignoring his fierce stare when I nodded weakly only then he vanished into the shadows, probably to look for the fire cave.

I wanted to worry but I knew he can look out for himself.

So for the next part, I slumped down onto the ground drawing a pentagram with my blood, surrounded them by runic symbols I learned, extinguished candles created by my mother and started to shackle myself with the bar from the cage. The rune I always had on the neck as a necklace was slightly glowing when I finished shackling myself. Now, time to wait for the dagger...

“You can’t just kill me! You know I’m inside you. If you kill me you’ve to pay the price.” I heard a loud hiss no wonder by my mother but I had already planned everything out. No matter she screamed or asked for mercy, she was dying today.

“Keira! Give me the body back!”

My jaw clenched along with my patience. “I know what I’m doing...mother. If killing you means I’ve to stick with you, I’m ready for it.”

Suddenly I heard a gasp which had me turn around in a second. Alex was looking at me bewildered and then in shock, the dagger fell from his hand. I knew what horror he was seeing. A possessed girl shackled with poisoned bar, sitting in a middle of a pentagram created by blood with runic symbols all around her.

Hmm...Maybe I do make a good horror show.

“She used a protection spell on the dagger which I gladly broke. But what are you doing?” He appeared to be not believing his own eyes. Dropping on his knees, the closer he got the more nervous I became.

“Alex, before I do something I need to talk to you,” I choked out. It’s now or never. His eyes narrowed like he was staring right at my soul.

“No...You don’t. Right now all you have to you need to do is kill her. Talking, hugging, kissing, making out, and having se-well all these things later.” He replied taking my chin into his hand and inspecting the cut on my lips.

God...give me the strength to go along with this...

“Whatever you said to me that night was it meant something to you?” Though he was still wiping the blood from my lips, his hand stiffed hearing me. “I mean did you truly meant when you said you don’t want to harm me?” I asked again when he didn’t say anything.

He hesitated for a moment before answering. “Of course, I did, Keira. But what that has to do with anything now?”

I visibly relaxed, making him more confused by the time. “Because I have got a surprise for you. I’m giving you back your soul. Just relax. It’ll soon be over. You won’t feel any pain.” I laughed hugging him with the shackles it’s there. I could feel the pull of my magic slowly leaving me, the slow-burning leaving a trail of agony in my bones.

“Keira...what are you saying? I can take my soul whenever I want. But right now... It’s important to destroy her!” He shook his head frustrated but returned the hug anyway.

“I know... But I also know what is happening. You don’t.” I replied softly and his tone changed.

“OK...if you’re afraid then I’m getting her out of you.” He tried to hold me but I stepped back letting the runes threw him from me.

“No!” I yelled and tried to call out my energy. His back collided with the dirty sand but the look on his face will always be in my mind haunting me.

“What the..? Why you are calling your energy, Keira?” His voice broke, tears almost forming in his dark abyss eyes.

“I’m sorry. If she will get out of me then we would never find her again. She’ll disappear in the face of the earth. You and I both know it. It has to be this way. You can’t run from her forever.” I tried to reason with him but that idiot just doesn’t want to understand.

“What the hell that’s supposed to mean? Keira... You’re making a mistake. Let me come... I can help.” He offered me his hand from outside the pentagram but I rejected. His face fell slightly before he started again.

“Look maybe we can-”

“No...If you come near to me I’ll have to harm you... I don’t want to do that.

“I let it go who is the rightful owner of this and bind it to him to be never back by any craft!”

I screamed and right at the moment a bolted light parked up inside of me. My stomach churned at the wind whirling around with the light before it was rushing out of my body slicing my magic on the way.

“No! Don’t do this!” Alex yelled as I saw the white light rammed into him, making him step back a couple of feet away from me. Tears were rolling down from my face, my mother’s cold power residing into me. There wasn’t much time left before she permanently took over. So, I raised my hand around me with the energy and slowly build up a barrier.

“Alex! What’s happening? Where’s Keisha?” Suddenly Dalton’s voice broke through the wall and he was clearly worried from the way he was breathing hard.

“Dalton! She has gone clearly mad. She isn’t letting me help her.” Alex yelled looking frantic.

“What’s wrong?” Dalton asked him.

Thank goodness the dagger fell near me. Taking the dagger in my hands, I cut my palm mixing my blood with it.

“Keisha is still in Keira’s body. But Keira’s saying if we break them Keisha will run away. She can’t kill her then. I want to help but she’s keeping me away with her energy.”

“Alex...I think it’s time.” Suddenly Dalton told him and I heard a sharp intake of breath.

“Time for what!” He exclaimed and I knew from the voice it wasn’t a pretty news.

“Tell her the truth about your ma... Tell her about your connection. She won’t do anything that will harm you. Trust me.” Dalton told him and that exact moment he broke the circle. Erm... Did I screw up again!? The moment the circle broke, Alex came running to me.

“Keira...wait! Before you do something ridiculous, you might want to know a truth that I forced you to forget.” He said breathlessly.

“I know, me being a Reaper too. I had taken people’s soul, before. Keisha told me. There’s nothing new to know about.” I assured him that I knew.

“No! There’s something even Keisha doesn’t know. Our marriage that was interrupted, I finished the marriage. I took you as my wife lawfully. And then I let you forget about the whole me being your husband. I thought after you killed her, we can talk about it.” I entirely froze at the words. A world apocalypse could have happened that time and even that couldn’t faze me like the news did.

I was... Already married!?

“You... You lied! We are already married?!” I snapped. I didn’t know what to feel. How can someone be so infuriating all the time?

I wanted to wring his neck and kiss him at the same time...

“Yes...” He looked conflicted and upset. “Look I didn’t mean to upset you but the only way to stop your dark side was marrying. So I did... Now if you hurt yourself you’ll be hurting me without the soul connection. The choice is yours...” He finished and I let the words in.

“That’s why I felt your emotions. Didn’t I?” I asked slowly looking up at him. He didn’t deserve the pain I was going to give him. But it’s for the best, he’ll understand.

“Oh! People... I’m still in her body! Now you have no choice other than let me go. You won’t hurt him.” My mother’s voice broke the trance I was in and I’d already decided.

I have to make my choice now... I can let her go and come with Alex... Or I can kill us both and let him forget everything about me. Yes, that’s the thing I’m going to do. Being sacrificed was always my destiny... But this time it’ll be for love’s sake... For Alex’s sake...for my father’s revenge... I can do this... I’ve to do this...I chanted in my mind for banishing us both in hell and let my guard down...

“You almost gave me a heart attack. Never do that again!” Alex hugged me tightly as soon as the barrier broke.

“You know I never got to say you thank you. So thank you for saving my life.” I half smiled.

I’m going to miss him.

Then I pulled him to me, crushing my lips against him. I had to taste him for the last time. Tears rolled down from my eyes making it a bittersweet goodbye.

I’ll always love him.

“Hey! I’m still alive and going nowhere. And I'll let you know, you look cute in my shirt, even with all the horrific bruises.” He joked but when he looked at me, his smile vanished.

Taking a look at his face one last time, I whispered the words even I dreaded to hear. “I will always love you but you would never knew I existed...Forget me, my love.”

At that moment I let my mother take over and before she could do something, I pushed the dagger into my chest feeling the blood dripping down from my body. I heard my mother whine in pain and Alex screaming my name in shock but I couldn't care. All the pain was gone. This time the sacrifice won’t be for someone’s power or some destinies sick games...

This time it will be in my hands...It will be for my love.

I got my freedom...

I smiled closing my eyes.

I am free...

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