Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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The one thing I thought I’ll never get. The feeling of free joy that I really didn’t deserve. But the warmth and light spark in the dark made me fucking thankful for the soul and love I had with me. And at that moment, Keira’s pale face surfaced through my eyesight...

“Hey! Where are you going? It’s still late.” I asked Keira as she was fading away. No...where is she going?

Her fingers stroked my jaw, making fire traveled through my body. “Look, Alex, you love me but I don’t love you.”


I jerked awake from that nightmare. Looking around desperately I huffed a breath to see Keira sleeping peacefully beside me. I saw her face and it filled my mind with fear and joy. Joy because I saved her life before something happened to her and afraid because if I lose her again?

The longer I stared at her beautiful face, the harder it became to not take me to that day I never wanted to visit. I was so busy with my thoughts that I failed to notice Keira opening her eyes, looking at me with a frown.

“Hey, you awake? What happened? Are you alright?” She asked softly murmuring.

If you only knew...

“Nothing...just had a nightmare. Go back to sleep. Don’t worry. I’m fine.” I assured her but she just groggily sat up.

“How can’t I worry? Alex, tell me what really happened? What did you see?”

How can I tell her about my stresses? After that day I never left Keira for a second alone and if I tell her about my nightmare....she’ll think I’m becoming ridiculous.

“Earth to Alex! Just tell about the damn thing! Nowadays you don’t tell me things. Don’t you trust me?” She screamed out of frustration and I can’t blame her.

“I trust you more than me, little soul. You know that. And before you start saying it’s stupid or something, just hear me out. I know it’s been a couple of months but still...It just...I saw you. You were giving your life for me that day and you tried to erase my memory. It left a brutal scar to even think that I would be forced to forget your existence...I can’t forget all about it no matter how much I try.” I mumbled out all the things I was thinking and purposely ignored her warm brown eyes.

“Alex, look at me.” Her hands were on my chin, making me look at her eyes. “I’m here safe and sound. Did anything happen to me? No. Tell me one thing...If it was me then won’t you do the same thing?”

“Without any question.” The words left my lips without before I could actually think what to answer her. I hated it when she was right. If I was in her shoes I would give myself without any hesitation.

“You know what’s funny? Next full moon is coming up soon. This was the same day my sacrifice was supposed to be. How times fly no one knows.” She laughed out and I joined her.

“Oh! How can I forget that? That was the day I so wanted to kill you.” I said teasing her to only see her pissed off face. I don’t care what others say but for me her face

“Alex! It’s not funny!” She whined.

“I know I apologize. You know how things were back then. For a record let’s see Dalton...How he’s managing his clan members after so many years, it’s actually quite surprising even for me.”

Oh, and Dalton, after banishing Keisha to hell hoping permanently; his whole clan members came back to life. No one knew how that was possible but it seemed like every soul she took came back to alive. Kind of reverse to a ritual. He was happy with his job so I was glad. For a master, nothing matters then his members so I guess it was his destiny after all.

“Hmmm. The great Alexander is apologizing, seems like this is a lucky day for me. And don’t forget Hannah. She’s teaching me whatever ritual left for becoming a true witch.” She said cheerfully.

“Heck! Don’t use my full name. It’s annoying and reminds me of a rat. And thanks, devil she came back or you would almost burn my house...Twice.” I said again teasing her.

“Hey! It’s not fair!”

“You know what? We never married in front of many people or all that shit people really do in marriage.” I said changing the subject. She was trying to hide it, but her face lightened up hearing me.

“Why are you saying this? Do you ...Do you want to remarry?” She asked shocked.

“Or what? I like weddings; Clan members, family, and friends. Actually, I was thinking we can get married the same day. What do you say?” I asked her hoping she’ll say yes.

I still can’t believe she’s with me. I don’t deserve her and yet she proves me wrong every day. She makes me believe that I can be who she wants me to be. I can feel without giving in to the urges to the shadows.

“What do you think? Of course, idiot. And I was meant to take your permission about something. I also need to find my sister.” She asked unsurely and I felt a pang. Is there going to be any but coming? What if she doesn’t want to be with me?

“We’ll find your sister. Dalton and Hannah are tracking her. And when did you need to take my permission for anything? But anyway what’s this about?”

“Every decade some unfortunate girls have to give their life for some stupid power. I was fortunate because it was my mother’s sick game but not everyone is so lucky. So I was thinking what if we declare this ritual as a forbidden ritual?” I didn’t know I was holding a breath until she said that.

“As you wish, I’ll declare it on our wedding day,” I promised her and she relaxed.

“Thank you. I just...I fear if she comes back again or something else ...My own Reaper side...”

“Look everything is alright. Keisha or not whoever tries to harm us again together we’ll destroy them.” I said my own fear hiding from her.

“I like the sound of it.” She said smiling.

“And I love you,” I said kissing her. And I really meant it. No matter how many times I said this it can never truly shows how much I want or better says need her.

“I love you too. I love you much that if possible I’ll give my life for you all over again.” She said tearfully and then this happened...

I woke up from my dream in real to see she is not with me. Hmm...How could she? I could have really forgotten her like she planned, but because of the necklace of rune on her neck, it didn’t work. If only it would’ve saved her from Hell. It’s been months I’ve lost her. I couldn’t save her as I promised to her. Now...She only lives in my dream. Sometimes it feels so real that as if she never left. Even if I couldn’t save her I fulfilled her wish. Dalton and Hannah are tracking her sister; I’ve locked the gate of Hell so that Keisha can never be back. It was hard for me to do so knowing it means she also can’t ever come back.

I’m going to declare the sacrificing ritual as a forbidden one in next full moon. And in the end hopefully...I’m trying to live with her memories. It wasn’t much but what time we had together was enough for me to cherish, remember and live through. Because I know even if she’s not here in a body she’ll always be with my soul.

And that’s what the true meaning of our love...

"Because I can never forget you, my love."



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