Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Bonus chapter|| Alternative Ending

Keira's POV

“Hey, come here. It’s still night.” I heard someone whisper, it was awfully dark around me but the husky sound was definitely Alex's.

Who is he talking to?

“No Alex I’ve to go...look I love you but you don’t love me!” This time the broken voice was mine. I was talking to him...

What the hell?

“Keira!” Alex almost jumped from the bed screaming my name. Alongside with him, I also jumped noticing the dim moonlight coming into our bed from the large window near the bed. But what did...


We were dreaming...

“Hey! Are you alright? What happened?” I asked him when his breathing turned normal. I don't remember the rest of the dream but I sure as hell remember my broken self trying to fade away.

“I-I kind of had a nightmare.” He mumbled avoiding my knowing eyes and I nodded wiping my forehead where little beads of sweat formed. Remind me to never got into his dream, it's always scary.

“And what was it about?” I pressed making him look at me in pain. Because of our marriage, we have a connection to each other's thoughts and dreams. I can always jump into his dream and so can he. But for the past couple of days, he was trying to block himself from me. Tonight was just a lucky night that he forgot to take a precaution.

Alex shook his head, looking outside. "Doesn't matter."

This stubborn little...

But I wasn't the same girl he knew me as. With time I also changed. If he wanted to play this lying game, then so was I. "Well...I don't know about you but I saw myself trying to run away from you."

His cheek immediately turned red. I just caught him hook and line. Cheering inside I was by his side, turning his chin towards me. His dark eyes were glaring at me with a slight sign of anger.

“You! I can’t get you out of my head." He hissed rolling his eyes like I did something bad. "The selfish you who didn't think twice about being a martyr just to save the guy no one would care about."

What on earth he's on about?


"No." He cut me off before I could continue any farther. "You wanted me to talk, right? Let's talk."

Ok, something was really wrong with him. So taking a deep breath I said the only thing that came to my mind now. "You are not making any sense."

"Because sometimes you don't make sense!" He snapped making me step back from him. Immediately he released a strangled breath before calmly starting. "I don't want you upset but hell, I ask myself every day why you're still here."

My heart skipped a beat hearing him. "You know why I'm here, Alex. The question is why do you doubt in us? Why do you have to ask me that I'm still here."

His hands were restless as he shrugged. "Because I'm not worth it. I know it, you know it. For devil's sake, even Dalton's scared of me when I'm pissed."

He felt guilty. I realized right then it wasn't one of his 'fuck the world' moment. That day when Keisha threatened me with Alex's soul, I gave it back to him and tried to kill myself. God forgive me, I even tried to take his memories of my existence. But at the right time, they forced Keisha to be out of me and banished her to hell. Now he's here taking the blame on his shoulder when it was my decision to fight Keisha that way. I didn't have a choice and that time I wasn't in the mental state to come up with a better plan.

I was trying to prepare myself what to say that will get into his thick skull and stop himself to block the whole world including me, especially me. So, I grasped his neck to turn him towards me and let him see my pleading eyes. Pressing a tender kiss on his lips, I looked up to see him look lost and confused.

“I was wrong to think that I could ever force you to forget me. And, I know you feel guilty about it but those times are over. We are happy. We deserve to be happy. But how can we be happy if you held yourself back for things that happened months ago?” I gave him my best consoling eyes hoping he’ll drop this subject. His eyes softened, making mine flutter shut.

“I know it was silly of me. But you know how I am. I get angry at the smallest things, always say the wrong things. But I will try to be more open about things. And hopefully won't block you ever again. Just promise me you won’t do something like this ever.” He asked me slowly.

“I promise. But if you were in my shoes then you’d do the same thing. Don’t you?” I wanted him to forget what happened. But his mind won’t let it go.

“Without any question. Now enough about me. How about you? How do you feel now? Are the souls call out to you still?” He asked me unsurely cause he knew it was a touchy subject for me.

“Sometimes. But Dalton is helping me out with this problem. And with Keisha gone whomever, souls she took is back to its body so he’s happy with his clan members.” I smiled and he joined me. It was just that moment that we can be happy and normal.

“Yes. It’s unbelievable to see that he can still maintain a clan after so many years.” He joked.

“And don’t forget Hannah. She’s also helping me out.” I added.

“Thankfully! Or you’d burned my house... almost.” He smirked. Ugh! Why did I mention that?

“Alex! Do you remember a thing? It’s funny actually.” I changed the subject quickly.

“What?” He asked.

“Just a few days later is the full moon. It’s the same day we were designed to be married.” I was thinking about this for a long time. I just needed to remind him that.

“Oh yes! How can I forget that? It’s the same day I seriously wanted to kill you.” He joked again and I elbowed him.


“Sorry... But you know how things were back then. But you know what? We’ve never been married in front of many people as it normally happens...I mean.” He said and my heart did a jump. Was he thinking what I’m thinking?

“You want to marry again?” I asked hopefully.

“Of course. The same day, the same place, with so many people! will be fun!” He declared happily and I laughed out.

“I was thinking about that too. But we still have some things to do. I-I want to do something. I was meant to ask your permission.” I told him awkwardly and he gave me a curious look. Yeah...I never take permission.

“When do you need my permission for doing anything? But what is it?” He said thinking for a second.

“Every decade some poor girls with pure soul are meant to be sacrificed by clan leaders. But I want to stop it. I don’t want anyone to be dead for some ridiculous power. I was saved because of my mother’s evil plan but everyone is not so lucky. I want to declare it as a forbidden ritual.” There you go. The thing I was thinking the moment I knew I was going to be sacrificed.

“Don’t worry. We’ll declare it on our wedding day.” He ensured me and I didn’t know I was holding a breath until he said that.

“And I’ve to find my sister too.” I reminded him.

“We’ll find her. We have a long way to live.” He patted me and I scrawled which only led him to chuckle.

“Together we can live that life peacefully. I'm just afraid that if she comes back?” I bit my lip thinking if she comes back how can we’re going to survive that?

“We’ll destroy every darkness that comes our way... Together we’ll find our new life which was always meant to be.” He answered, making me snuggle with him.

“Yes...together. I love the sound of that.” I smiled.

“You know I love you, little soul.” He breathed out and I can’t help but lift him down to my level to give him a kiss.

“And I love you, Darkness or not,” I replied between the kiss.

And this time no one can separate us...

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