Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 2: Death Rides

LIFE WAS NEVER FULL OF ROSES AND RAINBOWS. What happens at present is always the result of our past. Our own demons are to be blamed for our sins or our foolishness. When I was a child, I heard marriage was the best thing anyone can ever have. A loving husband, family,’s a beautiful experience. But in my case marriage has become a joke. I have been prepared my whole life to become sacrificed. To what? A grave where someone died thousands of years ago? Who didn’t even know was being rescued by a harmless girl? But I didn’t make the choices. Society made it for me. But for what purpose? So that someone can gain intense powers? Why me? Maybe I will never get the answers. Maybe I was meant for bigger purpose or maybe it was just one of fate’s cruel games.

I woke up gasping for air. I was still pretty shaken by my self-pitied dream. My whole body shook in the cold. My throat was dry, making it hurt to take air. I could not remember lying on a ground in the middle of woods. Then it hit me. Last night...the wedding, the weird winds...but I was dying. How could I be alive? My hands immediately went to my throat and it was covered with dry blood. I took the time to look around me. I was pretty far from the town. My ankle was probably sprained; I had scratched marks on my arms and shoulder where the priest tried to grab me. My once beautiful gown was torn and barely hanging.

If I had a mirror maybe I will look like I am barely hanging too.

A loud sob left from my lips even before noticing it was me that cried out. The pain in my body was nothing compared to the pain in my heart. I lied on the cold ground, crying in the misery that is my life. The pain was so unbearable that I wanted to die. After staring blankly at the morning sky for I do not know how much time, I tried to stand up only to stumble again on the ground. A small scream tore through me as my swollen ankle touched the ground. God...if only I knew how to do spells then I could easily just heal myself. But that wasn't possible so I tried to look for some bark for support. Thankfully there were some broken long ones that I could work as a crutch, so I took one and tried really hard. Slowly I stood up with the support. I can feel my foot hurt but at least for now it can walk.

I wanted to get the hell out of this town. But something kept me going back to the cemetery. I knew I was insane. Then in our culture when people were sane? I have heard people kill themselves for power. I was also a part of sacrificing. I kept limping with the crunch and when I reached the cemetery, I let out a high pitch scream. There was bloody dead body everywhere. How did they die? I was supposed to die, they did not. Then what really happened last night?

"Enjoying the view?” Someone asked me in a cold voice. I turned my head to the right where the sound was coming from only to see my mother looking at me as if I am a monster.

But I didn't do anything.

“What happened?” I asked calmly trying to keep myself warm. My dress was half torn and chilly winds were making me freeze.

“As seems you don’t know that! Run away from here, Keira. No one will want you now.” She replied in a cold voice. I did not want to yet I looked into her eyes that were sad and filled with grief.

I knew she blamed me for what happened yet I can't help but ask, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Maybe you are cursed. These people died for you, Keira. Died! You are the one to blame, no one else.” Angrily she grabbed my shoulder and immediately something jammed into me. To my surprise, the pain in my legs disappeared leaving only an uncomfortable ache. Swallowing down the knot that formed in my throat, I took a backstep from her.

What on earth was that possible!?

But my newfound surprise was in vain as my mother pointed at the mass of bodies lying on the ground burned almost to ashes that were once our clan or her clan.

“Look around you, Keira. There are at least 50 people lying here dead. You did something to them. Maybe your soul is not as pure as it should have been. Maybe deep down under this innocent facade, you’re dark, evil.” My mother screamed pulling my hair so that I could look where she was pointing her fingers. Swallowing a gulp I looked around. But, I couldn't watch any longer as she started tightening her hands around my jaw.

This is not the mother I remembered.

...I don't know this woman in front of me.

“Kill her.”

“Burn her. She killed them!”

“Don’t let her inside of your house! She's satan's child, she'll kill your children!”

“There’s a bounty on her head. Bring her to us and we’ll give you plenty of money to live.”

The loud commotion startled us so much that she let me go immediately. I looked around in despair to see angry mobs everywhere. Seeing the running crowd the cold realization hit me hard in the head. By now every clan near my town knew what happened last night. And they will definitely want me to pay. I'm not safe here. Just because by some miracle I survived, they'll kill me if they find me.

I'm never going to be safe.

“I didn’t kill them. Please believe me, mother.” I begged my mother who was laughing and sobbing like a lunatic on her knees. She kept murmuring sorry to a burned body near the grave I was supposed to die.

Near the grave...

The cry after I pushed someone away from me.

Flinching at the memory I understood why she was acting like I did everything. When the massacre started, the person holding me was my father and we were really close to the grave. I pushed my father to his death.

Before I could apologize, the same things happened. The winds started to blow violently, making me freeze. This time my feet thought faster than me as I realized I was already running from the cemetery. To my utter surprise, there was something following me in the wind!

“Please. Whatever you want, just let me go.” I ran screaming and begging them to leave me alone only to be stopped in front of a cliff. It was my favorite spot when I was a child. So, ironically this is also going at the place I die.

I couldn't see my mother’s eyes see me as a monster. My kind’s people saw me as a fear. They called me satan's child. And on the top of it, I killed my father.

Not directly, but still I was the one to push him.

So if my death can get me rid of my guilt, then I’m ready. I can't live with the rest of my life watching over my back. That's not living, that's just breathing.

Wiping the stupid tears that decided to finally come, I was just about to jump then someone grabbed my arm and jerked me around only to be crashing something hard. I did not remember any stone here. I closed my eyes instantly from the fear of black shadows. When I heard harsh breaths, I opened my eyes carefully. My eyes met black ones. No, it was not a shadow

...It was a man?

“Miss me...wifey?” He smirked...

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