Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 3: First Meeting


“You were going to embrace my friend also known as death. But given the consequences, I didn’t finish the marriage we should do it now, what say?" The deep, sexy voice of the man put me out of my trance and I gulped, closing and opening my eyes couple of times.

Why is this happening to me?

My confused mind was still hazy as I noticed he was full on smirking now. Have I already gone insane? But how can my insane mind create this awfully handsome and absolutely swoon-worthy man in front of me?

No, no, no...It’s can’t be happening! I looked at the man in front of me dressing in a black robe who almost looked like his height would be 6′2. I had to crane my neck up to meet his eyes. And his should be sinful to have such a hair. I almost wanted to touch his midnight black hair which had soft carls almost hiding his right eye. At first glance, he looked like a dark angel. His equally black eyes were making me think sinful things I shouldn’t be thinking about. Maybe I would've kept thinking more if not a mocking laugh came from the man in front of me.

“Oh! For devil’s sake! The first time I’ve got to marry someone who turned out to be deaf!” He fake gasped clamping his mouth with his hands in an over irritating way which looked like the girls in our clan would do.

He wasn’t there, right? How could this have happened? It does not even make sense! Is he really who I think he is?

“W-Who are you? And what do you want?” I meant to shout it out but all it came out as a shutter. In this sense, I am not even going to be surprised if I found out that I am talking to a thin air.

Lord have mercy...When did I become such a sacredly cat?

“Oh. Look at that! You can speak. And here I thought I was talking to a deaf and mute.” He clapped happily making me more confused by the time. Is he just insulting me or trying to kill me? And, unfortunately, it's hurt to look at so...Ok, I am getting off my main topic.

“You didn’t answer my question?” I hissed at him instead.

“Oh! Do I need to? Let’s finish the marriage already.”

Marriage... Why? I could not listen to him anymore. Just a ceremony has left me alone to suffer. A scar that is never going away.

Fearful... Dangerous.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. There isn’t any marriage going on.” Gulping I answered. He could only be a trick of my mind or someone from other clans. Now that is something that makes sense.

“You have forgotten it so early! Ouch! That’s hurt Keira. That’s hurt!” He deliberately took a step and I backed away. But before I could really fall off from the cliff, he grabbed my hands and brought it to him tightly embracing me.

“I-I...what are you?”

I could not take this. This is too much.

“What do I look like to you? Smart, handsome, sexy...Yes! The last one! But look at you. You don’t even want to give a chance to your future husband.” Looking at from my peripheral vision, I could see he is cocky and demanding. But why me? And why is he lying?

Darkness can't be alive, it's impossible.

So looking up at the devil in disguise, with a calm voice I stated what I thought about his claim. “Listen here whoever you are, you are not that person you are trying to call yourself. That was a dead man in a grave, God knows maybe his bones even has become ashes by now. You must be someone from our clan or another clan to kill me."

He scrunched his nose in disgust but didn't say anything when I continued. "And for your record, I was going to pay anyway. By saving me you just lost all your chance to have revenge or money, whichever case suits you.”

He kept staring at me in silence but after a few minutes, he opened his mouth frowning. "Please tell me that's not how I'm represented in the world. Grave man? That gentleman who's bones become ashes? What is this? This had to be the most disrespectful thing I've ever heard. I feel severely insulted."

Is he for real? I couldn't choose if he was being sarcastic or was truly confused.

"W-What are you talking about?"

“Deny are we? You are important. This marriage is important. I will not ask you again. It is getting on my damn nerves. I do not want you. I just want your soul. Do you get it?” He was now looking at me as if he was some kind of predator and I am his prey. Long gone that guy who just saved me from jumping and was in confusion himself. I backed up a little when his eyes darkened. His eyes are now deep black like a coil and were burning holes in my soul.

“No. It cannot happen, no. Not anymore. I am not pure. People fear me, no.” I started to mumble not caring what he thought about them. And anyway this was the truth now. I can never be the one I was. I used to be fearless, but now I can't help but flinch everytime he opens his mouth.

Unknown to me, warm tears started to flow from my eyes. But to save my dignity I forced them to hide, to not let out a sob. I did not know who was standing beside me and I did not want to break down in front of a complete stranger. Before I could say more, a voice cut me off.

"Who were you talking to? Keira you have to go. Other clans are coming." It was my best friend Gema's voice. I turned around to see her running towards me in hurry. Maybe if she was here, he will not hurt me. Happily, I turned to look at...nothing. He was not there with me anymore. But what! Where did he go? He was right here, in front of me.

Did I really hallucinate the whole incident?

“There was a man. Did you not see him?” I asked with a hope that I was not going insane. If he was really here then it was beyond impossible not to notice him.

“I didn’t see anyone. You were talking to yourself. Now you have to go.” She ushered me quickly into the back alley and without any question handed me a bag full of clothes and other stuffs. Did she mean...

I was not running way!

“Did you not believe me? I did not do anything. I do not know what was wrong with the spells. I didn’t kill them.” I tried to explain but she only shook her head.

“I believe you, Keira. Trust me, I do. But if you live in my house or I let you in my house they will burn us all alive or worst banish us in the Nerulia beach. And we all know there are things worse than anything we've ever heard."

I knew what she was talking about. Any member who disrespected the clan leader or broke the rules were banished in that beach. And as we never heard from them, after finding their bodies it became clear what that place really was capable of.

"I am sorry and I know it makes me sound like a bad friend. But Keira, you are wanted by every clan so you have to leave this place. It's for your own safety. Go to forests... Cities... I don't know. Start a new life. Just go, please. They have a bounty on your head.” I gave her one last begging look but she without looking at me started to walk away from me... To my town or not mine anymore.

All was over. Everyone I have ever known wanted me gone. This was it.

My new scariest future...

My beginning of a nightmare...

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