Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 4: New Starting

I KNEW WHAT I WAS GOING to do people will think me as a maniac. But for now, it is the best decision my mind can take. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't go to cities or somewhere far from here, as I have no familiarity with it nor can I teleport like other witches. And I didn't have any passport I can use to travel like normal humans either. So I couldn't help but decided to go to the small town near mine.

Changing and showering in a small motel in the way, dressed in a black sleeved top with a washed up jeans, thankful to have some cash with me which was a courtesy to my friend, my only goal was to find someone who can help me. And thankfully, after three days it looks like I just found it.

“Hello dear, welcome to the Rune. How may I help you?” Asked a woman who looked like not more than in her late forty’s. She had beautiful ebony hair in a braid with a matching necklace around her neck. But what called her to me most was her mismatched eyes. One look at them and you'll see the hundred years of knowledge calling you in. I must've been standing there for quite a time because she drew my attention by clearing her throat, standing behind the counter looking at me impatiently.

“Oh, I'm sorry. I need a place to stay for a while. I’m from the nearest Red clan.” Giving her a somewhat awkward smile, I replied politely.

“I knew it. You are one of us. There’s this powerful aura around you is telling me that you are quite... dangerous.” She parted her lips to speak calmly but her face seemed to frown with uncertainty. Gulping I looked around the herb shop and my eyes found the reason I was here.

“ not dangerous. I don’t even know a spell.” I shuttered seeing her eyes widen. There was a small notice on the shop counter, that this shop gives learning lessons on witchcraft and I needed it badly.

If I can only learn spells...

“But how could that be possible? You are one of us. Everyone knows spells.” She seemed to be more confused by the minutes passed by. But I don't blame her. It was that confusing.

“My parents are dead. They didn't want me to learn spells. So I never did. But now I know how life is not easy when everyone around me has powers and I don't. So I really need your help. Please help me.” I blatantly lied on her face. Well...not all of them was lies. I did have problems my whole life when I had to act as a human instead of a witch as I didn't know any spells.

But I can't let her know why I needed to learn. If she knew who I was game over for me. So I almost begged her to take me in. I didn't have anywhere else to go anyway. This was my last chance at survival.

“That means you don’t even know basic spells. You have to learn from the roots. But let me tell you, it will be hard. It will take a long time; will break your walls and eventually your whole personality. You have to be patient and always prepared for the worst.” She warned me as if I still had time to back off. Her eyes had a glimpse as if to challenge me to take her offer even if it will break me. But she didn’t know one thing.

...I was already broken.

So I lifted my gaze to meet hers which screams challenge accepted. “I am ready for anything you have planned.”

I think she already knew what my answer was going to be as she nodded her head in satisfaction and reached for the register book on her counter. Taking the book she asked my clan name again and wrote it on her register.

"And you would be?"

My name. She was asking my name. Oh no, I didn't even try to think of a name when I was coming here. But I had to give her something so praying it wouldn't be too obvious, I paused before answering.

"Kyra. It's Kyra Xair."

Xair was Gema's last name but I don't think she would mind if I borrow her last name for a few months. And it's not like she was here to care about it anyway.

"Kyra. Beautiful name for a beautiful girl," She stated giving me a small smile. My cheeks warmed at the compliment but I brushed it off.

Clearing my throat, I asked her the one question I was dreading to ask. “And what will be your price?”


“Yes...I-I mean you will teach me and in return, you must want something.” I shuttered when she gave me an amused look. Shaking her head at me, she gestured around the shop.

“I just want you to be my assistant, in return for my teachings. You know the herb’s names and their uses, right?” Well...that was pretty easy. Thankfully even if the members didn't let me learn spells, they taught me everything I needed to know about herbs. I even learned about how to make herbal medicine using numerous herbs.

“Yes, of course. Thank you so much, Mrs.-” I ignored the bubble of happiness that was forming in my mind and tried to thank her.

“Call me Hannah.” She answered with a smile forming in her lips. “So Kyra, what’s your goal?”


Sighing like I should know what she was talking about, she started to explain. “Every witch has a goal before they start to learn. Some want them for healing others, some for awakening their hidden purposes in life and some use them for power.” I flinched involuntary hearing about power but she continued like she didn’t notice that.

“So which one is your goal?”

“Freedom.” It just came easily from my lips. “I want freedom.”

“Wrong.” Widening my eyes I waited for her to add something more so that I can understand what she was talking about.

“You don’t want freedom, Kyra. You need freedom. If you just wanted it you wouldn’t be standing here in front of me, asking for my pledge.”

Grinning I nodded. “You’re right. I need freedom and I’m willing to do whatever it takes me to get it.”

Happy with my answer, she walked back to stand beside me. “Oh dear, you must be tired. There are total eight rooms in the house. It has a kitchen and all the things you will need to stay. There, I will show you.”

She started to walk without my response and I followed her to the staircase. We passed the kitchen and a balcony before coming near the staircase. After climbing down, I thought this will be the basement but I was proved wrong when I noticed another staircase going down. There were three rooms on this floor and all of them looked like from vintage era.

She pointed to the first room. “I live in this room. You can visit whenever you need me. The second door leads to the library. You’ll find many rare books on magic that I managed to get my hands on. And, the third door will lead you to the ritual room. Every ritual we’ll practice, we will it do it in here. Now, follow me to the basement.”

Again we climbed down to the basement and I was met with huge space converting into three rooms. Like before she pointed to the door of the training room and supply storage. Finally, she opened a door and gestured me to go inside.

Going into the room I can only say one thing. It’s beautiful. The walls are white and there’s a King sized bed near the window. Even if it’s in a basement no one can say it’s underground. The walls are filled with Inspiral quotes and many old arts. There are bookshelves, a closet, and also an attached bathroom.

“You can go shower. And I will see what I can do for you.” She touched my shoulder smiling and I gave her a nod. Giving me a nod back she opened the binds of my window.

“Thanks again,” I said while looking around. It was a small place but still cozy.

Like home.

“And Kyra, a change is coming. I can feel it. Prepare for it.” This time I did not wait to change my answer.

“I’ll be always ready.”

That moment I feel more than ready. Cause now I can learn self-defense...

After many thoughts, I hopped into the shower. I have never thought my life will be this upside down. My stepparents never let me learn a spell. They thought it would turn my soul into a dark, deprived of innocence, shell. Little did I know that was all about the sacrifice rules. That's why I need my people’s help. That's why I am here. With thoughts of that night running through my mind when my shower stopped, I didn't even realize. When I changed into a robe, drying my damp hair with a towel-

“So what do you think about the deal?” Suddenly someone voiced out startling me from doing whatever I was doing. Shrieking I noticed it was the man I met that day near the cliff. But wait! He!?

“Holy shit! How could you come inside?” I was still changing for god sake!

“Last time I checked you told me I was your imagination. But then again, this imaginary husband likes this view better.” He winked staring at me as if coming inside of a bathroom when people are changing is random for him.

Flinching at the comment, I tightly held the robe and looked at his arrogant eyes. “I’m not marrying. Anyway, you cannot hurt me. You are not real.” I said getting irritated.

“Let me tell you I can hurt you and it’ll hurt like a bitch. And then you are just like a China doll...weak, fragile, not knowing how to a stand up for yourself.” He threatened, narrowing his eyes but this time I didn't back off. I held his eye contact as if to challenge him that I was not weak as though he thought I was.

“Even you are, if you’re right I let you out. Then I can send you back there.” I replied smugly, I am changing for sure. I never talked back to a person I didn't know personally but maybe I wanted to prove him that I can stand up for myself.

He scoffed and rolled his eyes immediately. “I call foul. You don’t know a damn spell, little soul.”

I was shocked as to how this unknown person I didn't even know the name knew too much about me and can rile me up the second he made his entrance.

“I will learn and when the time comes you will see that.” I kept chanting in my head that this is not real and just a hallucination my mind created or I will surely lose my mind.

“And you are the most beautiful and wonderful girl I’ve ever met.” He winked out of the blue.

“WHAT!” I yelled out. What on earth is wrong with this guy!? God, why is he so irritating?

“Thought we were playing the lying game. Listen, you and I both know people who are chosen for a sacrifice don’t get to learn a spell.” He said with amusement filling his dark eyes. Ugh! For the love of God...

That’s it!

“You... You make me so...” I couldn't choose the words to describe how frustrated he makes me. If I'd know some spells surely he would be running for the hill now.

“Hot, beautiful... There are so many choices. Come on now, I'm waiting for you to choose one.” He was so full of himself that I wanted nothing more than to send him from where he came from.

Not to his mother's womb, of course.

“Angry. You make me so angry!” I finally chose the word. I could have said more if not I was interrupted by Hannah.

"Dear, are you finished?” Her voice filled the room and I was once again, facing the empty wall.

See, he vanished. It is just my head’s stupid imagination.

“Yes...I’m finished.”

She beamed at me. “So, starting tomorrow, I will teach you all you have to know.”

Finally, something I can look forward to...

“Why are you here? What do you want from me!?” I screamed feeling my entire body burning with blazing pain. It traveled through my blood making me choke on my own blood. Right now all I could think about this pain and nothing else.

“You know what I want. Just give in. You can never escape me, sweetheart.” Someone whispered right into my ears. Whipping up, all I can see were shadows around me as the pain increased making me cry out.

"Shhh...Just give in to me."

Looking up my eyes met with monstrous green eyes instead of the black ones I saw earlier. A dreadful feeling came crashing down on my chest and it was getting hard to breath.

“Never! I’ll give my life away but I’ll never give you what you want.” I choked out.

Why isn't this stopping!?

“Then so be it. Later don't tell me that I did not warn you. If you can’t give me what I want, then death is the only way for you.” I saw a flash of malice in his eyes and at the same moment, he lunged at me.

“Ah! What... What are you doing?!” I yelled out a scream because my head was thumping with numerous pain and memories.

He laughed with dark amusement before taking a step closer to me to the point of almost kissing me. Ever so sensually he whispered in my ears and my trance broke. “What you wanted, darling. Giving you death.”

He started to chant and it was like my whole body was on fire.

“Stop it! Please let me go... I do not want to die by your hand...please!” I begged but he did not stop.

“You were asking for it, now feel the pain and agony!” He stated before driving a dagger into my heart.

“No!” I woke up screaming.

It was just a stupid nightmare but felt very real to me. But what is that...?

“Who’s there?! Come back quickly!” I yelled at the shadow, which was trying to run away.

“’s just me. Watching you screaming like a dead woman. Oh! How much fun was to see that!” That man again appeared.

“You... Were here...?! How dare you?” I tried to close my eyes to hope he was not here but when he opened his mouth, I knew I was not hallucinating.

It was real, all of it.

“Of course. I’ll always be here until I take what’s mine.” He replied and mockingly laughed.

“What did you do with my dream? You are a monster and a pure evil!” I let out my frustration. I do not know how but I knew my life was not going to be a normal ever. I have accepted that but I was not going to stop fighting for my life.

“Maybe that’s necessary. You cannot escape... So why try? Why try to defy me all the time. After all, you can only feel pleasure which comes with a little pain.” He took a step towards me and I drew out a shaky breath as he lingered his lips close to my face and watched me like the predator he is. Suddenly he stepped away and smirked at my flushed face.

Oh, that bastard! The hell I was thinking?

“And anyway-” He started like he just didn’t try to seduce me less than five minutes ago. “Life will be more dangerous for you in every day until you’re ready to marry. So, see you at morning, my soon to be wife. Sweet dreams for now... Upps! Not so sweet after all!” He smirked and I flipped him off.

“OK! Game on. I’ll never give you what you want!” I said with equal venom.

“Hmm. the little soul is ready to play the dirty games! We will see about that later. If you can live by then...” Then he disappeared.


And here I thought my life couldn’t get more dangerous...

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