Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 5: Learning Havoc

“SO YOU HAVE TO LEARN from the basic?” Hannah asked me shifting from one leg to other. It was clear in her face that she was completely clueless about my knowledge. And it really wasn't ok with me when the first thing after waking up today was to find Hannah waiting impatiently for me in the training room.

Definitely not good when I didn't sleep a wink.

The training room was basically the basement made into a temporary room filled with a lot of books and a big pentagram in the middle with candles around it. And if I look close enough, there are many herbs growing on the other side of the room.


Snapping back to reality, I nodded my head shamefully to her previous question. “Yes. I don’t know the basics.” It was true after all.

Hearing me, she walked over to the other side of the room and returned with half a dozen books. Laying all of them on my side, she handed me the big one.


I watched as she started collecting books in order. Some of the books were familiar as I saw Gema reading it when we were or eight years old? Involuntary a groan left me thinking back to where I am now.

Am I going to read the books practically for kids?

Gee...why don't I start singing rhymes too?

"Uh-uh, wipe that look out of your face," I swear I could see a smirk on her face. Huh, I wonder how she knew what was in my mind.

"Hannah, can you mind read?" I asked out of curiosity. I'm confronted with a shake of her head.

"No, not that I know of. But some learn how to do it from their Priests or some born with it. But even that's very rare."

"Oh." I slowly nodded.

Now I only hope that the black-eyed devil didn't know any Priests or born into something like that.

“, where was I again? Ah, here, this is an introductory book on magic. The next to it is earth magic book, that’s Shamanic magic book, and finally ritual magic book. I want you to go through all of them in your free time to understand the process and do you know any other language?” She asked me, the determination in her voice clear.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. “Yes Hannah, I know Latin, Hebrew, Italian, and Greek.”

She patted my shoulder happily. “Then my work just became easier. You just have to know the process and practice. Now, do as I say. There is a pentagram here. Sit in the middle. Never try to cross that. It will break your concentration.” She said pointing at a pentagram.

“OK,” I hesitantly replied.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that I'm learning. But there are some things that make me feel a little...out of my comfort zone. And unfortunately, Pentagram had to be one of them. Then again, I shouldn't have been tied up in the middle of a pentagram for hours because of a game my seniors were playing.

At night...

...Without any light.

So that's why even if I said Ok outside but inside of my mind, there were mixed emotions running through it. It was between happiness and fear. Happy because I’m finally becoming who I should be and fear because of my previous phobia and as I wasn’t normal if anything goes wrong then I can’t forgive myself.

Yay...the joy of being Keira, the sacrificial lamb.

“Don’t be afraid. Let the spell do the job.” She assured me.


“Lit the white candle. And try to find your energy.” Hannah gestured around me and handed me a white candle. Lighting the candle, my eyes found Hannah's as I tried to stop my heart to beat so fast.

"Kyra, you ready, hon?"

"Umm... How am I going to do that? I don’t even know spells yet, let alone using any energy.” I was still confused by many things.

“You don’t need a spell for that. It is a natural thing for witches. Everyone has his or her own self-defense. Earth, fire, water, air; these things are our defenses. When you need to protect yourself but you don't have time for chanting a spell, your energy will help you. So find it.”

How could I find it! I did not even know my energy let alone find it. Ugh! I could rip my hair right now!

“I know you’re scared but witch blood run through you. So do not fight yourself. Let it come to you. I will help you with that. Touch your eye and Chant this with me,

“Bless my eyes that I might have clarity of vision.”

Touch your heart and say,

“Bless my heart that maybe I touch with my creative energy that streams from the protection object.”

I repeated the words with her and immediately gasped as I looked down. Down? As in I was almost touching the ceiling. How is this even possible!?

Why am I not dropping down on my ass?

“Hannah! I-I can't be up. H-how...could this... Why am I up?” I asked in a small voice and she chuckled.

“Don’t you understand, silly? Air is your energy. It will help you. Now you need to bind your energy.” She said lifting herself into my position and I gulped. She was also floating beside me.

I think I'm going to faint.

“Why need to bind my energy?” It was all new for me. Like a school girl, I kept asking questions.

“I think you need to relax your mind. I am not going anywhere. You can eventually learn. Why are you acting like your life depends on it?" Her voice lowered along with my heart. "Is there something you’re not telling me?” She asked me confused and I snapped my eyes to the side, the shock of her knowing everything had me coming up with short breaths.

Stop Keira! You're going to give yourself away.

So taking a deep breath, I whispered what I thought was an appropriate answer for her curiosity. “I-I...nothing. I am just too excited to learn after all. It should be my lifesaver, right?”

I saved it with a lie. I have noticed in these days I am lying too much. Yes. I am surely going dark, there is no mistake. And, everything that is happening, it’s only because of him. oddly he made me come to the conclusion that surviving the ritual had to be the least of my worries.

And, I was the one crying my guts out because of the sacrifice ritual.

I don't even know him but he keeps pissing me off by coming at weird times with equally weird offers. Asking for a marriage is the best thing anyone ever had but me! It's surely a tragedy written by histo-ok not history but the diary I'm keeping.

And, that's why I have to banish him to his grave once I learn everything fully. Also, he's an arrogant ass, insulting anything that walks on this earth.

“Are you even listening? Stop it whatever you are doing. It will not end well.” Hannah almost screamed like she was being choked and killed.

“I’m not doing anything. What’s wrong with you?” I asked with confusion.

“Why are you using a banishing spell? You said you don't know them. You have to come out of the pentagram, now!” She barked out.

Banishing spell!

“Alright, I’m coming. I didn’t use anything, you know.”

I slowly came out from there and reached for Hannah but she jerked her hand away. This little act can't help but reminded me the look of our clan when they wanted to kill me and for a moment I was once again standing before my mother crying for her beloved.

I breathed in deeply and released a sigh, playing with my top's sleeve. No...Hannah is not her. And, I shouldn't care about her like I used to for my mother.

“Sorry to offend you but right now you’re full of power. Somehow, you triggered the most powerful banished spell. It can hurt people, a lot.” She said looking at me with an odd expression like she can’t figure me out.

“I did what!?" My grip on my sleeve tightened as the horror of what I've done almost knocked me out from my sense. I, the girl who knows nothing about spells triggered a powerful spell, and not even any spell, a banishing spell. Luck must be on my side as I thought what can I do with this. I can banish him. In fact I was just thinking about banishing him but- I was thinking.

That’s how it’s possible...!?

“Oh my god. You won’t believe me, but I just thought about banishing someone and it started!” I cheered happily but when I looked at her, she didn't look like she shared the same happiness I felt so immediately I stopped.

“Don’t get excited that much. Even you can do that you shouldn't. It takes up most of your energy. If you want to banish someone powerful it will only take your life by the time you finish the rituals.” Her voice was stern as she explained why I shouldn't just summon the devil and be done with him.

There goes my evening plan...

“That means I can never do that?” I hesitated before asking. The main reason for all of this was to banish that man to his grave and if I can’t even-

“You can, only when you have control on all of this. But I’m surprised how you can do that. It's rare in fact for years no one heard this type of powers existence. And why you need to banish someone? No one can just think and it started to act. You are not normal. Who were your parents anyway?” She asked me and I froze.

“No...No one! I mean I don't know. Never meet my real parents. They died when I was younger. I was raised by another family of my clan.” I saved it with another lie.

Just keep piling sins after sins, why don't you Keira?

“I am so sorry, dear. It must be in your blood. Your parents should have been known. You know what? I had two granddaughters but my daughter also gave them up. So I know your loss.” She said and I was reminded of my own birth mother who gave me up.

The truth was my father is dead and my mother practically threw me at the Red clan. By any chance, they knew I had the potential of a pure soul when I was a baby and when I was a kid instead of teaching me, they started to isolate me from learning spells. I kept growing up, and the potential became reality as the High Priest was the one who said, I'm the one who needs to have a bridal sacrifice to get the powers they needed.

Look where that led me to...

Leaving a sigh, I turned to Hannah. I found her at a time when no one wanted to help. “Thanks for deciding to teach me.”

She nodded and turned to me smiling. “Just keep reading these books. They will help you.”

“I will,” I answered smiling back.

Now I know what really happened that night. When they wanted to kill me winds started to blow violently. That means my energy was protecting me from whoever wished me harm. But when I wanted to keep him away, they didn’t help me. I even wanted to give my life away but he saved me, not my energy.

Then is it possible that saying, “I do,” I just fulfilled my parts of the marriage...?

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