Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 6: Liking Danger

“SO HOW WAS YOUR first training? Managed to kill anyone yet?”

I jumped at the sudden voice which was laced with...think again, mockery. Holding the much-needed scoff I looked behind to see Darkness watching me from my doorstep, his expression is relaxed like he has all the time in the world.

Huh...He looks likes he's having the best time of his life and I look like I just crawled out of a ironic.

"So, did you?"

I almost forgot what he asked just a little ago. The harsh memory of me using powers without any spells filled my mind which had me glare at his playful eyes and lashing out in anger. "And don't you have any better thing to do than stalk young girls!?"

“Feisty, I like it! But looking at your face it looks like it didn’t go as you thought now. Was it?” He said and chuckled to look at the books laying on my bed like it was some kind of sick joke. What I wouldn't give it to see him gurgle in his own blood...

The moment he took the books in his hands to see, another chuckle left him making me clench my hands not to run and slap him in the face.

" my little soul learning like kids? Should I sing you a lullaby and help you sleep too?"

This ass...

“Why do you care? It’s none of your business.” I snapped talking the books from his hand. Keeping them back to where they originally were, I whirled around only to crash into him.

Immediately his arm wrapped around me, a shudder running through my bones but I ignored it. Who knows what he's capable of doing. Hiding the stray hair behind my ear, I could feel his lips near my ear. “Well... if my future wife blows up someone from her magic then I’ve to step up already. You know, don’t want this little soul to be corrupted.”

He stepped back the moment my cheeks warmed making the blush permanent. Uhh! What I would do just to wipe the smug look on his face. My face darkened at the thought of him mocking me like I was just some child.

“You know what, the funny thing is you're giving me a lecture on how I should behave when you are the one who corrupted me. I was never like this. Never this person who can be degraded just with a flick of a palm. But thanks to you I’ve become this.” I could practically hear the venom in my voice as I stated that. Thankfully, he too felt my anger as his eyes flashed dangerously.

“Oh, really?” He took a step towards me leaving me no choice but to step back. “I have saved you from dying. You know what, I could have let them kill you but I didn't. I smelled that powerful pure aura within you. You were too precious to be dead."

This time I was prepared to look the other way as his husky voice met mine. "And last time I checked you were chosen for me so you will always be for the Darkness, for me. Dead or alive, no matter what little soul.”

He kept talking and it was pissing me off to no end. Dark thoughts such as ripping his heart or throat out came into my mind and just as the thought occurred, I found myself shaking my head. I wouldn't think just like this monster thinks. I bet he dreams of eating my brain someday.

Well, if he is really my husband then the best husband of the year goes to him, no doubt.

“What? Still doubting me?” Hearing him, I took a deep needed breath and turned to him.

“You already killed me. You know today when I was learning for the first time I accidentally did a banishing spell. It could have hurt Hannah. I could've ended up killing her, Darkness. I didn't know what was happening. I was scared. And I don't know what I would do if I ever hurt her.” I blinked back the tears that were soon to come. But I held them back as no one shall ever see me as a week.

For the first time, there was some sympathy in his eyes. It looked good on his face, made him almost...normal. But I wasn't stupid enough to let my guard down.

Not to him.

Not anyone else.

“My deep apologies then...It never meant to happen what went through that night. Just take my offer and you will never have to see me again. All you have to do is let me say the vows, kiss, and voila! It’s done.” He carelessly offered only to leave me stunned. Everybody is using me for their own survival but it needs to be stopped.

“See, that's the thing! You're selfish, just like others. You don’t care about anything but you. So from what I know, you need to leave me alone. I’m not in a mood of any of this. And, I definitely don't want to see your face.” I gestured him to get out of my sight. He already started to disappear but paused before trying again.



As I shout at him he disappeared but not before giving me a final warning. “I’ll go for now, little soul. But remember this carefully, I’ll never leave you alone until I make you mine. Even if that means that I have to hunt you down myself.”

Yes, everyone gets what they want.

Just excluding mine.

The next day

“Kyra? Dear, wake up. You need to get ready for training.” I could hear Hannah yell through the door knocking on it, most probably trying to wake me up. But, it was really unnecessary given by the fact that I was already awake. Groaning at the offending sunlight, I noticed it was almost 10.30. Removing my blankets which almost had me stumbling on the floor in a way, I walked towards the door and opened it to see Hannah standing with my breakfast.

Last night after he was gone I couldn't sleep. I just kept thinking about what it could have been if he didn't save me. I knew it was for his own good but whenever he said, he wanted me, my stupid hormones started to jump. It might be because, in my 19 years life, nobody in the clan house even dared to flirt with me for the fear of facing the wrath of my stepfather. And here, this man, a walking Greek God was flirting with me in every second and making my heart beat like a freaking rock song. And I bet, he is using his charms against me. Who am I kidding?

He is using them every time he’s here. And, as today he offered, he could take my soul and leave me soulless. After that, I don't have to see him ever again. But, I just couldn’t believe him cause if I give in who to say he will not kill me? What if he's working with the clan members? I don't know him and I don't think I ever will. So, I concluded, it was just a pure attraction because of my inexperienced situation in boys, which I will avoid at any cost.

And train hard to avoid being killed by him.

“Hey, Kyra, where to? I was talking to you.” Shaking me from my daydreaming Hannah handed me my breakfast. Taking the breakfast in my room, I waved at Hannah to enter. Entering my room, she took a seat next to in my bed.

“Are you ok? You blanked out earlier.”

“Oh yes. I’m fine.” I assured her and started eating my breakfast. When I was finished I stood up along with her. She was almost out of my room when she stopped abruptly making me look at her back confused.


"Are you really Ok?" She asked looking at me with a strange emotion. It wasn't pity but I couldn't pin point it any longer as it went away as soon as it came. But even if I wanted to yell at her that there's a man who wants to marry me or in our language kill me, I can't.

He will kill her as soon as I open my mouth.

So I did what I'm doing this couple of days. I lied. "I'm Ok, Hannah. If I have any problem I will share it with you."

Her face held disappointment but she shook it off by looking away from me. "If you say so. Follow me."

Nodding at her, I found myself walking upstairs. The only door on the upstairs was open and I took it as an invitation as Hannah carried on taking a seat in the room. I looked at the huge place, filled with various selves and mirrors. Indregrements laying on the floor, dark blue walls and the earthy smell welcomed me as I quickly did a checkout.

“Welcome to the ritual room.” She smiled gesturing around her. Raising a quick eyebrow, I touched a mirror. It looked like it was here for a long time. Looking at Hannah, I asked her the burning question.

“Why are we in the ritual room and not training room?”

She took a moment to watch me before answering with a sigh. “Cause I saw you lose control in the training room. So, I thought we could use the ritual room for practice and the training room for learning spells.”

My reply was hesitant. “Oh...Ok.”

“So, did you read the books I gave you?” She asked burning sage. The pungent smell of it filled my nostril as I looked for anything that was unknown to me. The room didn’t disappoint me as I noticed selves filled with unknown substance and weapons.

“Yes, I read the introductory book along with earth magic one. I think I am ready to practice what I learned.” I spoke confidently.

“Then, let’s start with earth magic. Try to feel the connection you have with the earth and give the flower life.” She said, giving me an almost dead flower. It was lily. Immediately my mind took a turn to the last memories I had with this flower.

I watched the flower in my hands and tried to find the life source from it. The moment I found the tiny life in it, I felt my energy connect with it and making it giving life slowly. Closing my eyes, I can only pray that it worked.

“Just feel, Kyra,” Hannah whispered taking my hands to her’s. After a moment, I opened my eyes to see, the flower was...fresh?

“Did I just-”

“Yes. You gave life to the flower. I guess earth magic, you can cover up perfectly. Just don’t lose concentration.” She sounded somewhat proud, making me grin.

“Now what?” I asked being more excited.

Shaking her head at me, she pointed at the things around her. “Now tell me, what these things are and their uses.”

Ha, that is freaking easy.

I started to point out things one by one and their uses. “That is athame, for fire and air; the chalice is used for water, the wand is for air and fire, that’s cauldron to burn herbs, Sage is for censer, and that’s bosom aka broom.”

“Wow, you’re doing great. So now you will try to lift little things from here and burn it.” She told me once I was standing in the middle of the room. It was quiet and warmer than the rest of the room.

“Do I have to use pentagram?” I asked her.

“No. Last time you did, you lost control. Control is the most important thing here. So try to relax.” She told me but relaxing was not in my dictionary currently.

“OK. Now, what do I’ve to do?” I asked her again.

“See that object. Try to concentrate and think there is a bright light around it. You just have to touch it with your invisible hand and change its place.” She said but I stared at her like a fool.

“Can it be possible? I mean can anyone do that?” I asked her when the shock went off.

“Of course they can do that. I also can do that. Wanna see?” She asked and gave me a smile.

“Yes please.”

Then she closed her eyes and started to look through it. It was looking like; her only thought was that book. Then my utter surprise the book changed its place and burned down.


“Now it’s your turn.”

OK, I can do this. I have to do this. I have to prove myself trustworthy. I visualized the object and saw there was light. I took the chance and change the place of the book. Then I said, “Ignite.”

“Kyra, snap out of it. You will burn the whole place!” I broke out of my trance at Hannah’s yelling.

Then, I saw what I did. I almost burned all the books. Oh no...Not again. I was just doing fine!

“What do I do now? How could I stop this?” I asked getting impatient. There was not too much time left when he will actually attack and I can’t even use little spells.

“Think something peaceful. Think about your family, friends or any special one.”

I didn’t know but my thoughts turned into my unfortunate wedding. My Savior’s face turned up into my face. His words ringing in my ear, “If my future wife blows someone up then I’ve to interfere.” I truly was becoming a monster. I did things no one can. Tears prickled in my eyes but I refused to shed them.

I would not be weak.

Staring at the fire again, I thought of my time with Gema. The laughter I shared with my mother, the fear I had for my father. Then it turned into my first meeting with the black-eyed devil. The confused, hateful anger I felt for his actions...I used them to trigger the fire to stop. Everything came whirling into my mind as I captured my happiness which started to do the trick slowly. My eyes were closed but I could feel the hue to get dimmer.

“That’s more like it. You stopped it.”

“Huh?” I asked confused. My eyes opened taking the look on Hannah's face. It was filled with awe and surprise.

“Look around you.” She gave me a bright smile.

Looking over I jerked at the sight around me. I didn't know how I did it. But I stopped it. And not only that, there was no sign that this place was near to burning down. I can only imagine his grinning face when he will know what I did.

Oh! Who am I kidding? Maybe he already knows.

“It’s important to bind your spells. Or you will lose it easily.” She gave me a pat on the shoulder and her smile was what made me believe, even I can learn.

“OK.” I started to chant;

"For the greater good of all and with harm to none,

This spell is bound and will not be undone,

By the power of three times thee

As I will so mote it be!”

As soon as I finished the chant, I felt something change around me. The aura of the room also changed into something peaceful, like the first snow makes everyone feel. Giving my hands a reassuring squeeze, Hannah nodded at me. That was her subtle way of saying I did everything perfectly. Finally, I can do something without ruining things. This time a smile crept across my face, thinking back to the hate for darkness I have and how I used it to control my powers.

Maybe liking danger isn’t that awful after all.

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