Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 7: Bygone be Bygones

“TODAY WE’RE GOING TO learn about runes.” Hannah declared storming into my room when I was reading and practicing earth magic the same time. By far, I have managed to use my energy to give life to dying plants and heal small wounds. Taking my book back to the self, I turned to Hannah.

“Runes?” I raised an eyebrow. I have read about runes but I have yet to use them for training.

“Yes, runes. Usually, it is used for revealing the truth. Come on, I have gotten all the runes.”

Following her out of the room, we entered the ritual room. The ritual room was as usual dark and full of unused herbs. There were also some runes lying on the floor. She must’ve picked them out before coming to my room. She pointed at the first rune.

“That is Mannaz, it’s called the self. It’s used to recognize yourself. The next is Gebo, it’s known as a gift. Then starting from the circle, there’s Fehu, Othila, Uruz, Parth, Nauthis, Ingwuz, Algiz, Ehwaz. They all have their own meanings.” She explained pointing all of them. Looking at all of them, I memorized their name and sign.

“So, if I was in danger, hypnotically of course, which one should I use?” I asked generally curious. She gave me a frown at that but handed me a white rune.

"This rune here will protect you when you or your energy can't. You just have to tap into it, eventually."

I took the rune in my hand, observing it. From outsiders, it looked beautiful like a charm but who knew what the real power it held...They would be terrified. Time like this reminded me how less safe I was in our clan. There was no magical or logical safety around me. Nobody told me what each rune did, all they did was avoid my curious questions with a swat of a hand.

I was just a girl growing up to die.

Shaking my head from my way messed up thoughts, I kept it in my pocket for future reference because who knows when I am going to need them? The moment I thought it, there was a loud knock on the main shop door.

There was a loud wail following the tough knocks. “Open the door! Help please!”

What the hell is happening? Guess Hannah had the same thought as me, as her face paled and at the same time we both raced upstairs to the door. Though I reached the door first which had to be a mistake on my part. Because as soon as I opened the door, I gasped.

There was a boy not less than fifteen, severely hurt with bloodshot eyes, stumbled upon the door and dropped to the floor. A pool of blood was forming underneath him, streaming out onto the floor. Just as Hannah saw him, she let out a ragged breath. Mumbling curses at my stupid fate I helped Hannah dragging him to the couch and he started to ramble lowly as if he was dying.

I realized a little too soon that he probably was if I didn't help him.

“What happened?” Hannah asked fear sipping through her calm expression. I have yet to see her like this. Not that I was any better. I had always been an optimistic person. But now, fear gripped like no before as he started to talk about some kind of sacrifice.

Yes, the same sacrifice I ran from.

“They-” He stopped to take a harsh breath and then continued. “There were at least ten to twelve people looking for some girl who ran away from a sacrifice. I said I didn’t know a thing and I had to go home cause it was getting late. Then out of nowhere, there’s this man appeared and started to kill them one by one.”

I frowned. “A man? Just one man killed all of them? How’s that possible?”

“Kyra, let him rest. He needs to heal now.” Hannah warned as he started to cough and it looked like he was coughing blood. Nodding at her, I rummaged through the counter and found some healing herbs. Quickly wiping his wounds with clean cloths, I proceeded to mix the herbs.

Oh, me heal him.

“He...he was so tall. And his eyes were dark as a coil, hair black as midnight and his was like he was waving flies. They tried to run over me, but he killed everyone. Holy God, he killed him!” The boy started to go hyper. Taking his hands, I tried to calm him down. Just like I did with the plants, I shared my energy with him. For a second, I felt a dark void and sacred emotions touched mine so I calmed my emotion. Just then, I could feel his breathing slowed down to a normal rate and blood sipped from my fingertips as I dabbed the herbs on his wounds.

“I don’t think using only a herb will heal him,” Hannah stated sitting the other side of him. It was a horrifying conclusion but true to her words, he was not healing like he should. If anything, he was coughing more blood all over the couch.

So, I nodded and like I did with the flower, I held my hands on his wounds, taking his pain on me until I noticed his groan lessened and the blood on his wound started to clot itself. After what like years, he gasped loudly, making me slumped on the floor in relief.

Freaking finally...

Hannah patted my shoulder with a small smile. “Good job, hon. He’ll heal quickly now.”

But I had more to worry about as I suddenly felt like a deer caught in the headlight. There was something out there worse than Darkness. And if they were near the town border, what to say they won’t come here looking for me? What if someone already followed the boy? What if someone recognized me in the market? What if-

There were just so many what ifs...

Hannah looked at the windows and then back at me. Her face held sadness as she faced away from me before announcing our change of plan. “It’s better if tonight we stay in the big room in the basement. I believe the three of us will have no problem taking refuge in there.”

I knew she was afraid to know what was happening outside. But I knew, I knew it was linked to me and somehow the boy’s description, it’s awfully sound like the monster would be Darkness. And talking about the said boy, I noticed he was trying to get my attention.

So, I got closer where I can hear what he had to say. "Yes?"

“Then, his eyes got this monstrous dark shadows! Yes, that’s what he looked like. He was brutally murdering them and chanting just one thing...something about I will not let you find her. I could have died too, but seeing me, he just hissed at me and I ran.” The boy rambled as I healed him with the herbs as he was almost healed. Now, there was no doubt that it was Darkness who killed the clan members trying to find me.

But the million dollar question is why did he do it?

I was little disappointed that today I will stay the night with Hannah and this boy. I had so many questions and no answer. Why did he suddenly think to save me after tormenting me for these following weeks?

And, I should have been freaking out now. I should have been shrieking in horror or maybe run from here too. They were too close to finding me. What if he didn’t save me? I was annoyed now. First, the members were not giving up on finding me and then this sudden good heart of Darkness...I mean if he even has one to consider.

The thought of what those clan’s members did to me filled me with a swell of violence. As it consumed me, the hatred roared through my body and my blood. If I could wrap my hands around the necks of the people that awakened darkness, I would strangle them with my bare hands. I would make them suffer like they made me suffer. Slit their throats and watch the blood ooze from their gashed necks as they did with me.

“He’s almost out. You going to sleep too?” Hannah broke my violent thoughts as I nodded.

I wasn't a naive girl anymore.

I was a fighter now.

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