Bridal Sacrifice [Book 1 of Sacrifice Series]

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Chapter 8: Secrets

In the morning

“So, you miss me?”

Once again I shot up from my bed to see Darkness in the same position I last saw him in. But this time he was staring at the mirror in front of my room with a grim look instead of... well what he usually does. I wasn’t that surprised that he came to stalk me again, more like irritated that I can’t throw him out of my window.

“Look Dark-” I was cut off as he took the rune I had with me from my dressing table and started examining it. Oh hell...I forgot that I set it up like a pendant and now it was hanging from Darkness’s hand.

So I stumbled into the floor in a hurry to snatch it away and I almost succeeded if not I hadn’t become speechless because he gave it away willingly.


Did he just give me back my thing-

A daring grin replaced the grim look he held. “Oh little soul, I don’t want to take your toys away. And for your information, I don’t play with toys...not the one I like anyway.”

Again he was being cryptic. It’s like he didn’t know how to talk if there’s no other meaning behind his every word. I so wanted to wipe that smirk from his mouth. Why he always have to be so full of himself? I was going to curse him to heaven and hell but I stopped when an idea came to my mind.

“You’re right.” I stopped to gauze his reaction. As assumed he trailed his eyes to the side looking me over in a curious manner, I realized he was intrigued. So I continued, “Playing with my toys has taught me a few things. One being... a way to get rid of you...For good.”

This time it was my turn to smirk. Only he can’t have all that fun!

I was also hoping to see the anger in his eyes come back. But he totally surprised me when he threw his head back and started to chuckle. I was confused for a second before a thought came into my mind, making me grin.

Did Darkness finally lose his marbles?

“That’s so not true. You can’t kill me.” He said clicking his tongue in a task sound like it’s the dumbest thing he has ever heard.

“Why not? Wanna bet?” I asked him giving my hands to shake it but he just winked like I didn’t just declare his murder plan. Instead, he took a step closer to me making me feel intimidating.

“I’ve got two choices baby. Either I marry you or kill your pretty little soul. So which one is that gonna be?” He smirked already knowing my answer.

“Then I’ll gladly drive a dagger through my heart.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Really? Oh come on, I was just kidding! And as for you killing me, if you do kill me-” He stopped to look at me like I was a foolish child and shook his head “-by any Godsend miracle, you will be dead too. We are connected. If one goes the other one has to go too. Now that’s a thing to worry about. Do you really want to die for killing me?”

My grin immediately dimmed and turned into a frown. Did nobody had time to sit back and explain what will happen if the clan failed? Did anybody even think that they could fail to take Darkness’s power? The realization that I was hit with almost had me bolt.

The Red clan never thought that Darkness could arise. They were so overconfident with their work that they didn’t even acknowledge that it could be a possibility in the future. And that left me with only one option.

Darkness himself.

Only he knew how this whole thing...mess I was in could be avoidable. But then again he didn’t tell me directly what I needed to know. He’ll only tell me how much he wanted me to know. And by far, he has only asked for renewing the vows and finish the marriage. But if he will marry me, he will have to kill me then how he will live?

“But you wanted my soul which in other words means you wanted to kill me. At least that’s what our clan said when they prepared me for the sacrifice. It’s called a sacrifice for a reason for God sake! Then how’d you live?” I meant to yell but it only came out as a broken whisper. He must have a nice hearing cause he answered right back.

“Little soul...I said I wanted your soul, right? But never in a world, I told you that I was going to kill you! Why your imagination runs this wild! I don’t need to kill you to gain power from you, Keira. I just need to take the soul and leave you. Then what’s happens to you, it is in your own hand. It’s just as simple as that.”

Leave me... Of course, everyone has left me after all. I was stupid enough to think he had at least cared enough to-to what exactly? What did I even wanted from him? I wanted him gone forever, yes, that’s what I wanted.

But that was before he saved me. Nobody told him to kill the clan members looking for me. But he did it without any questions. So, I was going to confront him about his intentions.

Or, I will get insane from overthinking.

“Why did you save me, Darkness?” I asked looking at him in the eyes. He looked confused for a minute before a maddening smirk formed on his face.

“To take your soul, I told you before, little soul. And I have a name you know.”

I shook my head. “No, I am not interested in knowing your name-” I totally was, “And I am not talking about the sacrifice. Why did you save me last night? I know some people from the clan tried to find me and you killed them in cold blood. Why did you do it?”

I have never seen him this speechless before. His brow lifted as to show he didn’t know what to say. He opened and closed his mouth a few times and then his eyes hardened. The familiar dark anger in his eyes reflected mine, making him the same cold bastard I hate again.

“That has nothing to do with you, Keira. So it will be better if you do not try to find some hidden meaning behind my every action regarding you.” He said the threat in his voice unmistakable.


He called me by my name so he must be serious. Surprisingly my heart ached the moment his voice boomed over the cold room. It hurts. It hurts more than it should’ve. But why the hell should I care about that? Why it’s physically hurting me to call his bluff? Even if my heart picked up I pretended not to be hurt that he wasn’t calling me by a stupid nickname. When was I even started to like this name? Shaking my head at my stupid thoughts again, I took a deep breath.

“But what if I try to? What if you are making me find a hidden meaning?” I glared at him through he was more or so this close to ripping my head apart. If his clenched fists were anything to go by.

“Then you were more foolish than I thought, Keira.” He growled looking at my flushed face. Cold and frozen on the spot, I knew I was angry and embarrassed.

What the hell was I trying to prove? That he had a good heart? Ha, he just proved me wrong. That cheeky little devil...

“Newsflash! I am this close to banish you. So maybe you are the fool trying to find another meaning.” I said sharply.

“You don’t have that on you, little soul. It takes more years of practice and strength. You definitely don’t have that.”

This time I was really heartbroken, angry and wanted to throw him out from the window. If he just does not get out of my face, I don’t know what I’ll do.

“Get out. Just get the hell out of my sight.” I snapped.

“Woah. What happened to you, little soul?” He said with amusement and that just fueled my anger.

“Don’t call me that again. Now go-wait, you are hurt.” I stated noticing the bruise forming on his arms. How didn’t I notice this before?

He immediately hid his arm from me. “It’s nothing.”

“Of course it is something. Shouldn’t you be like heal in a second or something? I thought immoral jerks like you, are immune to pains?” I asked confused.

He chuckled looking at my dumbfounded face. “Unless, you are talking about some fictional stupidity human created, then no. I am darkness, not a disco light Vampy.”

Rolling my eyes, I turned his arm around to heal it. His eyes widened as I touched the wound and started to chant. Just like the boy, the wound healed itself, leaving a tiny mark.

“All done.” I chirped, expecting a thank you. But it never came. Instead what came out of his mouth, made me want to bash his skull on a wall.

“So, what do you think about the offer?”

Uh, again!? I was tired of this. Everything was so wrong. I do not know what to do! If this will continue then it will be soon I will be in a mental hospital.

“By the way, I do.” He winked.

“What on this earth you don’t understand that I won’t ever give you this satisfaction of saying ′I do.′ Never again!”

Then he did something I have never in my life have thought he will have the gut to do. One minute I was in a staring contest with him and the next I was trapped with him against the wall. Not giving me a chance to bite his head off, he took my chin and crushed his lips to mine. My whole body stiffed with the unknown feeling. But I didn’t even realize when my breath ragged trying to get oxygen and a funny feeling filled my stomach. Not a second later, Darkness was looking at me with an unreadable emotion.


For the second time, I was cut off but this time I got almost thrown into madness as he kissed me hard against the wall in a blink that I didn’t have time to gather what was happening. My heart jumped off my ribcage, an unknown sound coming into my ear. It took a second to relize that it was from me. When his eyes found mine, it was dark as a coil.

“Oh, but you will.”

It was like half of my brain has just shut down. My mind took a second to notice the fact that Darkness just took my first kiss! And along with that a second kiss. He laughed looking at my shocked face and had the nerve to peak my cheeks. I took a deep breath before all hell broke loose.

“What the hell was that for!? I will kill you! You hear me!? I. Will. Kill. You!” I screamed pushing him away. Laughing in a blink he left me just like the other times. And I was left staring at the open window of my room.

“Who were you talking to, dear? I heard you screaming. Are you alright?”

My eyes whipped around to see Hannah on my door looking worried. I must’ve woke her up when I let out a scream. Letting out a sigh I just referred it to a bad dream. Hannah definitely can’t know about Darkness. Speaking of kiss thieves, I was still stunned by what he did. The tingling feelings on my lips made me feel numb and excited at the same time making me sacred.

I can’t be in the same circle again.

She turned and faced me. “Are you still scared about what happened to the boy? He’s fine and went home, Kyra. Don’t stress about that, please.”

“I am not worried about that.” Lies. “He is healed so I shouldn’t worry about that.” He could have been killed by Darkness. “So the only thing I am thinking is, can I know about my past life? I mean when my parents gave me up or my childhood?” I asked out bluntly. I was sure it came out of the blue and worried her a little.

“Why are you asking this suddenly, are you OK?”

I didn’t even know why I asked her that. Maybe my brain was playing with me. After that little kiss, I have surely lost my mind, no doubt at all. Maybe I just startled her with my request?

“Never mind. I just need some rest.” I dismissed her.

“No...No...You can see it. There’s a spell for that. If you are ready I can help you, now.” She said after thinking hard. Curious I walked until I was standing beside her.

“Thanks a lot. Please do it now.” I whined like a child and she laughed at my curiosity.

At least I can see my previous life and find my happy moments. If I have any; I wanted to add but just ignored the feeling.

She took me out of my room and we started to walk towards the staircase. I thought she was going up in the training or ritual room but she proved me wrong when she made me follow a different route to the kitchen. Surprising me, she opened the pantry but instead of the usual room, it took us in a different room. It was a trap door! I thought there were only eight rooms in this house? From a first look, the room can be mistaken as a mirror house in the circus. It was filled with numerous mirrors which covered the whole wall and the ceiling. She must’ve felt my confusion as she started to explain.

“This room was once used for creating potions and for portals. Now I don’t use this room much but what are we about to do, you’re going to need it.”

Nodding I looked around me again. Truth be told everytime I was more or less hungry enough to not look for any trap door in the kitchen. So if I didn’t want to see my past life, I might’ve never known this room even existed.

“OK. Sit in front of that mirror. Then lit the candle and chant this;

"Oracle of lunar light, send me the second sight.”


“I can’t stand here now. You have to live your moments alone. Is this okay with you?” She asked me and I nodded.

“Of course. Thanks again.”

“Just don’t blow up the mirror.” She said playfully and knowing my luck, I could not blame her.

“I won’t. Promise.”

Then she left me in my own misery. It was good in one way, if she saw my sacrifice then she would know who I am. I can’t bear any kind of problem like that now. As she left, the mirror started to show its miracle. It started to show last night’s things to my earlier life. It was like a time travel machine. I saw my unfortunate wedding. Then I realized it was showing my life as a TV show.

Not what I really saw was showing, they also show the things I didn’t know. Like when I blanked out I saw a shadow was towering over me. It was wearing a black robe and had a hood on. When I opened my eyes, it disappeared. It gave me goosebumps to know someone was watching me when I was passed out. Well, that was creepy for sure. Then I saw when they were chanting with my blood on their hands, a blackened shadow started to awaken from the grave. Its startled cries blocked everyone’s ear. They started to bleed and don’t forget the violent airs rushing around, making loud thunders. Now I can see what really happened. Then to my surprise, it started to change again.

It was now my birth time. I was astonished to see it. I thought I would see my childhood, but it straight went to this moment. Then my utter surprise I saw my mother with two babies. Is that mean...I had a twin. My mother had two children but she gave each of them up. She gave me to my stepparents and my sister to an adoption center. Then it started to change again.

Now what I’ll see? I have seen my birth time. It was the last thing in my life. And I was wondering about my twin. Where she was gone and what she was doing. Then what I saw, it made my eyes grew bigger. A woman aged not below thirty started to walk on the grass. Who was she anyway? Why was I seeing any random woman in my life’s Oracle? Did I mess up again?

But when she turned around to look at me the whole air of my lungs were sucked out. I was like in the water, drowning. I couldn’t take enough oxygen into my lungs. The woman looked a lot like me but in the scariest way. It was no mistake that she was my mother. I didn’t need to be told by another person. Her eyes were pitch black. A lot like Darkness when I first saw him. Her hair was a complete mess. She came to a cemetery and stopped. Then, she started to dig a grave like a maniac. It was a moonlit night so I saw, there were some scratch marks on her arms. Then she took a box from there and I swear, she saw right through me.

Turning a bit towards the mirror, she pushed her finger to her lips trailing it with her sharp nails until it started to bleed. My eyes widened seeing the blood trailing down from her lips and a sudden hiss had me cry out in surprise. “Shhhh... Some secrets are good to be unknown and unspoken, doesn’t it, my child?”

Finally, I screamed.

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