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Captured By The King Of Souls

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Persephone Hades is supposed to be my enemy, my captor, the one I'm supposed to hate. He took me to his kingdom to rule beside him as his "Underworld queen." Why did he have to pick me? It's because I'm already the Queen of Nature and Death. Maybe, I'll have to give him a bite of my poisonous fruit and lock him away. But, do I truly want him gone or am I trying to convince myself I do? Hades Persephone will become my queen and claim her rightful place on her throne. She's smart-mouthed and powerful, which drives me absolutely crazy. She will have to learn her place in our underworld and in our home. As the King of The Underworld, we will operate in unity and rule as the most powerful immortals. If only I can get her to stop fighting me on everything and trust me. Can I get her to submit to me or will we forever play this game of cat and mouse.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Persephone

“Every villain is a hero in his own mind.” ― Tom Hiddleston

I left the Gardens of Olympus a decade ago, since then I’ve missed it a lot. It was my home for millenniums. I was raised and trained there. My mother, Demeter, had such close connections to nature that she passed her power on to me. Outsiders know her as mother nature, I only know her as mom. She trained me most of my childhood. She taught me hand-to-hand combat, weaponry skills, and ways to strengthen and develop my powers.

Through her training, I learned to wield the scythe which I’ve mastered. I descended upon the human world after craving a change in my immortal life. The adjustment was slightly difficult due to the difference between looking over the human world and actually living in it. I knew time was approaching for me to return home, I’ve already been here long enough.

I live under a generic false name to avoid explaining why my name is unique or why I dress like I come straight out a book. I decided Jenny (short for Jennifer) was a cute enough name that wouldn’t draw attention.

During the day, I tend to various plants that are sold to local flower shops. At night, I work as head bartender at a nightclub in NY, named Club Tulip. Ironic that I work at a place named after a flower while having powers that can literally spawn flowers. I do regular things that humans do just to keep up the façade that I’m one of them. To be honest, this world is all the amusing.

My best friend, Athena, is what makes my day-to-day life feel like home. She works at the bar alongside me and all she does is fight and bicker with drunk patrons. I have no clue how she keeps her job, maybe our boss enjoys the free nightly entertainment. Maybe Athena enjoys causing entertainment and ruckus. If I didn’t drag her down to Earth with me, I may have ended up like one of those humans with many cats yelling things like, “Get off my lawn!” I would’ve been miserable.

As I glance at the clock beside my bed, I realize that it’s about an hour before I need to be at the club. Heading to the bathroom to look in the mirror, my freckles are on full display. My body looks extra curvy in this pajama set, with my boobs practically bursting out the top. My long, curly black hair looks nice and shiny. I look over at my all-black uniform waiting to be worn while I contemplate my faux human life. I miss the angels and demons, the gods and goddesses, and I really miss being able to freely use my powers. That’s when realization struck, I knew that I needed to return to my world soon.

From the next room I hear a shout, “Seph, hurry up girl! We got people to see and drinks to roofie. I need an easy-lay, someone to sleep with and never see again” I knew Athena was joking but was she really?

I laughed it off. “Give me twenty-five minutes! I must shower and get ready! Plus, if anybody’s drinks were getting roofied, it will be ours. We drink more than we sell. And Athena, don’t sleep with any of the good clients that tip well, if we seem even a little shady they’ll be quick to squeal like pigs!”

Seriously, those rich bastards will report us for something as stupid as forgetting to wear an apron. Everyone knows to ditch them and go for the ones only looking to fuck. We can make them a drink, chat with them, then make a drink for ourselves. As an immortal, getting drunk off human alcohol is as difficult as passing a test on a subject you were never taught.

Athena and I leave home with just minutes to spare. After arriving at Club Tulip, we head to the back to wash our hands and talk with other staff before our shift. “Hey Jenny, how long you working tonight?” asked one of my favorite co-workers, Amelia.

“Only part-time tonight, babe. I’m dipping after 4 or 5 hours. I have a big day tomorrow with The Flower Patch wanting to buy each of my precious flowers. I need to ensure this deal goes through, my babies need a permanent home!” I emphasize this statement with my fist pounding my hand.

“If I didn’t know you, I would think you were referring to children. No one loves plants more than Jenny Freeman and if someone did, I’d give them a million dollars.” Amelia joked while preparing the dishes for our shift.

Crazy thing is, Amelia really doesn’t know me. She knows Jenny Freeman, the kind, extroverted socialite who is always spurting out motivational things. She doesn’t know Persephone, the smart-mouthed, bad-tempered, all powerful warrior. She thinks my only power is my love for plants. When Athena and I pull the disappearing act, she’ll believe I’m a magician too.

“Jenny, stop fucking around. The VIP section sent orders in minutes ago, but here you are chatting about some damn plants like you have a weird fetish.” says my bitchy ass boss.

She’ll find one side of my “weird fetish” sticking out of her ass and the other side coming out her throat. She’s lucky I don’t set this dingy nightclub ablaze. There would be no recovering from the wrath of my fury. But, I have to remember that I’m Jenny, so I say:

“Don’t worry about it. The orders are being prepared now and will be served with phenomenal expertise. The VIPs will have no choice but to rave about your nightclub, Miss Sheryl.” I counter with perfect mock enthusiasm and kindness.

“I’m surprised miss goddess of badassery didn’t make an appearance. Do you want me to fight her for you? What do humans always say, “No face, no case.” They can’t get me unless I can be identified sweetie!” Athena whispers to me in a barely audible voice due to all the commotion of the workers around us.

“Geez, Athena.” I remark with a slight laugh. “There is no friend like you in this world or any other. If it comes down to it, we can kill her, burn the place down, then fly home. All of that can be done in a blink of an eye, babe. But, for now I must care for these snobby clients.”

I walk from the bar carrying alcoholic beverages upstairs to the secluded VIP section. As I was approaching the the first closed-off room, a shadow of movement in the corner of my eye caught my attention. I remember --about two weeks ago-- feeling like I was being stalked while relaxing on beach with Athena. I’ve seen the shadow of this mysterious man before and now he’s here.

Even with my paranormal vision, I still can’t see his facial features. He’s standing in a dark corner wearing an expensive-looking suit. He has broad shoulders and even from this distance, I can tell he’s very muscular. He’s extremely tall, like superhuman tall. I don’t think he’s of this world. He must know I’m not either.

Who is this man and where is he from? Why was he staring at me? Does he know my secret or am I just hallucinating? The second my eyes close to blink, he’s gone without a trace of evidence that he was ever there. I’m must be going crazy.

I return to my senses and I take the tray of drinks to the clients that ordered them. The rest of my shift goes by in a breeze, but my mind won’t falter from the peculiar man from the club. I head to my locker, grab my things to prepare to head home.

After arriving home at Athena and I’s small cottage, I change clothes clothes into something more comfortable and less restrictive. I head outside, spreading my large, silvery wings and I take off.

I do this nightly because it brings me comfort by reminding me of my home. I’m flying so high with lighting speed; the air gliding across my back feels amazing. I only have the opportunity to do this at night because my power allows me to cloak my body in shadows. The higher I rise in the sky, the more souls I remember taking and sending to the underworld. I feel every demonic power inside me rise to the surface releasing all the homesickness I previously felt.

I feel content, comfortable even. That’s when I sense a shift in the atmosphere around me. The warrior training I received has kicked in and I’m ready to fight if needed. I glimpse over to see someone flying just as high as I am, keeping up with my every movement. He’s keeping his distance but challenging me in a way that’s exhilarating. It becomes clear to me that this is the man from the beach and Club Tulip.

I fly closer to get a better look, but the closer I get, the farther he backs away. For some reason, he doesn’t want me close. Like a mute, I can’t even find my voice to ask him any questions. I don’t have to be near him to feel his insane power radiating from his vantablack wings. He has a greenish-blue glow surrounding him now that his inner monster has been released into the night.

His aesthetic is drawing me closer, but also makes me want to recede to a safe space. He worries me because I can sense his outrageous power. It’s stronger than my mom’s and mine combined. Even if Athena and I tag-teamed him, we wouldn’t be able to take him down. Our souls are reaching out to each other, desperately needing to be closer. There is not only an external attraction, but also an internal attraction that is calling my name.

I need to step out of the trance he has me in. It’s as if he’s captured my mind by me only feeling his power near mine. What am I doing? What am I thinking? I am Persephone! I am a queen, a goddess. I’m not going to fall at his feet like some druggie desperate for a hit. I’m going to gain back control and focus on my relaxation.

I start spreading my wings farther while gliding through the air. I do loops and turns, enjoying the rush I feel every time my wings spread. I turn and see that he has stopped moving. He’s watching me intensely. I can’t see his face, but I can tell he’s just as inquisitive as I am. Unable to take this stare down anymore, I let myself gracefully fly back down to Earth.

I head inside my home to shower and prepare for bed. I stay awake until Athena walks in the door ’cause what did Stitch say, “Ohana means family, and family means nobody is left behind or forgotten.” My eyes close as I doze of in a deep slumber knowing that Athena is home and I feel safe. My mind works, creating possibilities of who that mystery man could be.

I enjoy the feeling of the sun glaring down on me through the curtain-less windows of my room. The sun scanning my body immediately feels me with strength and warmth. As much as I love the dark, I can’t get enough of the light. It radiates heat and solar energy. In the Gardens of Olympus, light isn’t needed for our survival or our plant’s survival. In the human realm, plants need sunlight to grow and all living things need those plants for food and the oxygen they produce. If asked which one I prefer, I will choose darkness. Darkness chose me when I was granted the power to create life and destroy it.

I start to rise from my bed to enjoy what the new day might bring. I begin my morning ablutions and skip breakfast to check on my garden. I recently planted Deadly Nightshade -- also known as Belladonna-- to use as a source of protection. It was originally created by my dear sister, Atropos. The herb is a highly poisonous plant that contains black, shiny berries that are very tempting but very fatal.

I get dressed so that I can head outside to my garth. I love watching the animals and creature scurry along the muddy ground. I harvest all plants, herbs, and vegetables that are ready to be picked and sold. I water whatever’s left in the field and show them extra love and affection. In the empty sections of my estate, I use my power to spread new life around the garden. Being in my mini division of vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers brings me immediate peace.

I remember the first flower I’d ever planted. Thinking back, that day was ions ago; millenniums have passed since then. My idyllic garden has become a well-flourished meadow with a wide range of blooming blossoms. As I venture throughout my little outdoor kingdom, I notice that there are a few jet black cars scattered on the street. Immediately, my fight or flight instinct kicked in and started to become very aware of my surroundings. The land here is sacred and located on private property -- covered in fences built from the vines used to build my secluded home -- located in Upstate New York.

Stepping out of the only SUV is him, my perplexing stalker. I never saw his face, but I know it’s him. I can feel it deep down in my soul. He has a sharp jawline with a large gash across his left eye. His eyes are foggy gray, while his hair is jet-black with slight curls. He’s absolutely gorgeous. I can tell he’s not from my realm, his demonic energy is too overpowering for him to have originated in the Gardens of Olympus. He has to be from the Underworld, but who is he?

Men dressed in all black hop out of the other vehicles. I know I’m surrounded. It’s way too many of them; the best chance I have is waking up Athena. Even then, I know we can take out the other surrounding him, but not him. This realization worries me. He strides to me and says:

“Hello Persephone, daughter of Demeter.” He drawls, making me weary of the next lines coming from his mouth. “I’m Hades, King of The Underworld. You have been chosen to rule at my side as Queen. Isn’t this perfect? I was certain last night that you were a perfect match for me. A match made in heaven, wouldn’t you say.” No, I definitely wouldn’t say that. It’s more like a match made in hell!

Wanna take a ride in my chariot, princess?”

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