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Tigers on a gold leash

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Magic, death, and explicit romance e

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

One thing before you read- if there are spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors, please comment! It makes the story better when you do! Any recommendations are welcome, but please be kind. I do this for fun, not for money, and updates don't happen when I'm uninspired and sad because of mean comments.

Quiet whispers of wind flew across the room. Dim rays of light illuminated a struggling mage in the center of the room. The mage was attempting to summon the elements as part of a test.

The mage was failing. His performance was pitiful, and not one element would bend to him. There were 3 mages, 2 elders and his teacher, in the room with him, and each felt pity.

Ansdel felt immense pity for the laughable performance. Andsel was over three thousand years old, and he had never seen someone struggle so much with the basics of being a mage.

Larina was humiliated. Only 500 years old, she was much younger than the elders but she was Dex- the mage's- teacher. She knew he had issues with magic, but she never imagined it was this bad. This was the worst she's ever seen.

However, the third mage- Cornelia sensed potential. The oldest in the room, she was six thousand years old. She has witnessed much of mage history, and knew all the elements.

Most mages only knew of the main ones- wind, water, light, earth, etc. Cornelia knew of all of them though. Long ago, there were 2 more elements- fire and shadows. Those 2 elements were the most volatile, and refused to bend like the others.

After so many incidents and mishaps, those elements were regulated, and finally banned. Cornelia was always against it, as it benefited no one and the people meant to control those elements always suffered and fought against themselves to find something to do.

The absolute worst part about it was that if you showed any interest or aptitude in fire or shadows, you were blacklisted from having a mate.

Cornelia had seen this firsthand, and everybody who touched fire and shadows would end up dead.

Yet somehow she saw great potential in the small mage in the center of the room. She wondered what she could do to help him, and then she decided.

"Dexter Colis, please exit the room." Cornelia commanded.

Dex nodded and left through a small door.

Cornelia nodded to the others in the observation room and left, hoping to meet Dex in the hallway. Unfortunately, he was already long gone, although Cornelia could have sworn she heard faint sobs down the hallway.

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