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Maya-She is the queen of the Maya world-The world of Mayans Who have magical powers. Dhev-He is The one who loves Maya, but never get chance to tell his love to her Eva- She is The queen of the dark magic in the Maya world, cause of many problems in Maya world Maya is the one who responsible to save Maya world from Eva and finish all old problems. she have to choose one thing between her love and her responsibilities.this is the begginning of their story and Maya book trio.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Holding the sword in her belt, Michelle quickly climbed the stairs of the palace to Maya’s room. When Michelle opened the door of the room and went in, Maya was ready for the coronation and was looking outside on the balcony of her room in the palace.

“Queen, it’s time to crown you majesty.” Michelle walked over to Maya and said.

Maya, who was looking ahead, turned back when she heard Michelle’s voice. Maya, who was about five and a half feet tall, was dressed in her royal attire, a white gown. She wore a gold studded necklace and a pair of long earrings to match. She wore her long black hair down to her waist. She had black eyes as well as her hair. Without saying a word, Maya walked towards the door as her bodyguard, Michelle, followed behind her.

“Michelle, I told you not to always call me Queen.” Maya said while walking forward.

“You are my queen. I am your protector. I must respect you according to the laws of the Maya world.”

“Keep the laws of the Maya world only in front of others. I don’t need that kind of respect when I’m alone.”

“I will try.” Michelle said.

Then they passed the seat of power and came to the terrace overlooking the palace garden. People of Maya world thronged the park to witness the coronation of their new king.

Arriving at balcony, Maya saw Dhev kneeling on one side, held by two guards. Taking one look at Dhev, Maya walked forward in a way that the Mayans could see her.

In the Maya world, the new queen is usually crowned by the previous queen. This time it was different because the queen had lost her life fifty years ago in the battle with Queen of dark or Eva. Therefore, Maya will be crowned by Reagan, the priest of the Maya world.

“Queen, before you can wear this crown you must give up your human form and attain immortality. For that, the oath should be taken first.” Reagan said.

“I’m ready.” Maya said.

“No, don’t do that Maya..........don’t become immortal..........don’t lose your human form.” When Maya was about to take the oath, Dhev, who was kneeling next to her, shouted.

“At this moment I have no need to listen to the words of a traitor. So silence him.” Maya said to the guards.

In front of Maya’s words, Dhev was looking at Maya helplessly with tears in his eyes. He is unable to use his power against Maya to stop this.

When Maya took the power diamond to take the oath, guards escorted her to protect her in case of an attack from Eva.

Holding the diamond with both hands, Maya began her vows as Dhev tried to escape from the guards.

“I, Maya, who came here from the human world as per the wish of the Great goddess of Maya, before crowning myself as the next queen of the Maya World, give up the human form given by the Great goddess of Maya in order to live safely in the human world, and as the next queen of the Maya world for the next five thousand years, all of you I swear at this moment with the power diamond as witness that I will agree to gain immortality in order to protect and rule the Maya world.”

Maya finished swearing, ignoring Dhev’s screams.

Then the priest placed the crown on Maya’s head amid the cheers of the Maya.

“I hereby declare Maya Queen of the Maya World for the next five thousand years.” The priest said.

“As my first duty as the queen of Maya world, I will now announce the punishment of Dhev, who has been imprisoned as a traitor...” When Maya said this, Dhev looked helplessly at Maya with tears in his eyes.

“I declare that he will not be able to attain immortality due to his actions in erasing my memory and preventing from becoming the queen of the Maya world. Therefore, he will be called Gayan in the human world. I order him to be behead on the day of which is coming in seven days.” Maya announced Dhev’s punishment.

“No Maya........don’t do this...... Maya......I haven’t done anything wrong.” Dhev shouted as Maya turned to leave.

“Where did you get the courage to call your queen by name? He has been entwined with magic for seven days. That is the punishment you get for calling me by name.” Maya said without looking at Dev.

“Maya..........No, don’t do this......Maya...” Dhev shouted while Maya was leaving, but Maya left as if she didn’t hear.

The Dhev who were chanting Maya’s name were dragged back to the cell.

While Dhev was being dragged away by the soldiers, Maya walked away without even looking at him, while her personal security guard, Michelle followed Maya.

Maya did not speak a single word until she returned to her room. She sat in the seat on one side of her room as if she was waiting for her chance to sit.

“I’m very tired now, Michelle. If only we could go back to the normal times in the human world. How normal and how happy we lived at that time.” Maya said after a while with a sigh.

“Queen, now the most serious problem has been solved. You have finally become the queen of Maya world. The future will not be as difficult as the past.” Michelle said as if to comfort her queen.

When Michelle said that, Maya looked at Michelle with a look as if it was what she wanted.

“I think so too, Michelle.” Even though Maya said that, her face looked like she knew it wasn’t like that. Michelle couldn’t understand it.

“However, normal times like those in the past will never come again.” Maya said getting up from where she was sitting and going towards balcony.

Two weeks ago......

“You can’t do anything against a queen. Once she wants to go back to the Maya world, you can’t stop her.”

“What did you say?”

“She is the next queen of the Maya world. Therefore, the Maya inside Kawisha must rise again.

What Michelle had said a week ago was still ringing in Gayan’s mind. He was confused.

According to Michelle, Kawisha is the one who is destined to be the queen of the Maya world. But by this time Gayan had removed all the memories related to the magic world and magic powers from Kaweesha’s memory.

Now Gayan is afraid of what will happen if Kawisha gets all those memories. Gayan was still wondering if he had done the right thing even though he had lost the memory of Kaweesha’s magical powers because he could not think of Kawisha in other problems.

Michelle had said that she would somehow take Kawisha back to the Maya world. Even though Michelle did not have the power to restore Kaweesha’s memories, Gayan was also afraid that she would do anything to regain Kaweesha’s memories.

Gayan had strictly told Michelle not to use magic powers in the human world because if Kawisha felt about magic powers, she might remember it again.

But Michelle was not ready to listen to what Gayan had to say. She wanted to somehow take Kawisha back to Maya world.

While thinking about this in his office, Gayan was startled by Michelle opening the door. Due to Kaweesha’s request, Gayan had to keep Michelle with them.

“Sign this file.” Michelle said placing the file in front of Gayan.

Gayan took the file and signed it. Then he handed the file back to Michelle.

“Still not thinking to agree with what I said?” Michelle asked.

“Michelle, don’t eat my head by hearing that over and over again. I said Kawisha will not come back to Maya world. That’s why I want to stop hearing that about a hundred times a day.” Gayan said because he was tired of this now.

“What right do you have to stop her like that? You have no right to remove things from her memory about the Maya world.” Michelle said angrily.

“I will take care of what rights I have. Don’t make it a problem.” Gayan said angrily.

Michelle always pestered him to restore Kaweesha’s memory and send her to the Maya world.

“Remember what I just said. I say these things for your own good. Give her back her memory and send her to the Maya world. Even if she remembers what you did, it will not be easy for you.” Michelle said.

“I will not change my decision because I was threatened. What will happen to me if she remembers?” Gayan said.

“Then you will be able to see what happens. The laws of the Maya world are very different from here. If you continue to do this, you will surely be punished for treason the day she remembers.” Michelle said.

After that, instead of opening the door and leaving, Michelle used magic and disappeared from there. What Michelle did managed to provoke Gayan’s anger.

“No matter how much I say, she doesn’t understand. If it goes this way, Kawisha will surely feel the power of magic.” Gayan thought angrily.

Kawisha, who had gone to a site, came to the office in the evening. As soon as she came to the office, Kawisha came to Gayan’s room.

“How is work today?” Gayan asked Kawisha sitting on a chair in front of Gayan’s desk.

“There is no problem. There is still some work to do. “Kawisha said.

“Shall we go see a movie after work today?” Gayan asked.

“Let’s go, we haven’t been able to go for a walk in a while. “Kawisha said.

Then both went down together. When the two reached the car park, Chatuni, Dilipa and Michelle were there.

“Where are you going with these two?” Chatuni asked.

“Let’s go see a movie. Are you coming too? “Kawisha asked.

“Mhhh, we’re both going out on other errands.” Chatuni said.

“Michelle what are you doing? Are you coming or going? Kawisha asked

“Oh no, Kaweesha, my head hurts. I will go home.” Michelle said.

Gayan was afraid that Michelle would say she was coming. That’s why when Michelle said that she can’t come, Gayan looked at Michelle with a comforting face. But one look at Michelle managed to destroy that comfort.

Be happy today. Today will be the last day to be happy with Kaweesha.′ Michelle was thinking like this while looking at Gayan’s face.

Gayan thought it would have been better if he hadn’t read Michelle’s mind. He wouldn’t know that Michelle was planning something if he didn’t. Then he could have happily spent that evening with Kawisha as usual. But because he read Michelle’s mind, he understood that Michelle was ready to do something.

Although he went to watch a movie with Kaweesha, he was troubled by the issue of Michelle. Since then, his focus has not been on films.

Even when they were going home again, Gayan was in heavy thoughts. By the time they got home, the other three had gone to sleep.

Michelle, Chatuni, Dilipa, Kawisha and Gayan all lived in the same house. Since they also worked at the same place, it was easier for them to live together.

Waiting for Kawisha to go to her room, Gayan went to his room, closed the door and sat on the bed, wondering what Michelle was planning to do.

Knowing that her magical powers couldn’t bring back the memory he had erased from Kaweesha, Gayan knew that Michelle must have some way of doing it.

The problem was finding out what it was. It’s impossible to always read Michelle’s mind and figure out what she’s up to. On the other hand, to read the mind, one had to always look into the eyes.

He can’t even use his magic to control Michelle. Since Kawisha is close by, it is more likely that she will feel something if he uses his magical powers. That’s why Gayan told Michelle not to use magic.

Kaweesha, I will not allow you to fall into trouble once again. I will never let you remember that forgotten side of you. In the Maya world, there are only many problems. I will not allow you to get involved in those problems again.′ Sighing, Gayan got up from the bed thinking like that.

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