Dark Angel

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I was so cold. My body was trembling nonstop to try to get warm and I felt like complete shit. I’d never been sick once in my life- probably because I was technically the daughter of a goddess- but I suspected that how I was feeling was like the flu only ten times worse. My teeth chattered and the chills kept racing up my spine. My knees were curled tightly to my chest as I lay in a ball on the small, comfortable sofa. I was vomiting worse than from any hangover and everything ached.

At that moment I just wanted it all to be over.

Michael had explained that my body was changing, making room for my godly essence as it fought for dominance over my humanity. I knew that the change was inevitable after the battle with Vega but I hadn’t known that I would feel like I was dying. Actually, I guess that I was dying. I was no longer human, no longer Lyra-Rose Dawson. I writhed in pain from my slow, painful death.

“She’s done it, Michael. Vega’s set loose her titans to retaliate for whatever Lyra did to her. She’s actually started a war between the races. What are we going to do?” Cassiopeia’s voice reached me from somewhere far away.

“We fight.”


“-It’s hell out there. Not even you can fight her,” Randall finished for his girlfriend.

“Maybe I cannot but Lyra can. We will get her ready and then she will be the one to put a stop to Vega’s reign. I am not giving up. We can stop Vega. This world belongs to Lyra and her humans and I am going to fix it for her if it is the last thing I do.”

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