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This is about the main cards, and their lives.

Fantasy / Drama
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Ace of Hearts

I imagine the Ace of Hearts to be cruel, and unloving.

If the Ace of Hearts was a person, she would be a cruel extrovert that speaks their mind. Her favirote colors? pink, red, and black. and in almost all her outfits, there is mainly black. She would defineitely be the one to wear flashy, goth, jewelry.

The Ace of hearts would be the one to break peoples life into peices. Staring with their heart, ending with their mind. The Ace of Hearts is unpredictable.

but...howd she get this way?

When The Ace of Hearts was little, she was spoiled but alone. No one to talk to, no friends, and the family she did have would reject her. but eventually, she made a friend..however, that freind soon began to talk about her behind her back and make fun of her. After this...The Ace of Hearts swore she would never be tricked again. And learning from her enviorment, she became the heartbreaker that she once was surronded by. Angel was Never to be loved by a normal person ever again.

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