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A Lost Childhood

By Megan Goff All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


I see the world in shapes. Sometimes there are so many shapes in my eye that they all mingle and blend in a brilliant abstract of geometrical art. My father used to say that every person is unique, but I know each of us have one thing in common:

One day, we’re going to die. We don’t know when, or how, but it will happen. You cannot hide from Death. Maybe that’s a morbid thing to ponder but in all reality, death fascinates me. Not in the serial killer sense of the word, but rather mild curiosity as to how the heart works one moment, and stops the next.

You know the water fountains you see at really fancy restaurants? The ones that seem to have an endless supply of water, and you know there must be some sort of wheel that pumps the water through a cycle?

I believe that’s how our body works. You’ve been given a certain amount of blood, which is your life source, and it works in an endless cycle to keep recharging your heart until the flow stops and you’re gone from this life. You’re never really ready. Or prepared. But it comes anyway.

And there’s not much you can do.

Or at least that’s what I thought…
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