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#3 By the Light of the Silver Moon

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Chapter 2


“What are you doing, girl?” Alpha Torrin hollered at me, slapping the silver tray from my hands. I jumped back as the tea set shattered on the ground, spilling hot tea all over the floor.

“I told you that we had a very important guest coming today and you weren’t to be seen!” Alpha Torrin yelled. I dropped to the floor, pulling a rag from my apron and started cleaning up the tea.

“I’m sorry, Alpha.” I mumbled.

“You’re a fool,” Alpha Torrin grabbed my arm and pulled me off the floor. His fingers dug into my forearm as he pulled me close to his face,

“Clean this mess up and then get out of my sight. You will not ruin this. An alliance with Alpha Finn is imperative for the survival of my pack. If so much as one thing goes wrong I will have your head.” Alpha Torrin growled at me, his eyes pitch black.

“Yes, Alpha.” I whispered, ducking my head. I knew better than to look him in the eyes. He shoved me back down on the floor and walked away. I rubbed my arm, looking over the new set of bruises he left there.

I had no idea who this Alpha Finn was but he was making my already miserable life that much more difficult. I quickly wiped up the tea and gathered the ceramic shards of the tea set. I walked down the hall to the supply closet and pulled out a garbage bag. As I tossed the remains of the tea pot into the bag, one of the pieces sliced my palm wide open.

I grumbled, cursing loudly at the pain. I watched as the blood dripped down my arm and over the gold bangle that wrapped around my wrist. Droplets of blood hit the floor,

“Great, now I have to clean that up, too.” I sighed, returning to the closest for soap and a new rag to clean up the blood. I balled my hand into a fist and clutched it to my chest. I carried the dirty rags to the washroom and the garbage bag to the dumpster behind the castle. I went to the servant quarters to bandage my hand with what little supplies we had left.

I washed off my hand and cleaned blood off the golden bangle that prevented my wounds from healing on their own. I sparingly used the alcohol to clean my cut and stuck a cheap bandage over it.

I traded out my bloody apron with a clean one, and went back to work. I went to the Alpha’s office to clean it in preparation for the arrival of Alpha Finn. I dusted off his desk, swept the marble floors, and lint rolled the velvet chairs for their guests.

I tossed my cleaning supplies in a bucket and carried it over to the windows. They were floor to ceiling arched windows hidden by heavy, velvet curtains. I started dusting off the curtains when I heard voices and footsteps outside the door.

“Shit.” I gasped. I knew if Alpha Torrin saw me in here he’d be beyond pissed. I shoved myself behind the curtains, quickly grabbing the bucket handle at the last second. The office door flung open and three men walked in.

I sucked in a breath, covering my mouth so no one would hear me. I held my breath, desperate to get the overwhelming scent out of my nose. It smelt like honey on a warm day. The scent blurred my vision and made my hands start to shake. I couldn’t even focus on what the Alphas were talking about.

I couldn’t resist the urge any longer. I snuck a peek at the source of the smell, clinging to the curtains. I instantly made eye contact with the most perfect man I had ever seen. He was tall, even taller than Torrin, with a broad frame. He had warm eyes that complimented his dark hair and skin tone. I saw the hint of a tattoo sticking out from the collar of his dress shirt.

It was like the Moon Goddess herself took over my body as I stumbled out from behind the curtains. I couldn’t look away from the man who was staring at me just as intently. I didn’t even realize Torrin was in the room until he was descending on me.

I winced as he grabbed my forearm again, pressing his fingers into the bruises he made earlier. I glared at him as he shoved me against the wall. As I made contact with the wall, a furious growl ripped through the room. Then, the other Alpha gripped Torrin by the throat and tossed him across the room like he weighed nothing.

“What do you think you are doing?” Alpha Torrin jumped up and turned his hateful eyes on Alpha Finn.

“How dare you put your hands on this woman.” Alpha Finn growled.

“She’s my pack member, I can do what I please. Why do you care?” Torrin’s face was smug.

“Don’t say it.” I mumbled mostly to myself, speaking so low I was surprised when Alpha Finn’s eyes immediately turned on me. They danced and swirled in anticipation, like he was waiting for me to speak again.

“You shouldn’t admit it.” I said, louder this time.

“Of course I want to admit it.” His voice was as sweet as the smell of honey that rolled off of him. He turned his body to fully face me and stood just inches from me,

“You shouldn’t.” I repeated.

“Silence!” Alpha Torrin roared and I pressed my lips together firmly, having no choice but to obey. Alpha Finn’s eyes pulled together in anger as he turned to face Torrin again.

“Don’t speak to her like that!” Alpha Finn snapped.

“Now, Alpha Finn, I owe you respect, not obedience. This is my pack.” Alpha Torrin puffed out his chest.

“And she is my mate.” Alpha Finn’s tone left no room for argument. I slumped my shoulders in defeat.

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