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#8 The Archer and her Wolf

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Thea Greyback is the oldest daughter to the famous Satin Moon pack twins, Hunter and Archer, and their human Luna, Maizey. Thea’s older brothers were destined to be the next Alphas of Satin Moon, but she knew she was made for more than just being someone’s mate or future Luna. Instead, she joined the elite league of Royal Archers, bringing down the vial rogues intent on killing; the rogues didn’t have prejudices, they went after anyone, any species, any gender, any age. Maizey, the Crimson Archer, was the best of them all with a near perfect success rate. Hiding in the trees one day, she saves a young boy from a vicious rogue. Little did she know, that boy belonged to the Alpha of the Valor Woods pack. Alpha Xaiver made a mistake with a she-wolf who wasn’t his mate, resulting in the best thing in his life; his son, Logan. When Logan is saved by a Royal Archer, he invites her to the pack for a gratitude dinner. After learning the raven haired beauty was his mate, he fell head over heels for her instantly. But, it wouldn’t be that easy. For the girl who never wanted to be someone’s mate, how could she also take on being a little boy’s mother? She was a born Archer, heartless, soulless, and merciless. She didn’t have what it took to be a Luna. Or does she? Book #8 of the Royal Legacy series (can be read as a stand alone).

Fantasy / Romance
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The Packs Glossary

The Packs

Crescent Moon: Rhode Island

Alpha August Hayes & Luna Josephine Valentine

Beta- Ethan Gamma- Hayden

Kids- Kade, Kol, Kassidy

Alpha Kade Hayes & Luna Lucy

Beta- Kol Hayes Gamma- Hudson

Kids- Johnathan, Josie

Blood Moon: Louisiana

Alpha Noah Landry & Luna Everleigh

Beta- Greyson Gamma- Sawyer

Kids- Sage, Stella, Simon, Shepherd

Alpha Female Sage & Alpha Kobe

Beta- Starr Gamma- Phillipe

Kids- EJ, Kari

Silver Moon: Washington

Alpha Finn Oxford and Luna Marigold

Beta- Ferra Gamma- Stone

Kids- Levi, Lexi, Lilli

Alpha Levi and Alpha Female Lexi & Luna Tina and Alpha Gabriel

Beta- Shamus Gamma- Oliva

Kids- Mabel, Maeve (Levi & Tina) Rebel, Ralphie (Lexi & Gabriel)

Blue Moon: California

Alpha Knox Greystone & Luna Navy

Beta- Clay Gamma- Dover

Kids- Briggs, Bourne, Blossom

Alpha Briggs & Luna Matilda

Beta- Bourne Gamma- Fredrick

Kids- Dom, Dani, Demetri

New Moon/Full Moon: Oregon

Alpha Leo Storm & Luna Austyn-Rose Merriwether

Beta- Jacks Gamma- Nick

Alpha Nick & Luna Amber

Beta- Timothy Gamma- Gavin

Kids- Maze, Cohan, Lolly

Royal Legacy: Werewolf Realm

Alpha Leo Storm & Luna Austyn-Rose Merriwether

Beta- Riley Gamma- Zen

Kids- Emmett, Lydia, Bruno, Regina

Alpha Zeke & Luna Lydia Storm

Beta- Phillis Gamma- Nickoli

Kids- Malcolm, Caspian, Alice

Alpha Caspian Storm & Luna Junie Cooper

Beta- Jett Gamma- Cole

Kids- Sebastian, Alexander

Satin Moon: Georgia

Alphas Hunter and Archer Greyback & Luna Maizey

Beta- Miles Gamma- Toby

Kids- Theo, Tigris, Tate, Thea, Timbre, Talia

Alphas Theo and Tigris Greyback & Luna Nora

Beta- Vic Gamma- Shiver

Kids- Madeline, Rose, Jonah

Valor Moon: Florida

Alpha Xaiver Valor & Luna Thea Greyback

Beta- Frankie Gamma- Lionel

Kids- Logan, Natalie, Milly

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