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#9 The Lonely Rogue

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June Cooper is a 21 year old packless wolf who got away from her deranged father and brother as fast as she possibly could. Living with her human best friend, Viv, and working at her family’s bar, Junie is resigned to her boring life. Alpha King Caspian Storm is the grandson of Austyn-Rose and Leo Storm, the first royals in centuries and the famous werewolves who led to the destruction of the disturbed Council over four decades ago. He’s hopeless and alone, defeated after a rogue leader murdered his pregnant mate. When he stumbles into a bar one day, led by his wild Gamma, Cole, and catches sight of a beautiful girl with curly hair and hazel eyes. She’s his second chance mate and he’s determined to push her away, knowing he’s undeserving of another mate. Both wolves are clouded by darkness and content with being alone. What happens when the world tries to shove this unlikely pair together? Will the realm survive it? Book #9 of the Royal Legacy series (can be read individually)

Fantasy / Romance
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The Packs Glossary

The Packs

Crescent Moon: Rhode Island

Alpha August Hayes & Luna Josephine Valentine

Beta- Ethan Gamma- Hayden

Kids- Kade, Kol, Kassidy

Alpha Kade Hayes & Luna Lucy

Beta- Kol Hayes Gamma- Hudson

Kids- Johnathan, Josie

Blood Moon: Louisiana

Alpha Noah Landry & Luna Everleigh

Beta- Greyson Gamma- Sawyer

Kids- Sage, Stella, Simon, Shepherd

Alpha Female Sage & Alpha Kobe

Beta- Starr Gamma- Phillipe

Kids- EJ, Kari

Silver Moon: Washington

Alpha Finn Oxford and Luna Marigold

Beta- Ferra Gamma- Stone

Kids- Levi, Lexi, Lilli

Alpha Levi and Alpha Female Lexi & Luna Tina and Alpha Gabriel

Beta- Shamus Gamma- Oliva

Kids- Mabel, Maeve (Levi & Tina) Rebel, Ralphie (Lexi & Gabriel)

Blue Moon: California

Alpha Knox Greystone & Luna Navy

Beta- Clay Gamma- Dover

Kids- Briggs, Bourne, Blossom

Alpha Briggs & Luna Matilda

Beta- Bourne Gamma- Fredrick

Kids- Dom, Dani, Demetri

New Moon/Full Moon: Oregon

Alpha Leo Storm & Luna Austyn-Rose Merriwether

Beta- Jacks Gamma- Nick

Alpha Nick & Luna Amber

Beta- Timothy Gamma- Gavin

Kids- Maze, Cohan, Lolly

Royal Legacy: Werewolf Realm

Alpha Leo Storm & Luna Austyn-Rose Merriwether

Beta- Riley Gamma- Zen

Kids- Emmett, Lydia, Bruno, Regina

Alpha Zeke & Luna Lydia Storm

Beta- Phillis Gamma- Nickoli

Kids- Malcolm, Caspian, Alice

Alpha Caspian Storm & Luna Junie Cooper

Beta- Jett Gamma- Cole

Kids- Sebastian, Alexander

Alphas Sebastian and Alexander Storm & Luna Stella

Betas- Owen, Carter Gammas- Hudson, Dylan


Satin Moon: Georgia

Alphas Hunter and Archer Greyback & Luna Maizey

Beta- Miles Gamma- Toby

Kids- Theo, Tigris, Tate, Thea, Timbre, Talia

Alphas Theo and Tigris Greyback & Luna Nora

Beta- Vic Gamma- Shiver

Kids- Madeline, Rose, Jonah

Valor Moon: Florida

Alpha Xaiver Valor & Luna Thea Greyback

Beta- Frankie Gamma- Lionel

Kids- Logan, Milly, Natalie

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