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Bound by Prophecy

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After the great war between Realms, the supernatural world lives in peace, with the Council as its ruler and all shifter Realms under its control. Mia is a law student who has no knowledge of the supernatural world. Suddenly, she finds herself in a love triangle between a Vampire Lord and a Werewolf alpha, each of them claiming that she is their mate and beloved. An ancient prophecy has come to light, and Mia realizes that her unborn child may hold a supreme power that could destroy the world, making her a target. Will she be able to escape destiny in a world that she doesn't understand?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 - Mia

was always in a hurry, ever since she left her small town to study in the big city. She had to work several jobs and maintain her academic life in order to survive. Life had never been easy for her. She had fought hard to get into college, and soon, very soon, it would all be over. Her graduation was only a couple of months away, and as always, she had everything already planned out.
Her family didn’t have much, but Mia knew that her parents had done everything they could to give her what she had. She was more than grateful for that. She wanted to make her mother’s life better. Her father had passed away a few years ago, and he deserved a better life.

“Thanks, sir. This is your change. Have a good evening,” she said, smiling at the last customer in the cafe where she was working the night shift. He smiled back and left.
It was time to close the store and study a little more before going home. Mia locked the store’s door, finished the dishes, and cleaned the tables. She made sure everything was done before sitting down with her books again. Fortunately, Brenda, the coffee shop owner, allowed her to stay a little longer to study after her night shift. Mia knew she couldn’t do it in the shared house where she was living. She shared a small room with three other girls and didn’t have a good space to study. So when Brenda agreed to it, Mia was more than happy.
The time was up and Mia had to go home and get at least a few hours of sleep before starting all over again. While walking home, she had the feeling that someone was watching her. Mia turned to check, but saw no one. It wasn’t a dangerous neighborhood, so she just decided to run home. But the feeling never left her.

The alarm clock told her it was already 7 a.m. Mia had to wake up. Her class was in an hour, and she had to hurry. She showered and got ready quickly, applying sunblock and mascara. She brushed her long brown hair into a loose bun and put on jeans and a top. Luckily, Brenda always allowed her to take a sandwich from the coffee shop for breakfast.
Mia had the same dream again. It was foggy, but she could clearly see those green eyes and hear the words, “I will always love you.”

Dylan was a businessman. His businesses had grown over the centuries, and he had used a lot of tricks to keep them going. He also had a hand in hiring a lot of great people to help him. But he was currently in a transitional period. His Alfred, who had taken care of everything for the last 60 years, had suddenly passed away last week, and Dylan was now looking for someone to replace him. Jana, his assistant, had already started the selection process for the new CEO of DAE Co., someone to be the new face of the company.

Jana, his general assistant, has already started the selection process for the new CEO of DAE Co. Dylan didn’t like to show himself in the city, but he had to attend a few meetings and interviews.
It was late at night when Dylan reached the street. James, his human driver, opened the door of the Bentley for him, and that’s when he caught a familiar scent, the sweetest smell he knew. “It’s not possible,” he thought. It was the same smell he had engraved in his memory.
“James, you can go home. I’m going to take a walk.” James nodded and closed the car door.
His heart was racing, he followed the scent and eventually came across a coffee shop that was already closed, and he saw a woman sitting inside, reading some books. He recognized her as someone he had known in the past, and he was shocked to see her again after all these years. Could the goddess Nix finally have answered his prayers?

The same hazel eyes and pale skin, her brown hair was in a loose bun, and she was concentrating on a few books. Ella, his Ella, had returned. She sensed him and looked in his direction. Quickly, he hid. He had to be careful, but now that he had found her, he would never let her go again.

A few minutes later, she closed the coffee shop door and left. She had the same height, the same long legs, the same rounded beautiful breasts that he had dreamed of so many times. He quietly followed her.

Suddenly, she looked back and sped up. Dylan watched from a distance. She entered a small building and closed the door. He made a mental note of the address and decided to find out everything about her.
He had been waiting for her for a long time, almost two centuries, since he lost her. He had prayed to the Goddess Nix every night to bring her back to him, his Ella. And now, she was finally back, in human form, but it didn’t matter.
He didn’t want to scare her, so he stayed hidden and watched as she left the coffee shop. He made note of her address and decided to find out more about her.
Back at home, the castle was quiet. He kept it low-key, with only Johnny, his cousin, and Diana, his loyal servant, as the only two of his kind who shared his home with him. James was human and lived in a comfortable cabin on the property.
He couldn’t contain his excitement. His love was back! He sent a message to Jane, asking her to conduct an investigation into her current Ella. He wanted to approach her but not startle her, and he needed to know more in order to plan how he could win her heart.

Classes went by quickly, and Mia prepared to leave. Lisa, her best friend in college, was very excited about the party the Delta Frat was organizing that night. Mia was more interested in finishing her work shift and studying for her Monday test, but Lisa was pestering her.
“Mia, you have to come with me. The best, I mean the most gorgeous guys on campus, will be there! Please, for me, please!”
“Okay, I’ll think about it,” Mia smiled.

Lisa jumps and hugs Mia.
“Thank you!”

She likes Lisa, who is a carefree person from a wealthy background but is not snobbish in any way. She is a very good friend to Mia.
Mia quickly went to the library to return the books she had taken last week and think about the party. The last party she went to was a couple of years ago! She needed something to wear, so she decided to go to a thrift store to look for something cheap and nice to wear. Mia only owned jeans and sweatpants. The strange feeling of someone watching her lingered all day. After a quick lunch at the campus cafeteria with Lisa, she rushed to a small thrift store in the neighborhood.
The sun was high, and Mia was already sweating. She stopped in front of the store door, took a breath, and was about to start climbing the stairs when suddenly someone grabbed her arm. Taken by surprise, she felt a rush of sparkles and goosebumps all over.

“I’m sorry to bother you. Could you please help me? I’m looking for this address,” he said, showing her a crumpled piece of paper with something written on it.
I’m sorry, I’m not from here,” she answered, looking at the person.
Time seemed to stop as she gazed into the green eyes of her dreams. She felt dizzy and couldn’t breathe. He felt the electricity between them and said
“Oh, thanks. Sorry to bother you.” He then turned and left, leaving Mia with her mouth agape.

Once she regained control of her body, she released the breath she hadn’t realized she was holding and looked for him, but he was nowhere to be found.

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