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The Bloody Campfire

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In the campfire, everyone was happy, their were four friends in total, one by one each dies un till someone comes and steals his power, which no one will ever be able to do the powerful monster puts everyone to death

Fantasy / Mystery
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The Unsolved Mystery

It was a dark stormy night, and as well as first day of our camping. Along with me their were four of my other friends, Enid, Rowan, Xavier and Tyler. We all were sleeping peacefully, I was sleeping with Tyler and Xavier while on the other hand Enid and Rowan were sleeping together in the other camp. Suddenly the lightening strike in front of our camp and I woke up. With half my eyes open half closed I saw a huge creatures shadow. I wasn't able to see it properly though, because I thought that it was a tree's shadow so without caring further about it I closed my eyes and slept again. The sun rise hit our tent and we all woke up. We started to help each other by making the breakfast and distributing different jobs to everyone, me and Xavier got the woods, Tyler lit the fire and Enid and Rowan made the breakfast because only these two were good at it unlike us three who were extremely bad at making food and once I burned my hand while making pancakes and once burned the waffles and ate it for breakfast because I was getting late for work. We all had our delicious breakfast made by our friends and sat together and chit chatted about random stuff and things for sometime. "guys I am going towards in the forest to explore and click some pictures of things I find nice and beautiful, would anyone like to come with me?". Said Rowan. " You can go and we will join you in a bit or sometime ". Said Xavier to Rowan. " Ok, sounds good enough to me then ". He said that and left. After sometime of chit chatting, we decided to go and join Rowan now, but before going, we called him to ask where he was, but he wasn't picking up our calls. Usually it doesn't happen, and we also said to open all of your mobiles at any cost because there can be an emergency anytime. Anyways we thought that there must be some signal issues so we used our walkie talkie to talk to him but all we heard was some strange type of shouting as soon the walkie talkie connected the signals to Rowan's walkie talkie but all we heard was that Rowan was asking for HELP. "What's with that noise in the back?". I said. "I don't know ". Said Enid," but something is suspicious and going wrong with Rowan, either he is pranking us or something really happened to him." Hearing that we all got worried and thought, well not thought we knew it's something serious, so without further a do we all grabbed our small backpacks with our essentials in it and left. Soon we reached far enough from our camps and found something, it was Rowan's glasses. I picked them up and said that " he is somewhere here" . So we continued our journey to find Rowan at last we found him but the scene I saw next completely surprised me and I got startled for 2 seconds.

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