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Shape of Darkness: Third Light (Book 3)

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The continuation of Book 3 for Shapes of Darkness Another realm was saved, and another home was secured. Now Charger, who is now Gabriel will learn lot more about others that might connected to his...past. Together with Eve and Dion, they'll uncover more and more.

Fantasy / Romance
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“Apollo!” a voice calls


“APOLLO!!” It slaps at someone

“Haah!” An old male wakes up on the moldy bed in a small hut made of clays.

“Are you sleeping again?” A female scolds him. It was her mother, having a giant cyst on her cheek.

“Ugh, mother...I was sleeping for a few hours. Do I miss something important?” He goes out of the bed.

“Yes, dear. Your father just got his gout back, and you chose to sleep?”

“I’ll go get the root.” Apollo walks out of the house.

“Be quick! He’s suffering on the bed.”

From the outside, he lives in a small city of clays and stones shining in lanterns hanging on a pole. The sky was dark and cloudy, with the people wearing face masks and coughing around him. Corpses are piling up on the street to get burnt, and shops are closed due to an unexpected event.

“Come on! Come on! Where’s that root!” Apollo checks on the backyard farm for a root.

“Why do these roots grow up slowly? We really need them now!” He dug up the ground.

“Damn it! Guess I can only come home with empty hands.” He gave up and headed back to his home.

“What’s with this disease anyway? Where does it come from?”

“It’s just attacking people all of a sudden. Madness just went everywhere like it was the end of the world.”

“And who’s to blame for this? A god’s work? Natural selection?”

“I’ll be glad if I don’t have to wait anymore...”

“Alright, time to tell pops I can’t find him his root.”

He goes home to break the news to his parents, sitting on the hammock with the father’s fingers and toes turning black. The mother comes to Apollo to check on the roots, but he has to break the news.

“What? There’s no more??” The mother was shocked.

“I’m sorry, Mother. But the garden had run out of its magic plant. But no need to rush, okay?”

“We had plenty of time before the doctors from the west came to this city.”

“Oh, for goodness sake, Apollo. You still believed that those doctors had a cure for this?” Her mother holds her forehead in disappointment.

“Yes, they do. I mean...”

“We all know doctors are an expert on the disease.”

“Besides, Father can also withstand burn injury for three weeks.”

“But we don’t know what this vile epidemic would bring to us, boy.” The father replies.

“Even such a minor accident can lead to a catastrophe.”

“Exactly. That’s why we had to stop going out when these people cough at our food supplies.” The mother replies

“There’s no miracle that could fix this place.”

“I don’t know, my love. Last time I heard, kingdoms fall a lot around this land...”

“And rumors say an immortal lady wanders around this land with dark magic to cause all that. The dark curse comes with many types.”

“A madness, a disease, or a massacre.”

“Not you too, love.” The mother was disappointed.

“Apollo, check whether there is medicine outside the store. And please stay safe if you can.” The mother handed Apollo a few coins.

“Sure, Mother. Be right back!”

“Don’t get too far from home, okay?” The mother warns

“Calm down, dear.” The father rests his hand on his wife’s shoulder

Fifteen minutes during the walk.

“Medicine store...” He looks around and still hasn’t found it.

“Where is it? Didn’t they open in here?” He found the old place for the medicine store, turns into a ruin of clays.

“Ugh, excuse me!” Someone bumps into him, but the man ignores his presence and walks away.


“Hey!” Another one bumps into him.

“Watch your...steps?” He notices many people are walking in the same way.

“What’s with these gatherings?” He stopped after seeing all the sick people walking opposite him.

He stops at the gathering near the city hall with three robed men wearing bird plague masks. They are standing on a pile of wood holding a torch, raising them to the face of all the infected citizens.

“Attention, all the sickened!” The middle man speaks

“You have been saved! We are the messiah and the cure for your unwelcoming fate!”

“We have observed this disease from the other city. The same tragedy you’ve faced in this sickening town!” The left man speaks

“They were not a disease! They were a curse!”

“A blight! From the deep world! The blight spreads across the land when the cursed goddess rises to the surface.”

“But fret not, child. Darkness will not last forever.” The right man speaks

“How do you know that? We weren’t here for your faith!” A civilian argues.

“We heard you brought our medicine! So where is it??” Another civilian complains.

“My children were left at home for this??” A female comes to support.

“I should have known you are trying to take advantage of us!”

The citizens started to shout and booing at the three doctors because they didn’t believe their story. Moreover, they do not come to hear their story about darkness and gods when they are seeking medicine to cure their everlasting sickness.

“Oh, God. Mother was right about these people. They can’t help us.” Apollo worries

“Get off this town now!”

“You want proof?? Well, here’s your proof!” The right man took a sack

Puck! The right man throws a bag of human heads corrupted with black goo. The entire citizen left shocked and backed off after the goo dripped into the ground and started growing roots. But before it can spread even further, the man in the middle throws his torch to the head and burns it.

“Is that a proof for you?” The middle man boast

“Darkness evolved, my child. It has learned to create a life now.”

“But that life cost the others. Your life is a trade for the dark.”

“The only way to cure this sickness is through the whitest and brightest light fueled by the sacred substances.” He pulls out a bottle of Lyte.

“Only the light can end this sickening darkness. Unless you want to surrender yours to the cursed woman.”

“Does that means...oh no...” Apollo realized that his father wouldn’t survive.

“Then save us!! We do not want to be a part of this curse!” A citizen begs

“Yes, please don’t make us starve!”

“Calm down! We’ve had your cure here!” They pulled a wheelbarrow full of Lyte bottles.

“Now, who wants to be saved?”

“I’ll take it!!!” A civilian rushes before the others follow.

The citizens crowded up at the front of the three man’s stage to get the Lyte as soon as possible. Apollo struggles to reach for the bottle as people greedily snatch them and block his path. But realizing they’re sick, he goes back to avoid contact with the sickness and gets infected like them.

In the end, Apollo fails to get the last Lyte because everyone has already taken all the bottles and left the three men back to their home. They got paid a lot of silver coins after selling forbidden substances from Elis to the human world. Does Apollo even know how dangerous it is when exposed to their inside?

“Thank you! Thank you! We will not forget about this. But please refrain from drinking it!” The left man warns as he pulls the wheelbarrow away.

“We are hoping for you to get better!” The right man said.

“Thanks for your sale, beloved citizens!” The three men pack up to leave.

“Wait!” Apollo goes to the front.

“I need one of those sacred substances!” He handed them five copper coins

“Sorry, child. We are running out of these medicines right now.”

“What? But how?”

“Well, you know what they said, son.”

“Gods create sickness, sickness creates demand, and demand creates scarcity. You’re not the only one who had this sickness alone. Many people are also in need of getting those lights.”


“See ya later, lad!” The three men leave the city.

“Darn, it! I need to get that cure somehow.”

“Hey! Get off the cart!” The left man tries to kick off the citizen who grasps their cart, begging for the medicine.

“Please, let us have that medicine!!!” The man begs.

“This is not yours!”

“We need to teach them.”

“Come on, lads.” The three jump out of their cart and deal with the civilian.

“Yep, I should follow them.”

Apollo headed to the cart while the three men were dealing with the issue and jumped to the back, where he lays horizontally to avoid suspicion. He took one of the empty bottles to check whether it had a few Lyte, but it was empty. However, the three men return to the cart and start riding, almost catching him.

“Good god, what was that?” The middle man ask

“These people probably think we’re a god.” The right man replies

“I don’t know, we kind of saving people with our trustworthy medicine.” The left jokes

“Come on, buddy. Those medicines can’t help anyone.”

“Yeah, because it’s killing people? At least they should have a dead by holiness instead.”

“These people are selling fake medicine...” Apollo was shocked.

“Dang it. I thought we were going to get it.”

“But where do these people find these substances anyway?”

The carts were heading to the cliff as the ground started rising, and a few objects went to the back of the cart. Apollo holds tight to his hands and feet while staring at the height of the distance between the land below to his current position.

“So high...I need to get off now.” Apollo thinks to himself.

“Watch out. We’re heading on the cliff!”

“Your arse isn’t going anywhere, lad. This horse can take all of us to the high.” The right man jokes

“I can feel a sudden force of a god to make your reassurance turns against you.” The middle men jokes

“Oh, shut up.”

“Can’t be sure if we’re going to get out now or-”


“Whoa!” They hit a bump

“Is that a bump? Can’t believe I missed that.”

“Whoa...please be steady, cart...” He slips and has only his fingers holding onto the edge.


“Whoops, another one!” They hit a bump.

“No, no, no...” He trips from the cart

“AAH!” He falls from the cliff.

“You hear that??” The middle man stops the cart in the middle of the road.

“Sounds like a kid screaming...” The right man

“Better get out of here before we get involved.” The left man lashes the horse to run away.

“Please don’t kill me, God!” He begs while hoping he landed on something soft on the ground.


Splash! He landed on the water and made it safely to the ground.

“Ugh...hmph?” He founds himself submerged in dark water.

“Hmph!” He goes up and tries to catch his breath.




“Haah!” he resurfaced.

“Oh, thank god.” He prays

“Now I know where those offerings go. But where am I?”

He founds himself in an outworld ecosystem. There is no scientific explanation for it, as they are all covered in black. The trees, the grass, and the flowers emit dark smoke. But the flowers are the only one that glows in white despite their darkness. Roots and thorns attached around the trees with those flowers around them.

“Is this the underworld? Possibly not the world in the sky, of course.” Apollo walks through the place and out from the lake.

“Woah!” He bumps into a strange-looking deer with a glowing white body which leaves him after.

“What the heck is that? A heaven deer? In this dark place?”

“Seems like Mother was right about a fairy tale. But she never mentioned hell or underworld before.” He walks around while staring at the flying woodpecker with glowing eyes and black smoke body.

“I mean, this world is already in hell right now. Look at all the nightmares we’re facing in this troubling era. What did we even do to deserve this?”

“Look at all of you...glowing as usual.” A voice said from a distance.

“Who’s there?” He asks the voice, but it doesn’t reply.

“Are you ready for your daily dose of water?” That voice replies and ignores Apollo’s question.

“Better check it out.”

He rushes to the source of the sound through the thick and dense dark forest as he encounters many lifeforms. Apollo notices that he can’t see a single light from the top, which means that he fell into a cave or something big is covering the top of the forest. When he gets closer to the sound, he finds a walkway made of stone leading somewhere. So he follows it and finds a fence in front of him.

“Uhm...sorry.” Apollo vaults the fence because it isn’t high enough to block him.

“This must be witchcraft. That means I was right.”

“Magic does exist in this boring world. Maybe I could learn one and become a healer.”

“Can’t wait for all of you to grow!” The voice was close to him.

“Who is that?” Apollo finds the source of the sound.

It was Adam. He is watering down the garden full of shiny white flowers with water made out of obsidian blood. And something has changed in him, from his attire to be exact. He now wears a grey tunic with a sword on his back and long metal boots. But his physical appearance is far different, with his skin turning grey and his eyes glowing white-blueish.

“This should be her duty anyway...” Adam comments.

“I thought witch supposed to be a woman.” Apollo peek at Adam from the trees.

“Oh, wait. We were doing this together. What am I thinking?”

“I hope these crops grow faster before next week...”

“What am I thinking? I could wait for her to do it faster.”

“She’s a goddess after all *laugh*.”

“My goddess.”

“Who is he talking to?” Apollo looks around

“Adam, dear. Why are you taking so long?” The First Existence comes out of the left tunnel.

She dons a stripped black and white short dress, corruption-like themed gloves, and black boots. There are freezing ice marks on her left face with a thorn crown behind her head. Her height is still taller than Adam, with her hair shortened in a bun. She carries a box of fertilizer to help him with the plants.

“Eve! Finally, I thought you were sleeping again.” He takes the box and pours the fertilizer down to the ground.

“Sleeping? In the middle of my husband’s work? No, thank you. I’ll take the rest later. I don’t need them anyway.”

“I have to do you first before I can slumber.” She teases

“Flattering as always, Eve.”

“So, are you done with those flowers? You keep watering the same one since I come here.”

“Also, are you staying all night after this?”

“I will. Right after I fertilize these crops first.”

“Unless you want to grow them up for me?”

“Let me do it for you.”

With her command, Eve touches the grass and sends the life force passing through the ground into the soil where the unripe crops are.

“Whoa.” Apollo was awed.

“As usual, we get another food for the next five weeks.” Adam plucks the crops

“I didn’t come from the underworld just to see you waiting for a miracle.” She comments.

“Woah, she must be the cursed goddess that makes this disease.”

“I have to ask her to lift the curse on my parents.” Without his realization, the same deer returns and gets provoked by his presence.

“Huh?” He looks at the source of the mysterious breath.

“Agh!” Apollo was hit by the deer from the right. It causes the two to look at him falling in front of the fence.

“Damn you, deer!” The deer runs away.

“Ow...uhm, hi?” He awkwardly stands in front of them.

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