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Nature photographer and wildlife enthusiast Jemma Woods is done with her life. She hates her creepy, prev boss. She can't stand her too small apartment in a shit part of town, with its roaches, drug dealing neighbors on the left. Crazy, hippy, weed smokers to the right, and a stampede of elephants above her. The never ending noise of traffic, the throng of rude, rushing people and the light pollution blocking out the stars at night left her craving something... else. Making a decision that she hopes will help her realign her life, Jemma packs her bags, grabs her camera and sets off in her beat up little Kia to the very isolated, very rugged Fang Valley. An area completely cut off from civilization around three hundred miles from the comfort of the city she knows. Setting off on a week long hiking trip in the dark wilds of the thick forest around her, she soon finds the sounds of the birds and insects fills her with a deep sense of peace. Deep in the dark shadows around Jemma, something big watches her every move. A bloodthirsty beast stalks its prey, patient and silent, it begins to play its deadly game. Desperate to escape with her life, Jemma runs as fast as she can with no idea where she's going until she runs right into the arms of a tall, handsome stranger. But Fang Valley has secrets. The kind that some are willing to kill to protect...

Fantasy / Romance
Natalie Le Roux
4.9 19 reviews
Age Rating:

Chapter One

Jemma Woods slammed the trunk of her beat up old car. Using the keys in her hand, she slipped one into the lock and turned, nodding when the lock engaged.

Pulling the key out and slipping ...

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