Once Walked With Dragons

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Chapter Fourteen

Sharzak was performing a ritual in one of the many chambers of his castle. He was calling upon his fallen comrades. He used quite a lot of his power to perform such a ritual and could barely stand when he was done. Scander put Sharzak’s arm over his shoulder to keep him standing. And now his minions stood before him, ready to be commanded.

‘Find the Dark Elf who possesses Salerra. Bring him back here.’ Sharzak commanded.
Without a word, his undead subjects, which he simply called Shadows, were off to find Salerra and the Dark Elf who possessed it. Little did Sharzak or even the Shadows know that it was not possessed by a male, but by a female.
Scander helped Sharzak back to his chamber and joined his fellow Shadows to search for Crucis Salerra.

The Shadows’ search would go on for weeks and weeks. Every few days, they would return to Sharzak’s castle and after scolding them, he would send them on a new route. It would be quite some time before they discovered the creature and the person who possessed it.

During the first few days of their search, they discovered the home of the Ravens. The family had never had attacks on their home and so, was never prepared for one. There had never been a need for it. But the Shadows attacked without mercy. No one in the family was spared.

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