Once Walked With Dragons

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Chapter Thirty Seven

The Shadows arrived back at the Haunted castle. They had returned empty-handed once again and feared what Sharzak might do. They slowly entered the throne room; the last one reluctantly closing the door behind him. The Shadows were expecting to hear Sharzak’s voice echo from the dusty walls as he yelled at them, instead he greeted them with a mild tone.

‘I see you have returned empty-handed, again.’
The Shadows grew nervous; they had failed repeatedly and knowing what Sharzak was capable of, they wished death would come swiftly.
‘But, no matter. I have received information regarding her whereabouts, and you are going to pursue it.’
Sharzak finally came into view, ‘Scander.’
‘Yes, my Lord.’
‘Do you know where the Home of the Woodland Elves is?’
‘No my Lord. No one does.’
‘I have heard that Keara has received sanctuary there. I want you to find it. Destroy everything and everyone in your path; but bring Keara back to me, alive.’
‘Yes, my Lord.’ Scander replied.
The Shadows bowed and left the throne room.
Sharzak walked out onto the balcony. He looked at the Shadows departing through the gate, disappearing into the forest.

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