Once Walked With Dragons

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Chapter Five

The being from the stone ring slowly approached an old, abandoned castle, but stopped before the pathway leading there.

‘You no longer have to remain in shadow my King Sharzak. I have escaped.’
A figure stirred in the darkness and slowly moved into the light.
‘It’s good to see you again, Scander. Now we can continue our work.’ Sharzak said and started walking down the pathway towards his old castle.
All the plants surrounding him seemed to whither and fade into nothingness. With every step he took, he stole the life-force of the plants and trees and even the soil.
‘The Dark Elves will pay dearly for their betrayal. They will beg for death before the end.’ Sharzak said, more to himself than to Scander who followed him on the walkway.
As they walked up the barren walkway toward the castle, the torches on either side, covered in withered plants and cobwebs, burst into flames and started burning anew.
Sharzak gave a horrid smile, ‘Let us begin.’

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