Once Walked With Dragons

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Chapter Fifty Three

Legacy lazily trotted out the gate with Keara on his back. She looked back at Deryck, who was standing just inside the gate and waved at him, smiling softly. He waved back and smiled, despite the fact that he didn’t want her to leave by herself, he knew very well that she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

She turned back to the forest, admiring it as she and Legacy drew closer to the edge. She made sure that her coat was completely buttoned up and her scarf covered her neck before she pulled up her hood. She had not yet put on her gloves, but she had taken them with her, knowing that she might need them during the evenings. She had also taken two bedrolls with her, mostly for Legacy, to shield him from the cold during the night when a simple fire wouldn’t be enough. Deryck had ensured that Keara did not leave without at least a little bit of food and water, which the workers in the kitchen were happy to provide.

Sharzak was sitting inside his chambers by himself. He had been there for quite some time. Almost as though he had abandoned everything and everyone around him. No one had seen him leave his chamber in days. And they would not dare to disturb him.
He was sitting in a chair with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. He had become even paler and just seemed to stare into nothingness. Not even he could understand what was going on. He had such plans, many that still had to be set out, but somehow, he just could not bring himself to leave his chamber. Somehow he just knew that if anyone should see him, they would immediately notice his weakness. And that he could not allow. He had to find out what was making him so weak and how he could change it.

Adriel watched in her mind’s eye, everything that mattered in Keara’s life. Her family of former Ravens, living deep in the forest. Her brothers, whom she loved so dearly. Deryck, who had stolen her heart from the very beginning. Even Artemis who doubted his faith in her. As well as Zarra, who desperately wanted her to become the queen of the Dark Elves. There were some decisions that Keara would eventually have to make, Adriel knew this, but she also knew that Keara would be very stubborn and she would not easily make those decisions.
She turned her attention to Sharzak. She saw him sitting in his chamber; she could feel the weakness radiating from his body. She knew what was causing his weakness even though he himself did not. She sensed a disturbance among Sharzak’s subjects and allies. But before she could focus on that, her brother, Kydriel approached her.
‘Keara has entered the forest. We should also get going if we wanna be at the location within three days.’
Adriel just nodded her head. She turned her attention to Keara who was riding through the forest at a relaxed pace. She closed her eyes for a moment and cast a spell over Keara, shielding her aura so she could have an easy and pleasant journey.

Keara had let her guard down. Somehow she didn’t feel as though it was necessary for her to constantly be alert. Suddenly the light around her started glowing a golden blue in a perfect sphere. She had no idea what was going on, but she felt as though she didn’t have to worry about it.
Before she could give it any more thought, a soft voice whispered to her, “It will protect you.”
She realized that Adriel was watching her and she had shielded her aura.
She put her hand in her pocket and pulled out the dragonfly Adriel had given to her in her dream. She looked at it, lying in her hand. Adriel had told her that it would lead her to them, but she wasn’t sure what to do with it. She was about to put it back in her pocket, when the wings started twitching. It had become much softer and more delicate than the material it had been before. The wings softly brushed against the palm of her hand until the entire body became animated. It quickly took to the air. Keara watched it, fascinated by the beauty of the little creature. It flew up to her, brushing its wings against her cheek before flying a few feet out in front of her, waiting for her to follow. Keara touched her cheek where the wings had touched her; never taking her eyes off the animated dragonfly, then smiled and followed it through the forest.

Zarra was walking all over the castle grounds looking for Keara. Along the way, she found Deryck and asked him if he had seen her anywhere.
‘She left.’
‘What?’ Zarra was caught by surprise, ‘Why?’
‘She received a message from the Night Elves and she’s meeting them in the forest in a few days.’ Deryck explained.
‘Why didn’t she tell me?’ she was somewhat upset, thinking that Keara was still mad at her.
‘I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t seen her this morning.’
‘She’s mad at you too?’
‘She was, but we already sorted that out.’ Deryck said, then added, ‘She’s mad at you?’
‘Yeah. I had kept valuable information from her and lied to her face.’
‘Information you found in the archive?’
‘Yes and no. I had already known about it, I just neglected to tell her about it when she asked.’ she answered, then realized that Deryck wasn’t supposed to know that they had found the archive, ‘How did you know about the archive?’
‘That you two found it despite our lying? She told me this morning.’
‘Oh.’ she relaxed a little, breathing again, ‘And you’re okay with it?’
Deryck just nodded his head.
‘And your brother?’
‘Not sure. But it’s either that or demise, so he’ll just have to deal with it, I suppose.’
Zarra slowly nodded her head, ‘When do you think she’ll be back?’
‘I don’t know.’

Joseph and Saresse had arrived at the home of the Ravens in the middle of the night. And even though it was late, the family decided to celebrate their engagement.
The brothers had all gotten up rather early, despite the festivities of the previous night. They were already preparing to leave again, this time, heading for the castle.
Caitlyn and Adin had decided to prepare a special breakfast for the family. Their only regret was that Keara was not with them.
A short while later, everyone said their goodbyes and soon after the Ravens started their journey; Saresse travelling along with them.

Scander was in his chamber. He was careful not to let anyone notice his constant absence. He didn’t worry about Sharzak; He knew he wouldn’t show himself. But the other workers would probably have gotten suspicious if they had noticed him sneaking away to his chamber so often.

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