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Once Walked With Dragons

By Simone1 All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Keara is destined to become the Drow Queen, but is unconcerned with such a title. She is more concerned with the eminent danger they face in the form of an old arch nemesis of the Dark Elves. In order to save the world she grew up in, she must find the dragons. Only, they haven’t been seen in centuries and she has no idea where to even start looking. And to make matters worse, no one even knows if they still exist. She sets out to find the dragons, and on her journey she discovers abilities she didn’t know she had and finds that she will have to make certain sacrifices if she is to save everyone from the darkness that plagues the world.

Chapter One

We were born from the earth. We’re descended from one species, but come from many different races. In many ways, we are alike, but in many more ways, we are very different. My four brothers and I aren’t like the others of our kind. My oldest brother, Michael and I are Dark Elves, or Drow. We were born from water, an almost indestructible element and yet, so easy to destroy. My other brothers were born from the woods. They are Woodland Elves, healers more than fighters. We were raised by humans who have been known as the Ravens for generations. As they had no human children of their own, my brothers and I became the next generation of Ravens.

The Ravens are the most elite horsemen the kingdom has at their disposal. Though, not many trust us, because we are dangerous and not under the kingdom’s control. We merely lend our services to those who are fighting for a better cause. The Ravens are the only horsemen who are completely capable of taking on the most dangerous errands.

As elves, we are immortal, but it doesn’t mean we can’t die. The Dark Elves are able to heal quite fast in their own domain, water. Woodland Elves are also capable of doing so, but they are more, sensitive to battle.

There are other horsemen who run errands for the kingdom, such as the Rorins, a group of specially skilled soldiers, named after the late King and the Golden Crests, named by the late queen and chosen for their diplomatic skills. Neither are as powerful as the Ravens, but they are more trusted, as the kingdom has full control over them.

My name is Keara. My brothers are Michael, Joseph, Alexander and Jonathan. There are many things I am not able to explain as I don’t know very much about my own kin. Michael knows much more, but refuses to tell me. He says he worries about me because I am so powerful. He says that I have too much power I can’t control yet. According to him, my characteristics and parts of my personality still draws too close to that of an unprecedented Dark Elf. Little did anyone know that it was far worse than a mere Dark Elf...

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