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The Royals: Leon

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"No, you can't do this to me. Why me? I've seen dozens of women throw themselves at you." I cried as I kept fighting him in hopes of regaining my freedom. "Because we chose you. You're the one who sparks a light in us where there is none." He says wiping away my tears. The Royals: Leon is book two in The Royal series. Each book is has it's on story line. You may miss some information, by skipping the first book. The Royals is currently ongoing, but will be complete mid March. Thank you all for your support.

Fantasy / Romance
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Sitting at my usual table in the corner, I watched my fated serve every customer with a smile. My wolf made me all too aware of who she was the moment I set eyes on her. He was getting impatient with me, taking my time to claim her. I’ve waited a hundred and twenty years for this to happen. What were a few more months? I had men watching her house and one working for her. She is safe.

Every afternoon and evening were the same. The shopkeeper would refill my coffee. Attempt to make small talk with me, and I would smile and nod my head. Secretly wishing she would try continuing the one-sided conversation with me. It wasn’t my voice I wanted to hear; it was hers.

Noticing her turn off her open sign and close up shop early stirred my beast. We didn’t like this. I wanted to remain close to her for a while longer.

“Are you closing early today?” I asked as she refilled my coffee.

Ahh, you spoke. She said, teasing. “Yes, I have somewhere to be soon. So, I would like to get home and clean up.” She said with a hint of excitement in her tone.

“Where are you going?”

“Somewhere” is all she said while walking to the kitchen.

“Okay, well, have fun. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” She said from the back.

I went to sit in my truck and wait for her to leave. If she didn’t tell me what she was up to, I would find out for myself. She may keep secrets from anyone but me. She didn’t know it yet, but she belonged to me.

I followed her from a distance until she arrived at her place. I waited about an hour until a black car pulled into her drive. A man got out dressed like he was on a date. My beast stirred. Another male was taking her out. My beast threatened to push through as we watched her greet this man in an alluring dress, giving him a quick peck on the lips. The urge to go, rip her from this man’s arms, and claim her as mine. I drove off instead. I called my lead to inform him it was time. We couldn’t stand idly by and watch another man take her from us. I never even noticed another male paying her any attention, and my informant never mentioned it to me. What was he suitable for if he couldn’t do one simple job? He was supposed to look after her.


Pictures of her naked body fueled my imagination as they had nights before. Her voice rang through my ears as I jerked off. It never failed, though as soon as I was done, my dick was hard again. My body craved the real thing. Not some illusion. A few cold showers did nothing to ease the stiffness of my dick. It only made me picture her naked body next to me, keeping me warm. My beast was purring at the idea of her sharing our bed and house with her after tossing and turning for what seemed hours. I eventually got up and went to my closet to grab a jacket of hers I had Kyle steal for me. When I brought her coat back to bed with me, I could finally relax with her scent next to me.


The sensation of my dick being sucked caused me to stir. I couldn’t help but dream that my fated lips gathered around my dick. “Mm, that’s it,” I said.

“I knew you missed me.” An all too familiar voice rang through my ears, causing me to push the whorish hell-hound away.

“What the fuck, Lacey? How the hell did you get into my house?! Jake, get your ass in here!” I yelled.

“Leon baby, I know I fucked up, but we are perfect. We can fix what we have. Everyone thought we were getting married. That I was the one for you.”

“When did I ever give you the impression, I was going to ask you to marry me? If anyone thinks we are getting married, that’s on you. You crazy fucking hound.”

“I’m crazy!? You’re the one snuggled up to that shopkeeper’s jacket. Does she even know what you are? Do you honestly even think she is into your kind? Women like her do not want a man like you. They want a man who works nine to five. A sweet, kind, gentle man. She wants someone normal. What would happen if you lost control while you were with her? She said, rambling on.

“Get out,” I tell her through gritted teeth.

I watch her eyes go wide with realization. She smiles a sinister smile. “She’s your fated. Isn’t she?” She asked. “Fated or not. She will run from you the moment she finds out what you are. Do you honestly think you will make her happy or her you? She would be stuck here with you as long as you have lived. I could see it. You never allowing her to leave because you would be too afraid that fragile little human would get hurt. Surrounding her with guards while she takes a trip to the restroom to ensure she doesn’t get damaged on the way there. She said, laughing.

“You yelled for me, sir?” Jake asked, walking in.

“Yes, how did she get past security? You know what, I don’t even care. Get her the fuck out of my sight. If she returns. Kill her.” I said, looking her in the eyes.

“Yes, sir. Ms. Vaughn, if you would just come with me.”

You’re really having me thrown off your property like some common peasant, are you?” she asked, standing there with her hands on her hips. Are you going to choose some human over me? She can never fuck you the way I do.” She said, coming up behind me and wrapping her hands around my waist. The shopkeeper will never accept you. Once she finds out what you are. They never do. Your past is too dark. The things you have done, people you have killed. You can never make her happy. If you honestly do care for her. Leave her alone.” She said, ending her counseling session.

“Just leave,” I said, pinching the bridge of my nose. “I can make her happy,” I told the stupid hell hound turning around. Also, she will accept me. Her mind may tell her to be afraid of me, but her body responds to my presence.”

“Tell yourself whatever you need to, Leon. You, of all people, know how this always works.”

“Yes, and it always works out,” I tell her angrily.

God, this woman had no dignity. I thought to myself as I headed to the shower. The shopkeeper would accept me. She belonged to me. There was no reason for her to know my past because she was my future.

Checking the time, I noticed I was running late. I needed to get to the office quickly to run through some meetings and paperwork to get to the shop on time. I was feeling on edge after last night. Memories of her kissing another man and possibly fucking him enraged me. I felt my beast trying to rip through my skin. Punching the wall that I envisioned to be the man she was with. Bringing her back here was only one way to calm us. She has to be under the same roof as us. The idea of taking her from her bed at night like a thief was becoming more alluring. I needed to make my claim on her so no other man dared ever approach her again. I wanted to feel her porcelain-like skin under my fingertips. Run my hands down her silky jet-black hair. Take her in every position possible. I could be gentle. I would allow her to leave the house with my men or me when I could trust her. That fucking hound had no idea what she spoke of. I can make my fated happy.

Stepping out of the shower, I quickly threw on my best suit and headed out, calling the man I knew I could depend on to get a job together.

“Hey, Leon. What’s going on?”

“Jared, I need you to put a contract together for me. Stating, “I will get Cole Saxton out of prison as long as Cecilia Saxton agrees to marry me.” Put a clause saying that if she runs, she will forfeit her business and her brother’s life.”

“Uh, sure thing, Leon. Wasn’t Jay supposed to be getting him out, though?”

“Yes, but he is dragging his feet. I don’t have time to wait on him any longer.”

“Well, congrats, man. So, is she being stubborn or something?”

“The less you know, man, the better.”

“Alright, well, consider it done. If you need some backup, let me know.”

“Will do,” I said, ending the call. My wolf and I were so excited knowing she would be in our bed tonight. I could already see myself pulling her close and holding her in my arms.

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