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Wolf vs Human's world

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Description- About a girl who lost her parents when she was small. People use to think of her that she’s evil because it’s strange the way she cries. Nobody wanted to be her friend, people use to say things about her and insults. But one day something changed her life when she meet a famous celebrity. She didn’t make any friends before until she met her, they had to be stuck doing a project and at first she didn’t like her then later they started to know that they almost have the same thing in common. But she didn’t know that she is can transform into a wolf and she knew that there is a problem somewhere. Read the full story to know more!

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

Stella we need to see you in the lab now

Stella- Okay sir, let me just wear my lab coat

Okay do fast I need to tell you something

Stella- Am here what did you wanted to tell me?

I wanted to tell you that we found another experiment of blood and we want you to check this carefully and tell us which blood is this.

The person is very strong, he can even lift a car it’s very strange. And we wanted to experiment his blood and know what’s wrong if it is not a human blood type, we can take all the person blood and use it for something else we could be rich Stella!

Don’t you think?

Stella- Yeah, and maybe I could use his kidney for my husband to recover hope so. I will check on his blood sir

Okay! Am counting on you.

Stella- Why am I doing this? Am working with a company that test strange people’s blood later they kill them. So many people have died after we used their blood.

Let me just finished this later then I would be paid.

1 hour later…

Stella- Hello there! Finally you have woken up. Could you please open your mouth I want to do a little bit more of experiment.

Ha! I know how you feel even me too I don’t feel good doing this. But it’s my job and if I do this I will have the money to pay for my husband before he dies hopefully.

Yeah my life is so sad and my younger sister died because my job.

Well, all job risk lives isn’t it? Am sorry for you I found out that you are half wolf half human.

Do you know how somebody will get it is when somebody uses the person things or and the person is bitten.

Just please open your mouth in a nice way, oh so you want the hard way then you will have it open your mouth!


Aaaaah! How dare you do this to me after what I said and I was going easy on you. You will pay for this

Oh no I forgot I got transmitted by the person bit me. But, I don’t feel any pain for my hand its coming from my STOMACH!


Somebody help me! Am bleeding.

Oh no what happened to you Stella? She’s bleeding! let’s take her to the hospital now and fast!

17 minutes later…….

Be strong everything will be all right am here for you. It’s okay just “calm down” “calm down”! There we go.

Should we come now and see. Yeah! You all can come. Hurray! Hurray! This is calls for a big celebration we have to celebrate!

“Stella what’s wrong?” what are you looking at?!!

Unknown- It’s all your fault look at what you have done now am dead and you are here enjoying yourself, you must pay! You have to DIE!

Stella- Please at least spare my child! It’s all I have. You can kill me if you want but please spare my child please!

Unknown- I don’t want your stupid child just you now die! STOMP!

Stella- Aaaaaaah!

Stella! Stella! What happened to you and who did this to you?

Stella- Please just go and take care of my child for me now!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaah!!!

Stella! Stella! no no no what happened to her wait! Somebody kill her with knife! but who could do this? And it looks like it was very deep the way the person pierced her.

Let’s go before they also hunt us too. But where will we go too. To the grandma house of course you dummy!

And fast let’s get out of here. Oh! Good idea! And let’s take our belongings quick!

I can’t stand a chance staying here any more with her also lying in the flow full of blood.

You’re right let’s go now me too I can’t stand it. But, what will we do to her body we can’t just leave her here on the floor like that.

Your right, when we finish our job by taking this baby to the grandma we will come back here again and bury her.

Okay then, let’s go

Three days later, ………………………

Wow! It took so long I think it was two days we took not that much though. No it was three days you dummy! Whatever, at least we are here.

And, stop calling me dummy. Hmm the house looks different in the picture or is it my eyes? Nah it’s not your eyes. Maybe, they changed some things or it’s the house.

The only way to know guys is to knock. Right! How is the child? I hope you gave the baby food? Yeah I gave the child food and it looks full and exhausted maybe, it’s also because of the air which is blowing.

Yeah! I think you are right and it was really a long journey too.

Hmm, what? No I just want to know if it’s a boy or girl Aww! It’s so adorable! Hurray! What? What happened is something wrong? No it’s just that the baby is a girl! Hurray! Hurray! Why didn’t you say so since? I was just so happy and shocked.

Uh no! We are always so distracted I don’t know why? We don’t have time here to relax we have a dead body!

In our house and we are here enjoying ourselves laughing and celebrating while we should be said and trying to hurry and go back.

You’re right we should knock in the house. Right!

Knock knock knock is anybody home? Maybe, be should just cover the baby with blanket and leave it in the door side.

Grandma- Hello?

Oh! Hello Miss Becker it’s nice to meet you once again!

Grandma- Oh hello you must be the lady that helps people to give birth but, where’s my daughter I thought she should also come with you since you are with the baby.

The truth is Miss Becker just please calm down when I say this don’t think that I must be joking.

Grandma- Oh she died isn’t it someone killed her with knife.

Yes but how did you know about this is as if you knew that this would happen.

You don’t even look sad. But well after when she gave birth, we was happy and we celebrating but then I turned to look at Stella.

And I that she was looking at someone else I couldn’t see what she was looking at but, she was begging the person and later she screamed.

Then later, I saw blood coming out but first I was I shout her name and I was saying what are you looking at Stella but, she was still talking to the person then lather the nobody that she was talking to stabbed her with knife.

Then later she said something she told me to take care of the child for her then, the nobody stabbed again deeply in her stomach and that’s how she died it’s very strange a person that I can’t even see killed her.

Grandma- I knew all about this would happen but I didn’t know that it will happened after when she gave birth why can’t she stay for a bit why now she died when me am still alive why!

Well, am so sorry Miss Becker I didn’t know that she would die after giving birth just cheer up okay at least she gave birth to a baby and the baby is a girl.

Grandma- Oh! It’s a girl what good news

Take care of yourself Miss Becker and bye also greet Mr Bekker for me too (Grandpa) he’s always travelling a lot and after all he’s and adventurer.

Grandma- I will greet him take care of yourselves.

Okay dear are you hungry? Hmm it looks like you are not. Let’s head inside.

Phew! At least the baby is safe. We did a good job guys let’s head home and clean the house from the mess.

Jess! Yes don’t you think that her family has a problem what do you mean? Well, when she was begging to a stranger or is it a ghost?

I think you are right but just hope it doesn’t affect the baby too. Yeah! Me too I hope.

Unknown- Your daughter will pay for what you have done I will wait until she grow up you all must have to suffer or die! Die!

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