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Wolf vs Human's world- Chapter I- My first day of school- (1)

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Description- About a girl who lost her parents when she was small. People use to think of her that she’s evil because it’s strange the way she cries. Nobody wanted to be her friend, people use to say things about her and insults. But one day something changed her life when she meet a famous celebrity. She didn’t make any friends before until she met her, they had to be stuck doing a project and at first she didn’t like her then later they started to know that they almost have the same thing in common. But she didn’t know that she is can transform into a wolf and she knew that there is a problem somewhere. Read the full story to know more!

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

Annie- Grandma I don’t feel good I need to go to my room

Grandma- What happened dear? You always like that anytime when you come back. I know something’s bothering you in your mind I know you very well Annie am your grandma.

Annie- Fine when I was coming back home from my job after coming back early and when a man that I was was angry I told him to calm down and later she poured wine on my cloth.

I felt angry but I was still patient and smiled. Because in that my job we always have to smile.

Later I went back home, I saw was an old man that lived there for a very long time. I helped him to pass the road and greet him but all I got at the end was just a slap and just him insulting me.

Annie- Grandma! What have I ever done wrong? Am I a bad person do I deserve this?

Grandma- Don’t worry it’s not your fault stop crying okay. Eat your food and sleep. Don’t worry you will feel much better tomorrow.

Annie- Okay grandma

15 minutes later…

Annie- Am going to bed now grandma

Grandma- Okay good night my dare

Annie good night grandma ………….

Grandma- Anne! Annie!

Annie- It’s you again! You fool I told you to stop calling my name!

Grandma- Annie! Ha am just tired of calling her name. Why is it so hard for her to wake up from her dream? She would be late for school.

Annie! Annie!

It’s grandma wake up!

Annie- Again that fool! We will die here far and square until I kill you.

Am coming for yah. What’s this maybe I will just use it for the fool



Annie- Oh! So its you grandma I didn’t know I was talking in my dream again. I didn’t now that the fool was my grandma haha! I am so stupid!

Grandma- How many times do I have to tell you? Don’t form a bad habit of talking while you are sleeping if I didn’t slap you. You wouldn’t have wakened up.

Without me, you would have miss your first day of secondary school.

Annie- Oh school! I forgot today was school. Be right back grandma.


Grandma- Ha! At times I wonder, what can you do without me?

12 minutes later…

Grandma- Hurry up you would be late.

Annie- Sorry for taking time am here

haa ha!

Grandma- Are you sure that you brought everything that you need?

Annie- Yep! But still, don’t worry be brave you can do this, just take a deep breath and out Haaa!

Grandma- My dear are you ready for your first day of school don’t think a lot this is not your first time going to school so just be happy and don’t worry you will make so many friends that your colleagues will even be jealous of you.

Annie- Grandma am still scared what if I will continue to be bullied what if I will be alone in school and be miserable like last time in Preschool and Primary school.


Grandma- Ready for your first day at school am so excited for you dear. Don’t be nervous come on!

Enter the school! You can do it! You can do it! Do it! Do it! That’s my little girl!

Oh no what happened you slipped and fell down don’t cry when I was your age my mother told me to be positive and strong okay so you be positive that’s my girl!

You don’t want to be late for your class on your first day of school.

Hello everyone sorry for the long waiting we have a new student today, her name is Annie she will join our class. Annie say hello to everyone. Hello! Okay she’s 3 years old, Annie be a good girl and head to your sit.

Hey I don’t like that girl name, what if we call her Apple. Yeah! Good one ha ha ha! Everyone be silent. Let’s begin class say ABC………………..

And when class ended the others bullied me………

Teachers didn’t care about they even said that am evil.

They was behaving kind at first and by that time I didn’t tell my grandma because I didn’t want her to worry a lot about me. I didn’t know what to do.

Hey apple! Come here not just walk away and ignore me, even if you run away you can’t just hide from me. Come here. Grab! How dare you walk away from me? Like I was saying.

Eh, hey Clarence what if the principal catch us bullying somebody and it’s the new student. What if the teacher find us too.

Clarence- Oh come on! Adam you are always scared about what will happen to you or me.

Come on I know you are my friend but try sometimes to have fun. And what about them, am not scared of the teacher am not even the principal if he comes.

Clarence- Listen grab! If you tell anybody what happened here apple you will never have rest. You understand me!

Nod nod

Clarence- Good! And answer somebody with your mouth. By the way have to be going I don’t want to miss the bus and have problems with my parents see you soon Apple. Push! Aaaaaaaaah!

Adam- Am a bit scared Clarence you pushed her from the stairs are you sure the principal wouldn’t know about this?

What if somebody saw us? It’s not only then teacher or principal that would find us. They might hide and tell them later!

Clarence- Nah! She doesn’t even like talking really, and she knows how to not allow anybody to know about this. She wouldn’t dare.

I had to continue living like this until primary school I thought that primary school will even be much better but……….

Grandma- Don’t worry dear you will be fine this I not your first time. But I know that its your first day of primary school. I know you will do well okay.

Okay grandma bye!

Grandma- Ha! Always falling down at her first day of school. Hope she will do well.

I didn’t had the courage to tell grandma what happened in Preschool and I didn’t wanted her to worry about me. I just kept it a secret.

Hello my name is Annie am 6 years,

Okay Annie you can now sit on your sit.

This new student looks nervous what a loser. Yeah! What if we bully her after school. Hey good idea!

Annie- I really have to avoid this thing that will happen after school, not again will this thing happened like last time. Grandma told me to behave well and don’t start a fight with anyone and that’s what I want to avoid. I don’t want the principal to put school fighting in my report card.

After school finished………

Excuse me! Please allow me to pass, Dash! Dash! Dash!

And where do you think you are going little butterfly? Hey guy! I don’t think that name is funny It doesn’t sound right. Then what will you call the new student?

Well, I would call her a little grasshopper because she hops when she runs get it.

Oh, good one that makes sense. Hey wait up! Grab! Where do you think you are going to when am calling you? It looks like someone heard our conversation while we was in class. Hmm, who could that be? Oh! Its you. Uh what a pity now will have to pay.

That’s it am tired of you all bullying others especially me, Aren’t you all not ashamed of yourselves. Just for you to look strong and to fear you.

Well, me am not. Am not scared of you guys and am not scared of showing how strong I am.

Since you both thinks that we are losers to you, then you guys are also. Remember, you guys also have the same age with us and you also attend the same class with us. Think well.

Shut up! Punch! Punch!


How dare you say such words to us!

Oh! it looks like it really did hurt, but that’s the truth. What a pity I really pity you or should I? You guys deserve no mercy.

You Bitch! Grab! Punch! Punch! Punch!

Hey where did you learned that from from I thought grandmas said that those are curse words. That right curse words! What a pity your mum or grandma didn’t yet teach you that.

That’s it am tired of your mouth Punch!

Gasp! Ugh! My stomach! Punch! Push! They pushed me to the stairs again, just like what happened last time my old school.

I thought I everything would be different. I thought everything would change, I thought I would make friends, I thought I would not be put into this bullying again, I thought I would have a normal life and be happy.

But, It didn’t happen as I wanted…..

Remember all those things that happened to me in Preschool and Primary school. All those people that bullied me they will pay!

Grandma- Annie! Annie! What did grandma taught you?

Annie- Always to forgive others that did bad things to you and don’t do you own back, don’t participate in bullying and don’t say curse words.

Grandma- That’s my little girl, grandma is proud of you. Oh! I should not be saying little since you are now big.

Annie- Don’t worry grandma, I anything you call me I will also answer you. Thank you so much grandma for raising all your money to allow me to go to school.

Grandma- And thanks also for being a good girl all this years, without you we would have be not be driving on this car. It’s because you are always working hard to raise money thanks a lot dear and have a nice day at your first day on secondary school.

Annie- Okay bye grandma and have a nice day too.

Grandma- Bye! Vroom!

Annie- Okay Annie just avoid fighting and be always positive, when anything goes wrong just be strong like what grandma said. Oh! And also smile! Smile!


Hey watch where you are going to.

Annie- Oh am sorry I didn’t mean to-


Annie- Hoof! That’s a close one!

Hello everyone! My name is Annie and am 14 years old.

Okay Annie you can now sit on your sit.

Annie- Are you sure this cloth is not that good, ha! I shouldn’t have just worn a new one not my old one from middle school.

It’s so tight on me I don’t feel comfortable! This is so humiliating! I told grandma that it was small for me!

Next time I will not come with this cloth. Good thing I bought another cloth.

But no! Grandma said that am wasting money, I should be saving them. But if I didn’t buy the real school uniform for this school.

I would have been wearing that cloth for the rest of my life until it teared!

Andrew- Shh! Please keep quiet the teacher will soon start the class

Annie- Telling me to keep quiet keep quiet keep quiet this!

Ha! Well, he’s right.

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