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Witch's Beast

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Evelina is a young witch who has just been learning her witch powers and believes that werewolves existed before and they were killed by her kind so there nolonger exist in the world. What happens when she finds out that they actually do exist and the moon has twisted her fate to a wolf, now her kind are sworn enemies to the wolfs yet all her heart can do is beat for him and body yawns for a beast and her sworn enemy. Will he accept her? What will her people have he do? Would they be together or would they die in shame?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I've been running for days now my legs are starting to fail me, I can see my feet peeking out of my shoes for my shoes are terribly torn and i had been running for days. The colour of my feet has turned into an ugly dirty white tainted with pinkish bruises and the pain I can no longer feel because they are numb now.

Now you probably wondering why am running but the question you should be asking is what am running away from!

Well I'll let you know how it all began...

I am witch and a very powerful one at that but like everything in this world I have a weakness, that am really not sure what it is but it has something do with wolf blood. It was the day us witches had to go into the woods and pick herbs to make potions and spells that I realised wolves blood was my weakness, every witch has a different weakness.

Here I was in the middle of the no where, the moon shines bright up there,I had wore my beautiful black cloak. As I walked in the woods heard sound possibly of animals and it was really loud and i could of sworn it was some dogs attacking each other so I approached closer. The closer I approached I could hear clearly this roaring sound and howls, four gigantic animals. They look alot like dogs but dogs aren'that big, four of them attacking one, this fight never looked fair but who am i to judge and I knew from the minute I laid eyes on that gigantic dog that it would never see another full moon.

These animals were vicious, aggressive and totally wild. They didn't want to just kill but they were more into torture and play with their prey. They took big bites from their prey, the bites were big enough to cause severe pain but not actually kill their prey, I could've ran away from a fight like this because I couldn't stand a chance against four gigantic dogs evil enough to torture their own kind close enough to death or kill. At that thought

Their eyes glowed different colors to the moon's light representing each soul the beast carried beneath itself. My grandmother Arieyanda used to tell me stories of beasts who wore their skin in war to win as their skin was all the amor they needed. A man form in day and a beast by night their truth was hidden as they killed with mercilessly and that was a curse and only the darkest magic which was ancient was used to humans who killed many of our kind.Forming one with beast and man they were werewolves and my kind can never cross path with them as they lusted over our blood.

I would have gone by just fine if it wasn't for the crackling of twig that snap under my foot and just like that all five werewolves turned to me. Sure I had entered a party without an invitation, growls grew more aggressive. I jumped out of fear and. All four wolfs approached me, circling their new prey. Forgetting about their so not long ago fight.

"oh shit " it was interesting how all these wolfs were of a deepest darkest black colour and you couldn't tare them apart. I was busy trying to spot the difference when they suddenly attacked me. It happened so fast that when I tried to use my hands to blind them they were already tearing into my skin.

I tried to get them off but they over powered me. 'close your eyes and picture your blood with so much poison and repeat pethra derus pethra, remember to always say it while the enemy feast from your blood my daughter.' my mother's words played in my head.

"PETHRA DERUS PETHRA!!!"With my last breath I said it. I hoped it worked and i began to lose consciousness, as I was drifting away I smiled caused finally these mother fuckers would follow the same faith they brought my way. I could hear them howling in pain but far in my darkness, I knew my magic worked but I would pay a big price for using black magic if I lived ever again.

I could hear voices, two voices possibly a young girl and woman. " mother can i touch her only once?" at that I opened my eyes I came face to face with a young girl and woman like I had thought, both of them seem shocked and scared of me.
"Laura call your father!" said the lady whom I guess is mother of Laura and without a word she ran out of the room.
"w-h" my throat is so dry my voice won't come out, the lady looked at me her beautiful black hair falling on her face, her creamy fair skin glowing as though she is with child and her beauty was remarkable.
"you will not speak demon! " she said that with so much hate.

I wanted to laugh for I've been called all sort of things but a Demon never had even thought someone would picture me as so,and my body hurt like hell. I looked around the room but it looked more like a jail than a hospital, my blood ran cold at the thought of being jailed but for what?

"for poising four of my sons and i am interested in just how you did that demon? " a large tall man spoke entering the Room, but I don't remember poisoning his sons or probably his referring to those wild beasts as his sons, he should be jailed for breeding those types of animals and thank me for poisoning them.

"they are not beasts but wolves and we all are now if u don't heal them I will kill you demon and make sure you don't miss your ride home" he could read my thoughts and wolves weren't real but ancient history how could they have existed all this was surprising and new to me, I tried sitting up but my body was weak. I should've been fine by now, should've been as fresh as new but my wounds are still fresh and are shitlessly painful.

"wa-te-r" i managed to get out of my mouth, the lady gave me a disgusting look before she could pour me a glass of water. The Room started to fill up with women and men, and I could tell i was about to be the latest video everyone is watching and trending.

"DEMON SPEAK!!! " God i was so tired of being called that.

" firstly am no demon and secondly I did not poison your sons they drank from my blood and i have no idea why would you keep such wild animals! " everybody in the room was growling wildly at me and i sensed danger in every corner of the room.

" The demon speaks and it seems our speculations were right, she poisoned her blood to kill my sons and all I want to know is who fears me so much to send a demon after my sons? " he thought I was a demon and sent by someone to murder his sons perfect.

" nobody sent me, your sons attacked me and i did what I could to protect myself . " that was the truth.

" the demon cannot be trusted" shouted a boy standing amongst the crowd of people.

"demon you will undo what you have done to my sons and tell me the name of the person who sent and maybe I shall spare your life! " this huge man must be fucken joking those idiots deserve what they got.

" so u think I would be assured to leave this place alive just because you said MAYBE?" i needed to walk away safe.

" Demon just undo it i will let you leave after all we have no business with you."

The door burst open, the most handsome men I've ever seen walked through, his black hair trimmed and fresh, his ocean blue eyes capturing the crowd and he walked forward with his every step my heart speeding up, my breath had stop. God he looked delicious and my whole body and spirits wanted this male.

"What is her name? , every demon has a name so what's hers? " his voice made me Want him to speak to him only God i need to feel him, What the fuck is wrong with me.

I couldn't possibly tell them my name witches never told anyone their names it was a witch rule and i follow it.
" You will speak or I could find a way to make you speak. " even his angry moment I still wanted him.

" No fucking way! " I would do anything to for a Male like that but my name not a chance

" strip her naked you will find her name on her body and say it to my brother's whatever spell she cast on my brothers will be broken with her name. " he knew so much about me, did he also know i was a witch? Now does this mean I won't be spared? He looked at me and I couldn't tear my gaze away ,his eye held the emotions my body begged and I could see how he fought the thought of me as I realized he felt exactly how I felt about him my eye widen and looked away.

"Maria you will check her body while we wait outside" he spoke to the blond next to him.

" But son how do you kno-" he was cutter off "she's a witch father!" how the hell did he know that?

" how do you know this son? " like his father I was also interested on how he knew so much about me, yet I knew nothing about him.

"father I was there the night my brothers were poisoned, I could hear everything and this witch chanted something that made my brothers as they are now." he looked into my eyes and the same eyes of those gigantic dogs display a picture and i got the answers that I couldn't get, he was there that night, he was the one beaten and torn up, the wolf I thought would not see another full moon.

"your brothers almost killed you and you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me!!! " i was super mad at him, he should have died but one small mistake they found a new prey but here he was exposing my existence.

" witch I was training with my brothers and after all we are wild animals, Now speak your name witch" he shouted and looked very irritated yet I still like him even so.

"I will undo my spell but I couldn't tell you my name for us witches we do not mention or speak of our names. " everyone in the Room was staring at him and he stared at me with his hardest evilest look which I terribly find sexy.

The Room was quite they all seem to communicate with this silence and they never broke eye contact." son let her undo the spell at once? " his father spoke but he still stared at me neither one of us ready to break eye contact.
" i don't trust her but I believe if she wants to live she will undo the spell after all my blood almost killed her" with those words being said I looked away and what did he mean almost killed me? it wasn't the bites that made me weak but his blood, Oh God Wolves blood is my weakness?

"I looked at you and I saw that Aaron and the others may have bit you but it wasn't their blood that was weakening you but his." a women with pure white hair spoke pointing at him. I looked at her grey tired eyes and a sparkling light lite up her eyes and i felt my own sparkle too, the recognition of witches..... Omg I am fucked.

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