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The Red Rose

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This is my second life. You must think, how is that bad? While we’re the heck do we start with this show? I am the daughter of the Duke of House Rose. One of the most feared and respected houses in the Empire of Atsia. Also, betrayed by her fiance and the love of her life. Sad, I know right? Now I will get my revenge on everyone who took advantage of my kindness and hurt me.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Red Rose Returns

This is my second life. You must think, how is that bad? While we’re the heck do we start with this show? I am the daughter of the Duke of House Rose. One of the most feared and respected houses in the Empire of Atsia. Also, betrayed by her fiance and the love of her life. Sad, I know right? Now I will get my revenge on everyone who took advantage of my kindness and hurt me. Starting with you Finn and your lover Mia then everyone else. It all started after my fiance Finn stabbed me in my heart with the sword I gave him. Funny isn’t he ended me with something I gave him. I woke from my bed scared and confused. That was about a week ago. Now I am getting ready to see the person who ended me. The maids pulled out a pink dress he gave me on my birthday.”I would like to wear the green dress “I ordered. The maids looked at me with shock but did as they were told. I put on a long off shoulder basque dark green dress. They put my hair in a triple twist half up. Then one of my knights escorts me to the garden. The garden is known for its variety of roses. Weird right where the House of Rose and our garden is known for their roses. My knight stops and there I see him. His green eyes looked at me with happiness.How dumb and naive was I to fall in love with him.”Hi, Finn” I say happily and forcing a smile. Finn comes up and hugs me. This is humiliating. “How are you doing red,” Finn says happily. He gave me a bouquet of Bridal roses. Bridal rose means happy love. I really want to laugh…happy love. You killed me yet you come and give me flowers that represent happy love. Our love will never be happy at least not in this world. “My lady, “ says one of the maids worried. “Yes,” I answer. She seems very worried and panicked. “It’s your brother he got into an accident while training” she panicked. I glared at the maid ”Take me to my brother “ I demanded. The maid nodded and everyone seemed surprised but I don’t care, my brother is hurt.”Red” Finn calls and tries to take my hand. I withdraw my hand and said,” I need to go”. I rush to the carriage and get in. What could have happened to him? These didn’t happen in my past life. I didn’t do anything to change the future.” We’re here my lady” said one of my knights and helps me off the carriage. Everyone seems surprised to see me here. I see two people training. I walk towards then I felt something cold and sharp against my throat… it was a sword.” Excuse me do you know where Ian of house Rose is” I say coldly and without fear. I have already had a sword against my throat multiple times and stabbed with one so, why should I be scared? Many were shocked by my response. Their faces are so funny that I want to laugh. The boy also seems a bit shocked. My past self would have been trembling…weak.” SISTER ”I hear someone yell. My little brother runs to me. He is just one year younger than me. I am 15 and he is 14 then our older brother Aaron is 17. “Are you okay?” He asks worriedly. He is taller than me by just 2 inches. The boy seemed like he had lowered the sword from my neck.My little brother runs to me and hugs me.” Are you okay “ I asked letting my guard down and letting myself sound worried. My brother looks at me as if I were crazy.” You had a sword against your throat shouldn’t be asking you” my brother says while hugging me tightly. I just look at him and pat his head.” Aliana you’re embarrassing me” while hiding his face. I get out a giggle.” We should head home Ian” I say while taking his hand and leading him to the carriage. While in the carriage my brother stayed looking out of the window.” Your odd sister” my brother says, taking a glance at me. I was a little shocked by what he said.” What do you mean” I asked.He looked at me and smiled.” It’s good that your odd” my brother says with a bigger smile.The carriage stops and me and my little brother get off. When I get off and start walking to the library.I hear noise from the bush so I walk faster to the library. If I run, the person there might know that I know they’re there. When I walk in I feel a hand over my mouth.” Shh bunny it’s me” I hear familiar voices whisper. I hit the person behind me with my elbow in their stomach and dash forward then turned around. The man gasps and then I see his face.” Noah” I question.” Yes bunny” Noah answers. I ran back and hugged him.While hugging him I see a black shadow disappear.Who was that, were they spying on me? Noah walks back and puts his hand on my cheek.” Are you still thinking about getting married to Finn” Noah asked me with no expression on his face.I look at him and reponed” I don’t know” while taking his hand off of my cheek. He seems to smile after I said that.” Aliana” I hear other voices say. I turned around to see Finn.” What are you doing with him,” Finn asks me while looking right into my eyes. I look at him and walk closer to him.” I was talking with Noah” I answered him. “Let’s go,” Finn says.After some minutes of silence , I respond “No”. ” What” Finn’s response looked at me as if he was trying to look into my heart.” I don’t want to leave, I need to get some books” I say trying to avoid his gaze. Finn looks at me and then leaves. My legs feel weak then I fall to the ground. Noah hurry to and helps me up.” Bunny are you okay” Noah says worried.” I am fine” I answered. Noah looks at me and shakes his head. ”Why are you lying to me…did I do something wrong if I did am sorry but don’t lie to me” Noad pleaded . I looked at him and hugged him.” I am going to tell you something but you will think I am crazy” I tell him.” I will never think your crazy bunny” Noah respond almost instantly. I told him that this is my second life.” That…That bastard” Noad says irritated. He hugs me and kisses my forehead.” It’s okay I will protect your bunny”.What the heck is he doing. Is he tring to comferte me.I hug him and whisper ”Thank you Noah”.He looks at me and gives me a little smile.``I should escort you to your room” Noah says with happiness in his voice. Which I don’t know why made me giggle.``Okay Noah ″I told him. Noah escorted me to my room then we said our goodbyes. Finally my room. I walk up to my closet.” Wow this closet looks like if it’s of a two year old” I say looking at the clothing inside. I walked to the bathroom and bathed myself. I don’t want the maids to wash me.I just want some peace and quiet. After a while, I get out and get dressed . I walk to my bed and went to sleep.In the middle of the night, I feel something moving my hair from my face.I open my eyes and see a man dressed in black with a hood.He ran and jumped off my balcony.I dashed behind him but lost me.I look around my balcony but I can’t find the man anywhere.``Who could that be″ I murmured to myself. I walk back inside and lock everything except the door of my room.I go back to my bed but I just layed in my under the cover.sWho was he? Why was he moving hair from my face? How did he know I was asleep? The only thing I saw was white hair. Only twenty-nine percent of people in Atisa have white hair which limits my suspects .” How did you sleep my lady?” asks Emma. Emma is around my age and has always been loyal to me and my family.” I had a good rest” I informed her. I am very tired I barely closed my eyes last night.Then with what happened didn’t help at all. I get up and get ready. I start walking to my study.``Sister” I hear a voices say.``Big brother” I responded to my older brother Aaron.He looks at me and hugs me.I am a bit surprised by his action.``Are you okay” he asks me while whispering into my ear. Did he find out about the sword incident “ Yes am fine brother,” I tell him. He looks at me and pats my head. “Your teacher is sick today,” my older brother tells me.” Oh okay for telling me,” I say with a smile then I start walking away.” She changed…she really did change…wait I can’t say that for sure” Say someone. I walk to the garened and see that no one is there. I kicked off my shoes and stepped in to the fountain.Then I start kicking the water in the fountain.” Lady Rose” I hear a voice say. At that moment I slip and fall back. When I was about to hit the water I feel a hand around my waist and one behind my head.” A lady shouldn’t play with water like a five year old” The man says. When I look up I see the first prince. I push him off and said,” I am sorry you had to see this your highness” I say as I curtys. He just looks at and say” You should change you look like a wet cat”.Then starts to walk away.” What an ass” I whisper to myself while geting out of the water fountain. I start walking to my room when.” Did you have fun bunny” Noah asks me.” Noah” I said surprised. Noah takes me by my hand and takes me to my room.” You should get changed” Noah says.I smile and nod then enter my room.I changed to a long sky blue off the shoulder dropped dress and my white eveing glove. I put on white stiletto and undid my braid.Then I started to walk to the dining room.I wonder if I can asked my dad to break the engagement. The faster the better.I don’t want to see him any more. I can use the fact that I broke the engaged ment to spread rumors. When I get there the door opens.” Good evening mother, father, older brother, and brother”I say while sitting down.” Aliana we have a guest with us who will join us tonight” my father informs me. “ Okay father” I reply. I hope that it’s not Finn. If it were him I can just make up an excuse to leave.” Your highness “I hear my father say. No please not him. I look up from my plate and then take a quick glance at the prince. Shit, it’s him. He was the prince that saw me playing in the fountain.” Father, I don’t feel so well can I go to my room and rest” I asked my father.Please say yes…please.” Oh okay rest my child” my father replies a bit worried.I leave the room walking than after I am about 3 minutes away I start rushing to get to my room.Then I see Finn and a girl kissing.I feel tears falling down my cheek. Why am I crying.There is no reason for me to cry.” Aliana” I hear a voices say. Finn stops kissing the girl and looks at me.”Aliana” Finn panicked”It’s not what it looks like really”. I feel even more tears”In my mind you have died…I hate.. I really hate you for making me love you”I murmured while crying even more.”Finn leave now before I punch you and leave you with a purple eye” Noah say irritated. Finn runs way with the girl.I know who the girl is…she is Mia his lover but they started to see each other earlier.I saw them kissing when I was 17…this means he started to cheat on my two years before hand or even more.We had been engagaed since we were 10 but we like each other so it wasn’t so bad.But is seems that arranged marriages don’t work out or at least for me. Why I am I sad. I am going to break the engagement anyway. But I still feel a hole in my heart.This is shitty new start to my new life. I feel eyes on me then I turn around to see my father and brothers.”Sister”my little brother says then starts to run towerdes me and hugs me.My other brother seems like he is going to kill someone.My father look at me and walks to me then says”Aliana I will make sure he pays for hurting you my dear daughter”.My father wips some of my tears.”Aaron will you join me to find him”Noah fumed.My older brother smirkes and replied “ We can’t waste time right Noah”.They both storm off following the same route Finn had taken.My little brother walks me to my room. We both stayed their talking,drawing,coloring, and reading a bit too.At around 8:34 p.m. my little brother leaves and I start getting ready for bed.After I finished getting ready I walk to my bed and go to sleep.”Wake up princess” I hear someone say and I wake up with a jump.”Who the heck are you” I question still half asleep.He just looks at me and walks to the balcony. I frowned followed right behind him. “Why are you here” I question while looking at him.He has white hair it looks like snow.But I can’t see his eye.His eyes are covered with that seems to me a thin fabric.He is wearing all black and has a dagger on him.I must proceed with caution. I don’t have anything to use as a weapon or a fast escape.The man walks close to me which brings me back to reality.As he took a step forward I took a step backward until I was against my door.”Why are you running chipmunk” he says with smirk.What is he thinking and why is he calling me names. Who the heck would call someone princess and chipmunk.”You haven’t answered me,why are you running chipmunk” He say but weirredly doen’t sound mad.I wonder why.I raised my eyebrow without knowing and he asks me” What are you thing about”. I look at him in the eyes” Why are you here” I repeat.He looks at me and takes a dagger out and plays around with it in his hands.”What are you doing you can get hurt”I say while still trying to sound cold as I was in the beginning.He looks at me integrated and then puts the dagger up to my throat.``What would you do if I say the emperor told me to take care of you”He questions me.”What type of take care of” I say.With the dagger against my throat.I would guess that what he means of take care is that he wants me died.The man looks at me with amusement.”What is so amusing old man”I say a bit irrtade.He wake me up for the second time and I am tried.Can’t a girl rest like damn.I just want some sleep.He changes the angel of the dagger which I took as a advantage.I take the dagger form his garp and now the roles have switched.I am the one with the dagger and he is against the door now.”You know I like this position better”I say while having the dagger to his throat. He doesn’t seem that alared at all was he trained for this? While that means that someone really wanted to end me and a suppcet seems to be the emperor. I get closer to him and whisper”You should go back to the emperor grandpa” in is ear. “At least I gave you good nicknames” He says looking into my eyes. I remove the dagger and took him by his shirt.”You don’t have to get rough with me princess” he laughs. I walk by and enter my room but before that I turn around and said”I will be keeping this as a memory grandpa” while moving the dagger around and then closing the door behind me.I hided the dagger under my bed in a secrete department.Me and him are the only ones that know what happed to night and I plan keeping it that way.I change my sleep wear because it got torn a bit when I took the dagger. After change I go to sleep.I could sleep normally to night I don’t know why. When I wake up my mother is in my room sitting at the side of my bed.”Mom” I asking seeing if she is wake.”Yes my little girl” my mother says.”What are you doing here”I ask.”I came to see you…your dad told me what happened with him” my mother say calmly and softly.My mother’s voices is like a lullaby soothing and calming.”I am fine mom don’t worry” I say.”Alian have to tell you this”my mother say woirredly.”Yes mom” I reply.”Your father broke off the engagement and said that the House of Rose will not make any deals or treads with House Green Stone anymore” mother says as fast as she can.She thinks I will pity Finn and she doesn’t want me to.In this life I will never pity him so she doesn’t have to worry. “Oh well okay”I reply.My mom seems a bit shocked then started to smile.”We are going to a ball tonight so get ready”My mom tells me.”Mom what time is it”I question my mom.”It’s 5:45 p.m and we have to leave at 6:55 p.m to arrive their at 7:15 p.m.”my mom informs me.I smile and nodded.After my mom left and some maids entered the room and helped me get ready for the ball.

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