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Ami, a young woman fresh out of university believes she has an amazing opportunity to work of a major company. Drugged by the company CEO, Ami becomes a victim of human- animal splicing. Discovering the company is a shame and thrust into a war between two groups. With nothing but lies surrounding her, Ami must uncover the truth and make alliances to survive. Will Ami live to see this through or is her death aminate? WIth her life completely changed Ami must discover her strength within to get the answers she desperately seeks.

Fantasy / Scifi
Riku Rozier
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Chapter 1

Mama woke me up, pulling me out of bed. Half dragging me out the room in the middle of the night. Glancing at the clock as she continues to drag me through the hall. it’s barely 12am, what could she possibly want with me at this hour? I haven’t done anything wrong.

She takes me down the stairs of our home to the ground level. Making her way to the basement door, opening the door it was very dark. I knew what this meant and didn’t want any part of it. Tugging at my arm, fear creeping through me. She was going to do it again to me and the memory of last time flashing through my mind.

“Mama, please not again” I start to cry

“Shut up child, you will be good for something. And that something is using you for my research” She snapped

Mama picks me up and carries me down the stairs as she quickly flips the light switch on. The room looks like a state of the art laboratory. Why am I here? I wonder looking around taking in all the strange equipment. That I have absolutely no idea what they do or why they’re in our basement. Confused, I look over at Mama, who straps me down to the table.

“Mama, why am I here? I want to go back to bed “, I whine.

She just ignores me setting up all the equipment before wheeling over a cart full of what looks like shots and various other sharp looking items.

“Mama no, I don’t want shots!”, I yell

She doesn’t care, ignoring my protests Mama proceeds to inject me in my arms and legs. My screams fill the room.

My alarm goes off blaring in my room. Causing me to bolt straight up panting sweat drenching my face. I sit up crossing my legs taking deep breaths. To calm that panic that has built up in me for this nightmarish dream.

That damn nightmare of my childhood. God I don’t know why of all days I had to have that nightmare. Today is the day I go for my interview with FaeTech Incorporated. Pulling my hair out of the messy bun it was in, my long blue hair fell down my back.

The best part about living alone is that you have the privilege of sleeping naked and not giving a damn about anyone. Unfortunately, my last roommate wasn’t so accepting of my bisexuality. At first it wasn’t so bad, she would get angry at me for the most random things. Whether it would be me sleeping in the nude in my room. Or me walking out of my room nude to the bathroom.

She was very much prude and would want me to wear clothes even when we were home alone. At one point she became furious at me for hooking up with a girl. As a result she threw me out of the apartment. It wasn’t until I took her to court and presented the judge with all the paperwork that essentially proved that I was paying the most. Not only in utilities but in rent as well therefore, her evicting me from the apartment was considered to be wrongful eviction.

After she was ordered to pay back for the lack of payments to her share of the rental agreement. I paid our landlord my share of the rent to break the agreement and moved out. And with that I moved here to Jade City. A beautiful city where supposedly everyone is accepted and employment opportunities are endless. I was very much surprised when FaeTech Inc reached out wanting an interview with someone like me.

I just graduated from university with a bachelors in computer engineering. My speciality being the programming of computers and the creation of new computer codes. My hope was with the new codes that I can create to make an impact in the medical industry. Programming new tech that could improve the lives of others. My family wasn’t the most loving of families.

My mother was a scientist who apparently experimented on me until I was ten. Which brought this woman great pleasure even when it caused me nothing but pain. It usually resulted in me being left there for days recovering while covered in bandages. When Child Services came and seized me after someone reported her for abuse. My brother Kane and I were separated.

That night they took me away. Watching my fifteen year old brother sitting on the steps tears sliding down his face. He swore up and down that our mother would never do that to me. And how someone was making false reports. I don’t know what happened to him after Child Services took me away.

Doctors ran many tests on my body until they were satisfied that there was nothing different with my metabolics. However, as I grew older I began to notice that I would always seem to be a little faster, smarter, like something in me was enhanced. And as a result made me stand out in more ways than one.

My body during that time wasn’t the greatest. I was chunky until high school where I made a point to work out and tone my body to be where I wanted it to be. Strange thing about those times was that I could never recall getting ill. And in each foster house I was placed into. They either didn’t want to keep me for whatever reason.

Or found me such a strange child they would keep their distance from me. It was like they saw something inhuman within me. And it never made sense to me why they did. Shaking my head of all the memories I got up out of the bed walking over my attached bathroom. I turned on the shower waiting for the water to heat up.

Thinking to myself, there is no point in remembering those bad times. I should get ready for this interview. It could change everything for the better. With that I look into the mirror noticing that I lost a few pounds. I’m happy with what I see in the mirror, my 36DD chest, toned stomach, and my skin is mocha brown.

Once I saw the steam coming from my shower I stepped inside letting the warm water run over my body. The warm water felt wonderful so like any other single woman with pent up stress and/or anxiety. I took off the hand held shower I change the water flow. Once I found the right water pressure moving the handle to just about my clitoris shuddering with pleasure. While the water pulses against my clit I feel my release as I moan softly.

Feeling the stress leaves my body. Stretching in the shower I grab my loofa, lathering my body with my favorite soap before rinsing off to do my hair. Taking my shampoo I deep clean my hair before deep conditioning it. Once I finally finish, I step out of my shower wrapping a towel around my body and another for my hair. I walk over to my bathroom counter to begin preparing my makeup.

Looking at all my options I decided to go with ice blue for my eyelids to be shadowed by a silver glitter, strawberry red lipstick and a bit of blush. After finishing my makeup. I take the towel off my hair allowing it to fall onto my back and begin to brush it out. I pull it into a high ponytail before I take out the outfit I prepared the night before. A black mid thigh skirt with stockings underneath, a cute pink blouse that doesn’t hug my chest too tightly and lastly my favorite black heels.

Giving myself a once over and being satisfied with my appearance. I opt for skipping food and coffee, grabbing my keys, locking up my home. I leave for the elevator to head down to the parking garage. Stepping out the elevator I head to my parking space, unlocking the car before opening the door. Setting my purse in the front passenger’s seat I sit down and start the car.

My phone automatically connects to bluetooth. I pull my music up playing my favorite playlist before rolling down the windows blasting my music as I leave the parking structure. The weather was great today. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing ever so slightly giving a nice breeze to those walking. Driving through the city I see everyone either going to their own place of work or finding something fun to do on their own. This town was definitely different and I love that about it.

After thirty minutes of driving to the downtown sector of the city I arrive at FaeTech Inc. Turning into the parking structure making sure, I get a ticket so it can be validated on my way out. The lot looks full so I make my way up to the second level. I was lucky enough to spot a space next to the elevator. Parking into the space trunk first, I turn off my car grabbing my purse before exiting the vehicle.

Locking it up, I make my way to the elevator. The ping of the elevator’s door as it opened after a moment’s wait, I stood inside pushing the ground button. The elevator takes me down where it opens its doors. Stepping out the elevator I enter the main lobby of the company. FaeTech Inc, is one of the biggest competitors for tech that has been used to increase the memory and productivity of electronics.

They are known to be rivals with Jupiter Inc. who deals with the same type of technology. Unfortunately, for them they have been put into a bad light ever since someone spread a rumor of them performing experimentation on unwilling people. The lobby was enormous looking to my left from the elevator. I see a map of the company. To my surprise the company has fifteen floors.

The lobby is decorated with plants and art. To my left there is a seating area where you can set up your laptop to do some of the work involved here, the right was a small coffee seating area with a coffee shop next to it. After checking the map I see I need to go down the hall to the left. Leaving the lobby I head to the office where Emilia Blackermine should be. Opening up the door I walk to the front desk.

In front of me were beautiful women sitting at a long desk, working on their morning tasks. Approaching the front desk I pulled out my card.

“Hello, I’m Ami, I am here to see Ms. Emilia Blackermine please. I have an interview this morning at 10am”.

The first receptionist who I caught her name tag Sallaya looks up at me. She smiles kindly before speaking to me.

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