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Twilight Calamity: A New Twilight

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On a seemingly regular day and at one singular moment, a massive dark hole formed near our solar system. Nothing humanity could have done but watch their doomed fate. Even though the dark hole swallowed our entire solar system, all life on the planet survived. However, many new powerful and intelligent creatures appeared and now humans aren’t the dominant creatures on the planet anymore. For humans and all other weak creatures, an individual who used to be called the “Twilight Champion” appeared and protected them. Time passes and the same individual is now being called the Twilight “Calamity” instead of “Champion”. After that, the individual disappeared but left a letter for his one and only friend. So how did the dark hole appear? How did all life on the planet survive? And how did new ones come to existence? What’s the story of the twilight champion and why he’s now being called calamity? And what’s that letter that he left for his friend? And many more questions that would love to get answered.

Fantasy / Action
Twilight Calamity
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A New Twilight

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Chapter 1

One single moment is all what it took for all of it to start. On a seemingly regular day and at one single moment, a massive dark hole formed and appeared near our solar system. Nothing humanity could have done but watch their doomed fate, or so it seemed.

The massive dark hole swallowed our entire solar system, and just as everyone thought that the earth and all life on it will get wiped out of existence, it didn’t. for some reason, which no one was able to find, not only humans, but the planet and all life on it survived somehow.

No one knows or remembers what happened within the Dark hole nor how long they were in it. that’s why no one knows what the date is, year, or position that they are in. The earth or that is what humans used to call it, the humans’ planet is not the same anymore, in fact it’s completely different now. Some deny that the earth survived and that they’re on a completely different unknown planet now.

Whether it’s a different planet or the earth just changed, the fact that the environment is completely different now remains the same. The planet is hundreds of times bigger than the original earth’s size. Some say or speculate that possibly, within the Dark hole, the earth and other planets got mixed together and formed a completely different planet. But no one can prove such ideas either.

Not only the planet that got changed, the plants, animals, and even us humans changed completely too. A lot of us gained new powers that were only in fiction stories and myths.

All of that was unbelievable, but the thing that surprised us the most is that there are so many new creatures that appeared too. Mysterious Monsters, and mythical beings and so many that we never seen before. A lot of those creatures are intelligent and surpassed humans. A lot of those creatures also have formed and lived in cities, countries, and even empires. Also, not all of these creatures belong to or have an empire, some creatures stay alone and some in small groups. But how and why did all those creatures appear? What is their purpose? Are they good or bad? What do they want? Do they just want to live or do they want to dominate over this planet and over all other creatures just how the humans did before? And many other questions humanity is asking …. And the answer seems to be that everyone’s different.

Compared to the other creatures and their empires, humans are weak, except for those who gained or possess powers. However, many of those creatures and empires take, invite, or sometimes even force these humans as well as any other creatures that possess special powers to join their group or empire..

Humans are trying to survive, but unfortunately the humans are just way too weak. The only reason humans and other weak creatures survived was because of some individuals who were powerful enough to defend them. The most famous of those individuals, without a doubt, was a person who used to be called the “twilight champion”. “Twilight” because he wielded and possessed the powers of light and darkness. “Champion” because of how many he saved. However, time passes and many now started calling him “Twilight Calamity”. Many call him calamity now because rumors say that he wiped entire nations. Whether those rumors are true or not, the fact that he was very powerful can’t be denied. That individual’s true name is unknown. Time passes again and the calamity of twilight disappeared without a trace left behind him. no one knows where he is or if he was even still alive somewhere. However, just before he disappeared, he sent a final letter to his one and only friend, a person named Raydin.

Raydin is also one of those powerful individuals who defend the weak but he isn’t as well-known as Twilight. And just like the twilight champion, Raydin kept his identity a secret from many. Raydin receives the letter.

Raydin : oh a letter! I wonder who sent it…

Raydin opens the letter and finds a map with it. Raydin starts reading the letter:

Raydin: “hey Raydin,

It’s been a while. I hope that you’re doing well. Because of complicated reasons, I’m going to disappear for who knows how long. I just want to ask you for one favor, I’m sure you found the map I sent with this letter. There’s a town that’s marked on the map. Can you please go to that town and look for someone named Hajec? I would love it if you could watch and accompany him.

If you can’t or don’t want to do it then it’s totally fine, no pressure. However, knowing you for so long I know that you will haha. I’m sure you two will become very close friends. Also don’t talk to him about this letter nor even show it to him. Please don’t forget. I would like you to actually destroy this letter after you finish reading it.

Other than that, I just want to Thank you for everything Raydin, you’re truly… my best and only friend.”

Raydin travels to the town and looks for Hajec there. Raydin finds where Hajec’s house is.

Raydin walks to Hajec’s house and knocks on its door. Hajec opens the door.

Raydin: ah… hey…

Hajec: hello!

A moment of awkward silence happens between the two.

Raydin (in his mind): “oh dang it, what should I say?!?!?! Do I just go with let’s be friends or something?!?!, no no that’s very weird… Think! Think! Think!”

Hajec: ahhh… how can I help you?

Raydin (awkward): ah I’m Twilight Calamity’s friend and…

Raydin then immediately remembers about how he shouldn’t tell Hajec about the letter:

Raydin (in his mind): “oh no no no what am I doing?!!? I almost told him about the letter … gotta think of something else quick!!!”


Raydin: ahh yea… (in his mind: “oh man I’m done…”)

Hajec (excited): HE’S MY ROLE MODEL!

Raydin: really? He is?


Raydin: really? That’s cool!

Hajec: also why did you call him Twilight “Calamity”?!?! If you were really his friend, I think you would have referred to him as Twilight “Champion” right?!

Raydin: ah that’s what he’s most commonly called these days so I just went with it…

Hajec: ah gotcha…

Raydin: Also, if your enemies start calling you a calamity, that’s not really a bad thing, don’t you think?

Hajec: ah… I guess… anyways, what brings the friend of the Twilight Champion in front of my house!?!?

Raydin (in his mind): “oh dang it not again… think of something come on me!!!!”

Hajec: also I never heard that twilight champion had any friends…

Raydin: oh ah I’m not sure… he always told me that I’m his only friend

Hajec: really!?

Raydin: well I find it hard to believe too because I never seen anyone having an easier time with meeting strangers than him

Hajec: wow… well it’s getting dark, would like to continue inside?

Raydin: really… is that…ok!?

Hajec: yea

Raydin: then absolutely, thank you!

Hajec: my pleasure, come on in!

Raydin follows Hajec inside. Hajec then pulls two chairs:

Hajec: please have a seat!

Raydin: such a great guy, thank you.

Hajec: Sorry the house is old and I’m constantly fixing it, but as you can see… I’m not that good at it

Raydin: no worries, it’s cool!

Hajec: so is this your first day in this town

Raydin: yea

Hajec: you have a place in mind to spend the night?

Raydin: nope

Hajec: you can stay here then

Raydin: really?!?!

Hajec: you can stay as long as you want… I live alone here

Raydin: thanks a lot!

Hajec: so what makes an important person such as yourself come to this town

Raydin: oh I’m here to …. (think think think) …. Protect it ….and chill … (I guess that was ok)

Hajec: I see

Raydin: so actually do you mind if I live with you, I might stay here for a while (dang hopefully I wasn’t too straight forward)

Hajec: absolutely!

Raydin: thanks man you’re awesome, But don’t worry I will travel every few months.

Hajec: The house is all yours!

Raydin: much appreciated!

Hajec: hey tell me, do you travel a lot

Raydin: yea to some extent

Hajec: can you please tell me about any cool places you been to?

Raydin: sure but before that I would like to know first if you don’t mind. Do you guys get attacked by other creatures?

Hajec: not often no…

Raydin: I see so things are cool and chill here huh

Hajec: yea pretty much

Raydin: hey you possess or have any special powers?

Hajec: ah no…I’m just a regular human as far as I know… do you?

Raydin: yup

Hajec (excited): REALLY?!? WHAT IS IT?!!?

Raydin: the power of sound

Hajec (excited): WOW SOUND?!?! CAN YOU EXPLAIN FURTHER?!?!

Raydin: I can control and manipulate sound and use it to do many things, like fighting and healing! I can even see sounds!

Hajec (excited): WOW THAT’S AWESOME!

Raydin: but yea… about cool places I have been to… where should I start…

Raydin starts telling Hajec about cool places he has been to.

And that’s how Hajec and Raydin met. Time passes and Hajec and Raydin become close friends. They live and fix the house together. They also help other people in the town. Raydin travels every other time for a few months then returns. And their lives continued like this for three years.

At this time, Raydin left the town out for more than six month. Hajec is alone at home and making his lunch.

Hajec: it’s been a while since Raydin left, I think this is the longest time he’s been out… Hopefully he’s doing well…

Hajec finds out that he needs some more Ingredients.

Hajec: oh looks like I’m missing some ingredients…

The house’s door opens slowly.

Hajec: what? That’s the sound of the door, who’s there!?!

Raydin: oh! you are making some good food I see, it smells nice.

Hajec: oh! It’s you Raydin! You’re back!

Raydin: yup, how are you Hajec?

Hajec: Not bad, how is your life going Raydin? It’s been a while since you left..

Raydin: it indeed was… but yea my life been ok I guess, what are you making?

Raydin gets closer and checks what is inside the bowl

Raydin: all I see in the bowl is just dough! wait I see I see, looks like you are making something interesting, and I could make some good guesses.

Hajec: Yeah, I am making pizza.

Raydin then sits on a chair

Raydin: well that was one of my guesses…but not gonna lie, the chances of it being pizza was like a one out of five, since you make a lot of things with dough, but regardless, all that you make is delicious.

Hajec: nah the candy that you make is the best.

Raydin: hmmm, it seems that you are missing some ingredients.

Hajec: yea sadly ….. but I am still going to try to find them in the forest next to our house.

Raydin: you mind if I join you bud?

Hajec: you sure? You just came back from a long travel?

Raydin: yea I’m not tired

Hajec: thanks man!

Raydin: alright…

Raydin gets up from the chair.

Raydin: let’s go!

Hajec and Raydin left the house.

They walk to the forest and started looking and searching for ingredients.

Hajec: I found some mushrooms! Nice they’re in good condition! … did you find anything Raydin?

Raydin: only tomatoes for now…

Hajec: Nice!!!!... I already got olives from the tree next to our house. So what we are missing now is cheese and onions which we can probably get from our neighbor.

Raydin: you mean the old guy that has a farm?

Hajec: yup!

Raydin: awesome.

While going back from the forest, Hajec and Raydin heard a noise of things breaking, as well as some screaming and yelling. Then they hear a woman screaming and saying: “no take anything but my child PLEASE!!!!!”

Hajec: you heard that right? what was that?!?!?

Raydin: looks like something’s bad going on… it looks like the Zellions are attacking again!

Hajec: we gotta hurry!

Hajec and Raydin started running back to the town.

Note: the Zellions are one of those very powerful and intelligent creatures that have formed an empire called the Zellion empire.

Hajec and Raydin got back to the town. They then find the Zellions are attacking the town. destroying it and prisoning people, including children, and killing whoever resists them.

Women: NO! not my child! .

Zellion: if you keep doing this I am going to kill you!

Raydin: well, looks like we got some work here bud

Raydin manipulates and compresses sound under his feet.

Raydin: sound steps!

Using his sound steps skill, Raydin dashes with extremely high speed to the Zellion.

Hajec: Yeah!

Hajec starts running to another area of the town.

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