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The Alphas Usurper

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Alpha Nick finally finds his mate and brings her home. After only a month of her being his Luna, his position is being threatened. Will he be able to capture these usurpers? Or will they claim the throne as their own?

Fantasy / Other
Marissa Leavitt
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Chapter One


"Marianna!! Hurry up! We're gonna be late for the party!" I groan, giving myself a once over in the mirror. "Do I have to go to this stupid party?", I yell back. I wait for a response but get none. A few seconds later my best friend, Astra, storms into my room with arms crossed over her chest, green eyes blazing.

I raise an eybrow at her. "Marianna, I love you to bits and you have been my best friend since 5th grade, and I let your introverted, book loving, fantasy living ass slide on everything else. This party is a huge deal!! Plus, you promised me! Now, lets get you changed and ready because that outfit just screams shy." I scoff. "What do you mean? There's nothing wrong with my outfit." I look down at my jet black leggings, my oversized tan hoodie, and my white sneakers. I thought I had done a good job picking something that was cute and comfortable.

Astra rolls her eyes. "Honey, it's Lukes coming into alpha party AND your 18th birthday. You have to dress up not stick to safe. You might find your mate while we're there.", she winked at me while pulling out the only dress I own. I look at the sky blue, knee length off shoulder dress and sigh. "Please don't make me wear that. You know how I feel about dresses." Astra ignores me as she pulls out a pair of low wedge black shoes and sets them next to the dress.

"I know. You hate the way your legs look and think that you're not pretty which is all a lie. You are gorgeous! And this outfit will make sure EVERYONE knows it." I wince at her words. I sigh, knowing that I won't be able to change my friends' strong willed mind. I change my outfit and put my curly brown hair up in a cute updo and swipe some lipgloss on. "Better?", I ask her. She grins."Much. Now let's go."

She turns on her heel and I follow her. We get into my truck and head to the party. It was quite on the 10 minute drive to the pack house. When we arrived, I wanted to faint. The pack house was filled with everyone from my pack,BloodLust Pack, as well as people from the neighboring pack, SilverMoon Pack.

Astra seemed to notice my unease and patted my arm. "You're going to be okay. Its just Alpha Nicks' packhouse members. This party is important for the treaty between the two packs." I close my eyes and take a deep breath. "If that was supposed to make me feel better, it didn't. This is a lot of people. I don't deal well with a lot of people." She laughed.

"Come on. One hour is all I ask of you. It'll be fun!" With that she pulled me into the packhouse amongst the sea of people. The packhouse was filled with blaring music and people dancing. Astra ran off to talk to some of her other friends, leaving me all alone. I made my way to the corner of the room, planning on not moving from my hiding spot for that hour.

Suddenly my wolf, Lia, started pacing around in my mind excitedly. 'What's up, Lia?' She howled happily. 'He's here!!' Before I could ask her who she meant, a strong whiff of musky earth and rainwater hit my nose. I looked around trying to spot where that heavenly scent was coming from and I spotted him, striding towards me from the staircase. "Mate.", I whispered as he drew near.

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