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The twelve royals

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Imagine being royalty now imagine you were one of twelve but not only that, imagine if you and all of your siblings had strange and unique abilities. Tyler is days away from being crowned the new king of Diamond lake but he doesn't want the throne. Willow is engaged to be married to a prince she has never even met and she doesn't even want to get married. Ethan is jealous of Tyler, he wants the throne but alas do to his birth order he is not the next in line, Tyler is. Lora got in another fight with Varian but this time Varian is not talking to her. Varian is trying to get serious about life and things in life but he keeps falling back into his childish ways. Emma Jeanne is slowly but surely losing control of her powers and it's affecting her physically. Ross feels guilty after he and Olivia played a prank on the baker causing him to go on strike against the Royal family. Olivia has been trying to ease Ross' guilt over the incident with the baker but so far no luck. Yosh is completely smitten with the new servant girl Solane and he hopes she too will develop feelings for him. Allison's horse Fiasco has run away again but this is the longest time he's been gone and Allison fears he's gone for good. Levi was playing in the dinning hall and broke a vase Samantha took the wrap but he still feels guilty. Samantha tries to help Levi act more like a kid.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Character descriptions Tyler + Willow

Name : Tyler Adam Royal

Age: 20

Eye color: Black

Favorite song : fireflies by owl city

Powers: connectivity

Likes: Taking care of his siblings, spending time with his father, playing the lyre, exploring new places and reading.

Dislikes : his upcoming coronation, ice, nightmares and getting lost.

Personality : determined, kind, cares deeply about his family, takes his nobility seriously and always thinks before he responds to people.

Name: Willow Abilene Royal

Age: 19

Eye color : greyish green

Favorite song: Sunshine on my shoulders by John Denver

Powers: nature

Likes: watching her younger siblings, being included in things, listening to the lyre, lillies, orange blossoms, waterfalls.

Dislikes: arguing, brats, people who invent their own ideals, lice, ear aches, nose bleeds and emeralds.

Personality: respectful, open-minded, cares deeply about her family, always there whenever needed and likes to tease.

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