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The twelve royals

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Character descriptions Ethan + Lora

Name: Ethan Billie Royal

Age: 19

Eye color: Black

Song: warriors by imagine dragons

Powers: strength

Likes: egg's Benedict, truffles, his hair in just the right place, apples and being noticed.

Dislikes: running, having to obey authority, Tyler, green apples, listening and being called "second rate" or really "second" anything.

Personality: bossy, intelligent, leery, loses his temper easily, introverted and easily annoyed.

Name: Lora Minerva Royal (elder twin to Varian)

Age: 18

Eye color: brown

Song: girl on fire by Alicia keys

Powers: mind-reader

Likes: lemonade, ice cubes, kittens, emeralds and sapphires.

Dislikes: dates, worms, Varian (sometimes) and rubies.

Personality: friendly, optimistic and reliable.

(Just a side note there are two sets of twins in the royal family I'm telling you this so that later on you don't get them mixed up the older set of twins is Lora and Varian age 18 and the younger set of twins is Olivia and Yosh age 16 you'll learn about them later so stay tuned)

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