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Fire and Feir

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Fei Larken was left at the nunnery wondering her origins but discovered more than she had expected about her heritage in a few short months. The small sun burst mole and runes forever branded into her skin seemed secondary minor things now compared to being a sexually and emotionally charged supernatural phoenix these days. Not only that but discovering you're not only considered royalty but also seemed to be the next prime target for your mother's murderer? Fei was anything but excited when her past came knocking on her door once more. To many innocent lives were on the line to just walk away this time, but will it end up costing her own like it did her own mother?

Fantasy / Erotica
Alex Fox
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Book One- Little Fire

Book Two- Fire and Feir

I crouched just above the surface of the water, my breath causing tiny ripples to stir on the surface while the rest of my body remained submerged in one of the best baths I had ever had. The small movements dancing across the surface while the rest remained still. Somehow, I found a small sense of peace in this, as if I were one with the water and air all at once.

I still can’t fathom why you enjoy this. The Nexus asked. It had been one of the many things that had changed in a short amount of time. A secondary consciousness sharing my body, one that didn’t even really have a name. From what I gathered everyone just called it The Nexus, since that’s originally what it had been and didn’t seem to have named itself. It was at one point just a vast concentrated amount of power that had formed it’s own consciousness sitting on a random plane between worlds until my mother had burst through. Or rather sent through; to her death.

Because it’s relaxing too just be sometimes. I casually replied in my mind. It unlike me, didn’t have the same concept of pleasurable activities that brought forth quiet and peace. Likely though that had to due with being conscious and alone for so long before my mother; or the fact that I discovered early on it was highly lacking in normal emotions and empathy. Like the millions of times it had my mother tortured or killed to try and make her comply over the years.

Was it evil? The reasoning behind it’s motives from start to finish were selfish and logical. That alone I would have to lean towards it being what I considered to be firmly evil in my mind. Safe to say I was on my guard with what I liked to consider a friendly parasite since I wasn’t about to let that happen.

Until about three and a half months ago I had grown up as normal as any human girl in a nunnery probably could have. I got my hands smacked occasionally by a ruler (no misconceptions about that where I was raised) and they were firm believers in God. Overall though I was raised like most other humans I supposed since I interacted with them better than my own kind despite never forming any long-lasting relationships.

When I had first entered this castle, it had been life alerting and view shattering. Everything I had known about the world had been turned up on its head- and everything about myself even more so. Suddenly I had these flaring desires that were less controllable than ever before, sexual needs that burned almost as badly as my anger did in reality these days. Then there was the fact that I had basically inherited all of my mother’s problems including the unsolved case of her murder. Fun fact was that the person who did her in was more than likely to target me next which also made the idea of leaving the Nexus behind problematic; not that it would willingly part from my body as it’s host anyways.

Honestly being an eighteen-year-old that basically became emancipated from the church overnight instead of the gradual introduction to society I was supposed to have, I wasn’t doing too bad. Though like so many things in the supernatural world, I was learning my human age (or what I thought was my age) was so far off base from reality. In reality I was closer to twenty-seven, which explains why sixteen to twenty-one just happened to be the magical human numbers for supernatural creatures in our stories. Turns out gestation for most supernatural creatures are either very long or very short depending on the creature’s life. So, I actually had spent part of my life in the human realm with my mom at some point through my baby years which was highly abnormal for my kind, though not entirely unheard of.

Apparently for most Phoenix’s we are born, spend about a day or two with our mothers and then they abandon us with humans. Human doctors chalk up our lack of growth and sexual interest to slow development, then we “age well” and typically become sexually active in our early twenties which makes us late bloomers to humans, but it makes it easier to handle when we finally start maturing for our kind. Safe to say my mother kind of screwed up that experience for me, but it made me wonder about her intentions and why she would have gone against her better nature knowing that’s what every other Phoenix in existence apparently did. As much as I wanted to feel resentment or even anger for it... I felt comfort. As if she knew something was coming and just wanted to know me, even just a little bit.

We need to go.

I sighed, watching the ripples react from my annoyance feeling a small flit of glee before I stood up letting the water drip from my body as I reached for a towel. “You’re right but that doesn’t mean I want to go.”

You’re the one that bothered with all this. If you really don’t want to go then let’s return to our life.

It was right, but that didn’t mean I was willing to go back. Aiden had come to me three days earlier. At first all I planned on doing was leaving Castle Feir and all of its inhabitants behind. Understandable since when I had first arrived all I seemed to want to do was have sex with someone or burn the whole place to the ground. When Aiden voiced his worries and the Nexus refused, I agreed vehemently- until Aiden mentioned what the Nexus had failed to. People. Hundreds of thousands of people affected. Not a small little population my naked eye took in that seemed fine enough on its own. Apparently, Feir came with a lot more baggage than I had realized for being its destined ruler, a job I was desperately trying to not inherit and pass off to Aiden.

Unlike the Nexus I had empathy enough for both of us, so abandoning that many people that would need Feir wasn’t something I could just walk away from. Just like it apparently had no mind to part with my body and it was basically the shiny little crown naming me the next heir. Life really had become one complicated mess- but at least I wasn’t wanting to screw the closest thing I had to family.

At least not yet. I know it really shouldn’t be attracted to him, because logically as a human I barely knew Aiden and he was supposed to be kin. He was for lack of a better term, my cousin for all intents and purposes of succession and royalty.

“You and I both know why I need to. Now which one is going to be more appropriate?”

To meet those closest to your mother? Dragon scaled amor with an enchantment.

I rolled my eyes staring at the two dresses I had picked out, one a floor length gown and the other a bit more casual though it was black. Between my lack of balance and the likely hood of being on my feet I stuck to plain black flats. I was way out of my depth though and very clearly, on my own in choices.

That was basically the story of my life though.

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