Defying the Alpha

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Part Ten

The morning came by slowly, it was most likely because I had spent that night dwelling over all the ‘what ifs’. I couldn’t help but wonder if this plan of mine would even work for I knew full well that Adrian would stop at nothing to get what he wanted, in that case me.

I waited for Molly’s call and when she did it was to inform me that she was here and that I needed to buzz her in. I became fearful that she brought Adrian along to take me back to the pack and punish me.

My fear died down when she scurried inside with a small smile on her face. I should’ve known better than to think that Molly would turn her back on me.

“Thank God you’re here. I really want to get out of these clothes and shower.” I said as I dug through the bag she brought.

The bag contained about six black leggings and a few graphic t-shirts and one sweatshirt along with undergarments. Molly also brought me essentials such as a toothbrush and hairbrush and shampoo and conditioner. I was so thankful for the items she brought to me.

“Thank you so much Molly.” I said as I sat down on my bed and looked at her. I knew she was going to update me on Adrian and how he handled my sudden dissapearance.

“Well Adrian was infuriated. He was breaking objects, harming pack members. It was insane. I have never in my life seen my alpha so outraged before. I thought he was going to kill someone, thankfully he didn’t but he did assemble a search party for you. You won’t be safe here long.” I hated to admit that she was right. We both knew that this wouldn’t be a long-term thing, it was temporary, I could never stay in one spot for too long, I could risk Adrian and his pack of killers finding me. If he found me I would never see daylight again.

“Where do I go now?” I asked as I breathed in deeply.

“I have connections with certain packs that aren’t very close with Adrian. The peace pack would be your best idea. Nobody would think to look for you there.” Molly explained.

I shook my head at her idea. That is exactly where Adrian would think I am. “No, Adrian will look there first. He expects me to do the unexpected and that would be to go to the most quite and reserved pack.”

Molly nodded in understanding and grew quite as she thought about another plan. I knew what would be the safest thing for me, it would be to go to the most dangerous place.

“Chaos pack would be in your best idea.” Molly said as I was thinking it in my head.

“That’s what I was thinking. It is the most dangerous place so he knows I won’t go there.” I said thoughtfully.

“This is going to be hard, their alpha does live up to his diabolical title.” Molly pointed out.

She was right. Xander Koles; alpha of Choas pack. Mate less and know for killing pointlessly, known for hunting as a sport.

Xander doesn’t ever take in newcomers but if he knew who I was to Adrian he would surely keep me as a weapon. I knew enough to know that the two were both powerful, ruthless alpha’s and they of course were enemies.

“I’ll call Xander tonight and hopefully by tomorrow you will be gone and staying with the Chaos pack.” Molly said as we worked out the plan.

“Molly, what did Adrian say to you that has you so eager to get me out of here?” I asked curiously. I knew Adrian said or threatened her. Her entire demeanor changed at my words.

“H-he said if he finds out anyone had part of your disappearance that he would kill them instantly.” Molly stuttered with fear dancing in her eyes.

“He won’t. He will never know that you helped me.” I said with determination in my voice.

“Okay, so tomorrow.” Molly said with a small glint in her eyes, a glint of hope.


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