Defying the Alpha

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Part Twelve

The leaves crunched under my feet as I walked making me scrunch my face in fear. I didn’t want to come across anything dangerous, I wanted to get to the Chaos pack and be done with it.

For me, it never is that simple.

As the sun began to fade away and the darkness made its appearance something became off to me. My gut was warning me of danger that was lurking in these woods, but I being well me, decided to ignore it and continue to venture through the dark woods.

As I walk forwards and suddenly loose my balance a hand snatches my waist and suddenly covers my mouth so I couldn’t scream. Fear coursed through my veins as I began to thrash in my predators arms. I could hear more footsteps advance towards me and the culprit.

“Drew, what did you find?” A female voice asked.

The man named Drew grabbed onto me tighter. “A young she-wolf, she looks pretty powerful.” This Drew guy said to the female.

“Let the girl go, she won’t run if she is smart.” The woman said calmly.

“Amena!” Drew exclaimed but for some reason he let me go anyways.

I looked around startled to see so many wolves with their glowing eyes glaring at me. They look insanely strong and well-kept, my guess is that they were not rogues.

“Hello young Angel, I can see the confusion etched on your face for I promise in time I will explain to you just why I am here.” The woman named Amena said with a kind smile. Even in the darkness I could tell Amena was gorgeous, I could see her long hair was golden. She was taller than me and slim, I couldn’t see her face very well besides her piercing, green eyes.

After admiring her beauty I realized that she said my name. “How do you know me?” I asked with a shiver of fear snaking down my spine. Amena smiled at me, but her smile was not one you give when happy, it was a smile that held much more to it. “In time you’ll know. We have a message for you.” Amena said.

“A message?” I asked in utter confusion.

Amena nodded and stepped a little closer to me. “Not the type of message you think, a prophecy.” Amena paused and looked directly into my eyes causing my heart to beat rapidly. “For the one who runs from the beast is the one who will tame it, the beast can’t be tamed unless the master tames it.”

Tame? Beast? Who? “What on Earth are you talking about?” I asked growing irratated.

“The one you are running from.” Suddenly Amena and her wolves vanish into thin air. It was as if they never were there.

What could she mean? I’m supposed to tame Adrian? How does she propose I do that if I am on the run from him?

Then it dawns on me, she wants me to return to him.

As if the odds were against me I heard it, I heard the howl that I dreaded.

The howl that belonged to Adrian Nixon.

I began to run in the opposite direction of the wolves that were growling. I ran from the howling that would so capture me. I knew I wasn’t smart or fast enough, I also knew that it was Amena’s doing that Adrian found me, the question is why and how?

I played against fate and ran from what could be my destiny, my prophecy. The trees became blurry as I zoomed past them. The cold air hit my skin making my legs pump even faster if possible.

The thunderous paws were nearing me and I knew it would be a matter of minutes before I would get caught, so I stopped. I stopped right in my tracks and turned around and waited, waited for my doom to arrive.

It wasn’t long before Adrian’s wolf was in sight. His wolf blended in with the darkness but it was his eyes that told me it was him. They held fire and anger, pure anger.

“I guess our game of cat and mouse has finally come to an end.” I said with a mocking smile.

Adrian let out a growl of anger. I watched Adrian shift into his human form, he was stark naked but the darkness covered him, I could only make out his silhoutte and his eyes. “It amazes me that you thought you could escape me.” Adrian chuckled darkly.

I smirked at Adrian and shook my head. “Oh, but I did escape, but I became careless and then you found me.”

I could hear Adrian snicker. “You escaped but were caught. Marvelous plan of yours. So now you decide, are you going to fight against me and try to escape or are you going to come willing?” The tone of his voice was a way of telling me that he already knew what I was going to choose, he knew I wasn’t stupid enough to run away again.

“Why bother asking when you know the answer?” I asked while walking towards him.

“You’re full of surprises Angel, I never can know with you.” Adrian said.

I reached Adrian and got on my tip toes and whispered into his right ear, “I’m coming with you willingly, but you should know I will always fight against you. For I am the one who will tame you and although it may not be now, it will be soon. I will tame you, it is my destiny.”

“No, Angel you won’t. I am not to be tamed, I am alpha.” Adrian said coldly.

I smirked and whispered in his ear, “Yes I will for I am your mate. I will tame you to be a good little wolfy.”

Adrian growled loudly.

“Your defiance isn’t appreciated, Angel.” Adrian murmured into my ears, causing shiver to snake their way down my spin.

“Your dominance isn’t appreciated, alpha.” I sneered while leaning away from him and his masculine scent.

“Dominance is something that you will get to, I will always dominant you, I am above you, you may be my mate but I will always be your superior. Don’t forget it.” Adrian explained in a harsh voice.

“Well, defiance is something that you’ll get used to because I will constantly defy you, you may be my alpha but I’ll always defy you, alpha.”

Well then, Angel showing sass to Adrian! So, Adrian found her and now what will happen? Will he punish her?


I am so excited to say that I am writing a new story called Silver Eyes, here is a small blurb!

Azalea is nineteen and living as a rogue, an enemy to the packs. She risks her life just by breathing.

Azalea never knew that she was destined to be much more than a rogue, and she soon discovers that when someone appears in the woods and tells her of a prophecy of the one with silver eyes.

“For the one with silver eyes is the one who will save our world from the darkness that is coming, for silver eyes will be our savior for we all favor the savior. Silver eyes will take over the night and defeat the darkness. The one will silver eyes is the savior.”

Azalea begins her hunt for the darkness that is planning to take over the world.

Except… Azalea is not the only one in the prophecy, for the one who lurks in the shadow and sings to the moon; Shadow Wolf.

Azalea’s first mission is to find the Shadow Wolf and warn him of the prophecy, for they have been chosen by the MoonGoddess herself to complete the prophecy.

If Silver Eyes and Shadow Wolf can’t complete the prophecy in time, the darkness will take over and so the war begins.

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